Dragon fruit farming subsidy in Haryana Rs 12 lakh

The Haryana government has announced a dragon fruit farming subsidy in Haryana to those farmers who are farming on a 10-acre land. Interested farmers can start fresh cultivation to avail of the benefits of a subsidy which is Rs Rs 1,20,000 per acre.

How to apply for the subsidy in Haryana is given here. The Portal and website address are also shared here so that you can avail this opportunity. The eligibility criteria to apply for this scheme are given.

Quick Overview – Rs 1,20,000 per acre subsidy, subsidy eligibility – Start dragon fruit farming on 10 acres in Haryana.

Dragon fruit subsidy scheme Haryana

The Haryana govt has already given good news for those farmers who are farming dragon fruit in India, Haryana. This fruit is rich in nutrients and the government has already announced a big subsidy for this fruit cultivation. This fruit is a desert plant and its farming does not need much water this fruit is well known as Kamalam in India.

To encourage the cultivation of fruits in Haryana Doctor Sumitra additional chief secretary, of the agricultural department, the government of Haryana has said that a special grant has been implemented by the government.

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The demand for this fruit in the market is quite high and farmers can achieve a good profit by doing dragon fruit cultivation in Haryana. Haryana government will provide a grant of 1 lakh 20 thousand per acre to farmers which will help farmers to manage the dragon fruit cultivation cost. 

Subsidy eligibility in Haryana 

The important thing is that the farmer who will do the cultivation of dragon fruit on 10 acres is eligible for getting Rs 1 lakh 20,000 per acre. Rs 50,000 per acre will be given for planting saplings and Rs 70,000 per acre will be given for the net system.

According to the scheme, farmers will get a sapling grant in three instalments.

How to apply for the subsidy

More importantly, this grant will be given to only those farmers who have registered on the government portal Meri Fasal Mera Byora. The farmers who want to take the advantage of dragon fruit subsidy scheme are advised to visit the horticulture department website hortnet.gov.in and apply for the same. 

How to plant dragon fruit best practices

Climate conditions 

This fruit loves direct sunlight as well as heat and humidity. 

Soil requirement

It can grow on a wide range of soil due to soil friendly nature. However, when it comes to commercial cultivation it prefers sandy and loamy soil with good organic matter and drainage. 

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Water requirement

Dragon fruit plant belongs to the cactus family and it needs less water.

Planting time

Summers and early spring is the best time to plant this desert plant. 


Hylocereus undatus, Hylocereus megalanthus, Hylocereus costaricensis. 

Fruit harvesting

8 month old dragon fruit tree can produce 2 to 3 kg of fruits. The eighteen-month-old tree can produce 6.5 tons to 7 tons of pitaya fruits per acre. 

Common names

 The fruit is also known as pitaya fruit, kamalam fruit. 

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Kamalam and dragon fruit

This fruit is also known as kamalam fruit. In the recent past kamalam name was given to dragon fruit by India.

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What help can I get from the Haryana government on dragon fruit cultivation?

Recently Haryana government announced that they are giving Rs 120,000 per acre to those farmers who are doing dragon fruit cultivation in Haryana on 10 acres of land.

Who will get dragon fruit subsidy in Haryana?

Farmers who have registered themselves in the government portal meri fasal mera byora and must be doing dragon fruit farming in 10 acre land in Haryana.

How to apply for dragon fruit subsidy in Haryana, India?

One should visit the hortnet.gov.in website and get registered to participate in the fruit subsidy scheme.

How much money I will get for the dragon fruit subsidy scheme?

Haryana Government is giving Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand per acre to start dragon fruit cultivation on at least 10 acres of land.

Is dragon fruit healthy to eat?

Yes, it is full of rich nutrients.

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