How and where to sell teak wood tree in India

You can easily sell teak wood trees in your city. If you cannot find any teak wood buyer then you need to sell it to the nearby city or states wood mandi. This blog post will help you to find out the teak wood buyers, how to sell teak wood in India, the complete selling process and the selling place.

Quick Overview – Teak wood is sold through an auction process in the wood market. Wood markets are situated near vegetable markets or corners of the city.

How and where to sell teak wood tree in India

Every city contains a dedicated vegetable market connected to main roads but located at the corners. These vegetable markets are very big where different vegetables from different states are imported in big trucks.

Through these vegetable markets, people living in Kashmir used to send Kashmiri apples and walnuts to Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states of India in loaded trucks. People living in Maharashtra export their onions to other states. 

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Similarly, there are wood markets in every city connected to the main road but located in peaceful areas or corners of the city. If you want to sell the wood tree you have 2 options: the first one is to approach the wood market and sell there.

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The second one is a bit difficult because you need to approach different industries including the furniture industry, and construction industry and you need to target the people who are using teak woods. Let’s understand the concept one by one.

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It is easy to sell your teak wood tree in the wood market located in your city. Here you don’t need to find any buyer, instead, you just need to approach the wood mandi owner. This owner will arrange all the buyers from different sectors in one place.

The owner will gather people from different industries including the furniture industry, the construction industry, Individual shopkeepers of table chair sofas, the Instrument industry, the machis industry and medicinal industry etc. 

On the other hand, it will be difficult for you to approach all these people one by one on your own. So it will be best to approach a place where all these people gather and the wood market is the best place where they all present together. So it is good to approach the wood market to avoid the unusual search headache. 

How to sell teak wood in India

After gathering all of them in one place the wood mandi owner will arrange an auction process for your wood. In this wood auction mandi owners will declare a number or selling price per quintal basis and interested buyers will reply if the price matches their expectations. 

Before starting the auction the wood market owner and the seller fix the price and then only wood will be included in the auction process. Mandi owners will keep their commission after discussing it with the seller. If both agree then the wood market owner will include the seller’s wood in the auction process. Suppose the seller wants to sell the wood and the teak tree price after 10 years is around Rs 26,000 then the owner will not sell the wood below the same.

In the wood market, there are different tree woods present and you can sell any of your wood such as teak wood, mahogany wood, poplar wood, malabar neem wood etc.


Somehow you cannot find any wood market inside your city then you need to contact the wood market located near your city or another state. While selling the wood inside your state or city you need an Aadhar card, and residential proof and you may carry farm papers with you. While selling the wood to the other state you need pargana paper for entering and selling the wood in another state. 

This is one of the easiest ways to sell teak wood in India. Mostly wood markets are established nearby vegetable mandies of the cities. To easily find the wood buyers or wood market you can type teak wood buyers near me.

I guess I have given sufficient information now it’s your responsibility to go and search for the market.


Where can I sell my teak wood?

You can sell teak wood to a wood market where all the interested buyers gather together. You can also reach these buyers on your own but you need to find them.

How to sell teak trees?

You can easily sell the teak tree into the wood mandi. After harvesting load timbers in a lorry or truck and after finalizing the deal with the wood mandi owner, submit them to the wood market.

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