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A 13-3-13 is a good fertilizer for bamboo farming in India. This fertilizer helps grow bamboo faster. Bamboo trees are known for their fast growth however it depends on the propagation method, water supply, and variety of this “Golden Tree”.

People often make the same mistake of not selecting the right growing method and variety resulting slow growth rate of trees. In this post, the exact solution for the successful fast growth of bamboo trees is explained.   

Bamboo farming propagation method

Let’s first understand what mistake you should not make like others. There are multiple propagation methods available to grow this green plant. People failing to make their plants grow faster are those who are applying the seed propagation method.

However, the seed growing method is successfully implemented in various other farming models but in bamboo plant cultivation this is a failed method. 

Seed propagation – The seed propagation method takes a very long time of 8 to 12 months and also needs a good amount of water with sufficient nutrients.

Offset propagation technique – Bamboo lower portion along with 3-5 nodes and rhizome are placed together. 

Rhizome propagation method – This is also called the vegetative method and it is the most successful method for growing bamboo plants commercially or for growing them in the backyard of your home.  

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Bamboo plants are perennial and grow from rhizome underground growth from buds and culms. Rhizomes are separated from the parent plant before they begin to sprout a new plant and planting should be done before spring.

Rhizomes are uprooted and transplanted and it seems propagation of bamboo from the rhizomes is a labour-intensive task. If you are planting bamboo at home you don’t need any labour for this method because generally, people plant 1, 2 or 3 to 5 plants of the same category at home. 

However, the same method demands a good number of labourers while planting bamboo on farms. Remember culm selection needs your attention, it is one of the most important steps in this cultivation.

Bamboo farming in India best practices

Spacing per acre with different density given below 

High density – 5 x 5 and 2000 plants can be planted.

Normal density – 10 x 10 and 1000 plants.

Water required 

For fast and good growth proper watering is required and you can use drip irrigation to avoid the wastage of water if you are doing the cultivation on a good scale.

You must try a rainwater harvesting system in which you have to collect the rainwater near your farm by constructing a raw-type pool. Connect this artificial pool to your farm by creating some lanes thus you can use the waste going rainwater. 

Humidity required

75% to 80% is considered. 


Sandy, loam, clay soil and pH ranging 4.5 to 6 is preferred.  

Climate condition

A warm and tropical climate is suitable.

Fertilizer ratio 

Fill 2 kg phosphorus with soil mixture in a pit up to 10 cm.

A 13-3-13 fertilizer – Releases potassium and nitrogen slowly throughout the year. This fertilizer grows bamboo trees faster.

5 pounds NPK per year is needed for one bunch of mature bamboo.

National bamboo mission

If you are doing bamboo cultivation in India on a large scale I kindly request you please avail the benefits of subsidy under the national bamboo mission in which the current Indian government is providing a 50% subsidy to the farmers. 

Bamboo is also known as green environment and it is declared a grass in India so anybody can grow this precious plant without any permission from the government.


Where can I buy good-quality bamboo plants in bulk?

You can directly approach the bamboo farmer nearby you. When purchasing offline. While purchasing online you can visit Indiamart, Amazon, or manvsgreen sites.

How can I grow my bamboo plants faster at home?

A good variety of culm selection and vegetative propagation methods are required for faster growth of the plants. Giving a proper and sufficient amount of water along with needed fertilizer will help your plants to grow faster.

From where can I buy good quality bamboo culm cuttings in bulk?

Simply visit manvsgreen site to purchase good quality plants in bulk at a reasonable price. Remember this site does not offer 1 or 2 plants you have to order bulk to grab the deal with them.

Is there any subsidy for bamboo cultivation in India?

Yes, the Indian government is running a campaign called “National Bamboo Mission” under which they are providing 50% subsidy to farmers.

Is regular water required for the faster growth of bamboo trees?

However, bamboo does not need much water but for faster growth, you should provide sufficient amounts of water to the plants.

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