Where to buy kadaknath chicken in India

Over the last five years, the trend of kadaknath hen farming is growing constantly and if you would ask me if kadaknath farming is profitable then I would say definitely yes. Due to the immense health benefits of kadaknath hen not only common people but celebrities like Dharmendra and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are also doing Kadaknath farming at their farmhouses.

What Is kadaknath

kadaknath is a blackbird also known as kali masi, black chicken, and black hen due to its black meat color. It is a greyish-black hen with a turquoise glow. The hen is used for dual purposes breed: eggs, and meat. Kadaknath hen meat and eggs are known for their nutritional value and because of good health benefits, lots of athletes including bullet racer Mr. Husain Bolt consumes kadaknath chicken meat-eggs. 

Kadaknath Hen

Kadanath eggs are brownish and larger, more expensive than ordinary hens’ eggs. The single brown egg price of a Kadaknath hen is Rs 14. The black hen is mostly taller and bigger than the ordinary white or boiler hens. Because of its heavy body, one black male hen contains 2.2 to 2.7 kg of weight, and a female hen is about 1.5 to 1.7 kg of weight.

Kadaknath’s meat price in the market is much more expensive than an ordinary white hen. The price of blackbird meat lies between Rs 700 to 800 per kg. It increases during winters and price hikes are quite impressive in festivals like Holi, Eid, etc. 

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Where To Buy Kadaknath Chicken

If you are going to invest your money and livestock farming then I would suggest Blackboard farming because it is one of the most profitable bird businesses. Now a question arises that where to get kadaknath chicken don’t worry you will get complete information here. 

Kadaknath chicks are available on online platforms and offline markets as well. One can purchase kadaknath online at Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart, etc. While buying Kadaknath hen offline you should visit the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

However, the blackbird rearing business is growing year by year and you can get the opportunity of purchasing them from other states including Uttarakhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Tamil Nadu, and Delhi, etc. You should visit the livestock mandi of the states. While purchasing kadaknath chicken shopkeeper might ask for a pre-order.  

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How To Purchase kadaknath Hen 

Kadaknath hen purchasing looks easy but it is not that easy task you should be careful during buying black chicks. While purchasing kadaknath chicks you should deeply observe whether the hen is walking comfortably. It is able to open its wings flawlessly and more importantly notice the voice quality of the hen. If hen sounds healthy then you can purchase it but if it is sounding in low manner with a breaking voice it means the hen is not healthy and you should avoid purchasing it. 

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Kadaknath Hen Rearing

If you have decided to start kadaknath farming business then you must follow the best hen farming practices. The first question comes to mind is can I rear the hens in my place whether they can survive here or not?  these questions are obvious and I would like to clarify that it the blackbird Kadaknath can easily survive in various conditions ranging from 12°C to 42°C. 

kadaknath chicken

Survival is one thing and healthy survival is another, you must do the needful arrangement for keeping your hens safe and healthy. Kadaknath hens can easily survive in slightly less managed circumstances including poor housing feeding etc and provide a good profitable business. In my opinion, you should arrange a good atmosphere and housing including feeding for your kadaknath to get the best business out of them.

Broiler Hen vs kadaknath Hen

Broiler HenKadaknath Hen
The weight of a broiler hen lies between 1 kg to 1.50 kg.Kadaknath hen’s weight lies between 2.2 kg to 2.7 kg.
Contains more fat in the meat.Contains less fat in meat and larger eggs.
Egg sizes are smaller.Contains a good amount of protein and minerals. 
Contains some amount of protein.Known for various health benefits.
These hens are easily available in cities and villages.Black bird Kadaknath is not easily available in all cities and villages.


Where can I get kadaknath chicks?

One can buy Kadaknath chicks online and offline as well. 
Online – Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart etc
Offline – Madhya Pradesh (Jhabua district), Uttarakhand (Dehradun), Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Delhi etc.

Why is kadaknath chicken so expensive?

Due to various health benefits and less availability of kadaknath chicken is expensive.

What are the other names of kadaknath hen?

Black chicken, black hen andKali masi.

What are some kadaknath chicken varieties?

Penciled, golden, and jet black kadaknath are the varieties of the black bird.

What is the price of kadaknath hen per kg?

Kadaknath chicken price begins from Rs 700 per kg.

Where can I get Kadaknath chicken in Hyderabad state, India?

You can get Kadaknath chicken in Hydrabad livestock market.

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