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Today I will help you to explore various techniques of planting, different ways to grow plants in small bottles, pots, innovative gardening techniques. My this post contains few selected videos of gardening unique techniques.

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Lets dive in 

Plant mint with plastic bottles

Mint meaning in Hindi is pudina. It is often grown in gardens and used in raw pickles. Here I will show you how to grow mint in bottle and how to use glucose technique for watering mint. Tips for growing mint - do not take much soil and do not need large garden. You need two plastic bottles only. It is used as hanging mint. Watch this video for detail. 

Self watering system for plants using waste plastic bottles

This system is auto watering system used in organic garden. You just need few waste plastic bottles of 200 - 250 ml make few(18-20) holes on it then you need a simple rope. Make a hole on cap of bottle as well then insert the rope in between cap. Take a small rounded jar then make few(4) holes on the neck of the jar by using drill insert a thin rope then put the bottle upside down into the jar. Add small leaves of money plant or any other plant of your choice. For more details watch this video.  

How to grow fruit and vegetables at home

In this video you will see various fruits, vegetables growing in pot and small glasses. How to grow mango tree in a pot from seeds, you will also watch succulent plant growing from leaf. Sprout seeds, sponge, grow tomato from tomato slice, use of maize for growing plant. How to grow peanut at home in small bottle or cup. Grow garlic at home in small area, grow strawberry at home by using strawberry seeds. Mung beans, use of egg rind to grow plant. 

Propagation of rose branches in the sand

How to plant roses with many roots - Lets make a pot by using a foam box. Make a hole for drainage then fill it with soil. Use sand for propagating so fill the foam box fully with soil then plug rose branches in the sand water it every day. After one month plants will grow 2 to 3 inches long. Now check the roots of the rose plants. 

Making a basket from pine needles 

Pine needle baskets are made in places such as Central America, India and Africa

Material required for making a basket - The first thing you will need is of course pine needles you can make baskets from many different pine needles should be 5 inch or 12 cm longer the longer they are the easier is to work with them. You can gather the pin needles from the ground because trees of pine needles are very tall and their branches are also at very high so its difficult to pick it from the tree. 

Only pick up the best clusters and avoid picking damage needles. Arrange the clusters that are facing the same directions please make sure what you need so that pine needles can continue service to the forest. You might be lucky to find full cluster of pin needles. Next step is to soften the pine needles and for this you need some water. Boil enough water to cover the needles and then put it on top of them and leave the needles to soak for about 30 minutes. Ones the pine needles have been soaked and drained you should have a very elastic pine needle that does not break while bending. 

To complete this project you will need some thread roles, scissors, needles and a piece of paper straw to make holes. 

Making the Centre - Start by cutting a piece of your chosen thread two meter thread is good. Take your gage and put enough needles inside always in one direction. Check whether you are able to move gage up and down. Move the gage about 8 cm from the end of your pine needles and make a knot with your thread  near the gage. Start wrapping the thread toward the pine needle cap once you have wrapped about 6 cm hold it and bend it in half now you can thread the needle and start stitching by passing the needle from one side of the bended coil to the other you can use pliers here if it is difficult for you to pull the needles through the coil continue doing this on the length of the coil until you have the two sides securely linked and now you can cut the access part of the needles make sure to cut it from the cluster side. Continue wrapping the coil about ten times. Use needle if gage sticks continue wrapping for 10 cm. Watch this video for making basket from pine needles. 



gardening techniques

Gardening Techniques

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