Tomato yield per acre in kg | Tomato farming profit per acre and cost

Today, we will understand how much tomato yield per acre in kg can be produced. We have shared a tomato project report which will give you estimated idea of tomato yield per acre in India. 

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Tomatoes get ready for harvesting within 50-60 days & tomato can be planted 4-5 times a year.  Tomato farming Project Report is shared and explained, please have a deep look.

Project Report

Tomato farming cost per acre

  • 45 bed uses 500 bamboo (Rs 50 for 1 bamboo), 70 kg wire ( Rs 70 per/kg)
  • Price of single bamboo is between Rs 30 to Rs 80 - lets take it as Rs 50 , You need 400 -600 bamboos in 1 acre land lets take 500 bamboos.
  • 50 bamboos x 500 = 25,000 
  • Wire required 70 kg  in 1 acre land( Rs 70 per/kg )  70 x 70 = Rs 4,900
  • Bamboo + Wire = 25,000 + 4,900 = Rs 29,900 
  • Irrigation cost = 15,000
  • Field preparation cost = Rs 6,000
  • Miscellaneous cost = Rs 1000
  • Fertilizer cost = Rs 6,000

Total cost = Rs 57,900

Tomato farming profit

Average tomato price - Rs 12, Rs 18, Rs 20 - Rs 40 (sometime it falls between Rs 6 to Rs 10)

Tomato yield per acre in kg = 10,000 kg tomatoes.
Lets take minimum selling price Rs 10.
Rs 10 x 10,000 kg tomatoes = Rs 10,0000 (1 lakh), (986.76 pounds sterling) 
Reduce your investment to get tomato farming profit figure

Profit = Profit - cost.

Net Profit = Rs 1 lakh - 57,900 = Rs 42,100

Net profit = Rs 42,100 is the tomato yield per acre 

Note - Tomato yield may vary according to the price. It is an example with minimum selling price you can calculate it by putting the current value and multiply same as given. 

How to grow tomatoes

However, tomato is a warm season crop but it can be grown in warm and cool climates. The plant can be affected by adverse climatic condition. Here adverse climate means temperature below 10° and  above 38°. Adverse effect can slow down the growth of the plant tissue. Kitchen waste can be used as organic fertilizer for natural growth of the tomato perhaps it may increase the growth rate of the tomato. 

1 kg tomato price in India

Price of 1 kg tomato - Price of tomato may vary according to the market. It depends on several factors like demand, location etc. Price of 1 kg tomato varies between Rs 12, Rs 18, Rs 20 - Rs 40 some time it falls under Rs 10 as well including Rs 5 Rs 2 . 

Various verities of tomato

There are over 10 thousand tomato cultivars. Here are some of them. 

  1. Adoration - red- 70 to 80 days - hybrid
  2. Alicante - red - 55 to 70 days - heirloom
  3. Azoychka - yellow - 68 to 80 days - heirloom
  4. Aunt Rub's German green - 85 to 90 days - heirloom
  5. Beefsteak - red - 96 days large - heirloom
  6. Better boy -red - 70 to 80 days - hybrid
  7. Early girl - red - 63 to 65 days - hybrid ( It's a complement to better boy variety) 
  8. Celebrity - red - 70 days - hybrid
  9. Brandy wine - pink - 80 to 100 days - heirloom 
  10. Black krim - purple brown - 70 to 80 days - heirloom
  11. Big beef - red - 70 to 80 days - hybrid
  12. Black beauty - black - 80 days - open pollinated hybrid - beefsteak
  13. Black cherry - black - 65  to 75 days - open pollinated hybrid - small 

Improved varieties - These varieties are mostly used in India. Arka ahuti, Arka alok, Arka vikas, Arka saurabh, Narendra tomato  1, Narendra tomato 2, Pusa red plum, Pusa early dwarf, Pusa ruby, SL 120, Plant T3, Solan gola, Punjab chhuhara, PKM, Arka meghali, Hisar anmol, Hisar lalima, Hisar lalit, HS101, HS102, HS110

F1 Hybrids - Vaishali, Rupali, Sonali, Naveen, Avinash 2, Sadabahar, Gulmohar, Arka vardan, Pusa hybrid, Arka shresta, Arka abhijit, Arka vishal, Pusa hybrid 2, COTH 1


It can be grown at the temperature above 10° C and below 30° C. The ideal temperature for tomato cultivation is 21° C to 24° C this temperature is good for better thriving results. You need to avoid long dry periods so regularly water it. Regular water and bright sunshine is necessary for dark red colorful fruits.

For seed germination 16-29° is suitable and maximum 34° C, for seedling growth 21 - 24° C temperature is ideal and for fruit set 15-17° at day time and 20-24° at night time whereas for red colour 20-24° C is ideal temperature. 


Well drained sandy loams are preferable for tomato cultivation. However, mineral soils are counted best soil for tomato. For good healthy crop soil depth should be 15 to 20 cm. Tomato can easily tolerate acidic soil. Therefore acidic soil were preferred for tomato plants. Water holding soils were selected for the plants. While talking about pH levels 5.5 to 6.8 is preferred for tomato plant cultivation. 

tomato shape

Read this - Tomato yield per acre 12000 kg from 8000 plants

Tomato yield per plant in kg

High yield tomato plant can deliver 8 -10 kg tomatoes in summer, 7-8 kg tomatoes in winter and 4-5 kg in rainy season. Normal variety yields between 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg tomatoes per plant.

Tomato yield per acre in India

8,000 kg 12000 kg per acre of tomatoes can be achieved by planting 7000 to 8000 plants.

Seed sowing

Seeds are sown in January for summer crop, June - July for winter crop. In hill areas seeds were sown in March - April. Spacing for winter crops 75 cm x 60 cm and for summers 75 cm x 45 cm is required. Seed rate of 400 to 500 g/ha is required for better results

Seed selection - For early results hybrid seeds from F1 generation is being selected. They are high yield hence results better fruiting.  

Tomato plants per acre

8000 plants with the spacing of 2.5 feet. 

Spacing - For winter crop 75 x 60 cm and for spring and summer crop 75 x 45 cm of spacing is required.. 

Weed control is necessary - mulching technique is bit expensive but at the same time it is very useful for weed control. Light hoeing should be done for the first four weeks for better growth but at the same time weed removing process needs to be done. You can remove weed manually with the help of small equipment's.  

Fertilizer schedule  

Fertilizer is equally important as nutrient value. If possible try to use organic fertilizer in comparison of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Sandy soil requires much more fertilizer than other soils. Generally tomato plant requires fifty kg potash, fifty kg phosphorous, 120 kg nitrogen. Remember nitrogen should be divided in doses. 

Right fertilizer need to be applied at the right stage. It depends on the growth, stage and the phenology of the tomato plant vegetable. The fertilizer schedule need to be perform according to the stages which are : 

Growth stages of tomato- vegetative stage, flowering, fruit-set, fruit growth and harvest. Fertigation technique is a popular technique among tomato grower. In growing stages of tomato the frequency of fertilizer application depends on the soil properties and their water holding capacity. 

Wastage of tomatoes

We have seen farmers throws their tomatoes on the road. We have seen farmer protest related to this topic as well. Its not any fault of our farmers they have done their duty with great honesty that's why they were able to produce huge amount of tomatoes.

If the farmer throws tomato on the road then its a failure of the government. Let's understand the concept with the example

If students are achieving higher ranks by producing good marks like 95 out of 100, 96 out of hundred then school appreciates them by giving 1st, 2nd or 3rd position and if more students perform better more appreciation given by the school. We have never seen schools saying that this time 40 students out of 60 have performed well and we have limited resources so you can throw your bags on the road.

"Farmer Needs Appreciation".

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If a person is working in office and achieves target in the given time then the organization usually appreciates him or her by promoting or by giving rewards. Appreciation for good work is counted in every field then why not with farmers

We all knows India depends 65 to 70 percent on agriculture then where is the appreciation? 

I just want to ask a single question why our export system is so week, if a farmer is producing good marks 95 out of 100 and when more farmers are producing the same then it is becoming problem to our government instead of encouraging they discourage them by not making any powerful plan for the next season and it is repeated season by season not only in tomato farming but also in other farming.

Plan-  If Bangalore is producing good amount of dragon fruits then they should easily transferred to Himachal Pradesh, if Maharashtra is producing tomatoes and Uttarakhand is producing good amount of potatoes then they should be easily transferable to Chennai, Orissa, West Bengal. Government have to play the role of transfer agency. By performing this exercise government can improve not only the current status of tomato crop in India but also other crop production can be improved.

Solution - Government have to come in front for farmers by allowing special trains only for goods like crops and vegetables. However, trains are being running but not able to produce results so its a high time and modern era is going on. So huge pipe lines can be used for quick transportation. These pipe lines can easily connect one state to another for immediate transfers of vegetables, fruits and other crops.

Although our crops were exported to international market but its a very selfish game played by the government because India is in top 5 countries while exporting flesh, however India is an agriculture country but when comes about exporting crops where we stands !  

But at the same time if we are not even able to connect our internal system for exporting the goods (crops) from one state to another state then exporting the same to out of the country becomes more difficult. Tomato farming business plan is much needed so tomato farming technique need to be implemented with new ideas. 

Charkhi dadri tomato crop  

Some incidents related to farmer protest often takes place in India. These protest usually takes place when farmer do not get the estimated price for their crop or due to some other government  policies that they feel against them. Same incident happened recently in charkhi dadri (Haryana) when farmer of manakavas village started protesting against inappropriate price of tomatoes. These vegetable farmer has done this protest under the leadership of bhakiyu pradesh president Jagbir ghasaula. 

According to the farmers they didn't got the appropriate price for tomato last year as well and they have done the protest for 22 days for the compensation. However, this time government had to bow down and in respect to the compensation 10,00 per acre was distributed among farmers. But only mankavas village got the compensation and the neighbor village remain uncompensated due to the scam in distribution.   


Go through the tomato faq to understand the concept how to start tomato farming

How long tomato takes to grow? 

50 - 60 days, 60- 80 days, it depends on the verity of the tomato. Hence you need to check the verity first 

From where tomato came to India?

Tomatoes came to India via Portuguese in the 16th century. It is known as Biliti Begun in Bengali language. Biliti begun means foreign eggplant. Uttarakhand is one of the highest tomato producer in India. 

How many tomato plants can be planted in 1 acre land?

At least 8 thousand plants can be planted in one acre land with the spacing of 2.5 feet. 

What is the world record for the longest tomato tree?

19.8 meters i.e 65 feet in length. This cultivar is known as Sungold grown by Nutriculture Ltd (UK) of Mawdesky, Lancashire, UK in 2000.

How many tomato plants per hectare should I plant?

22000 to 25000 plants per hectare.

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