Is bamboo farming profitable

Yes, bamboo farming is a profitable wood business and one can grow bamboo in the sand as well. Many farmers from Rajasthan are already growing bamboo in the sandy soil. A farmer from Saudi Arabia always keeps searching for various crops to plant in the sand. They can end their search by growing this green stick in sandy soil. 

Is bamboo farming profitable?

Yes, 1-acre bamboo farming is a profitable business module in India as well as in many nations including the USA, UK, etc. Bamboo farming profit is explained below step by step.

500 sapling cost per acre – The plant cost varies between Rs 25 to Rs 100 depending on the variety. If a farmer plants 500 plants on 1-acre land and if he has purchased one bamboo sapling for Rs 50 then for 500 saplings he has to pay Rs 50 x 500 plants = Rs 25000.  

Manure cost per acre – 10 kg of manure is required per plant. Manure cost might be Rs 2 to Rs 5 per kg. One plant needs 10 kg manure in a year then Rs 3 x 10 kg = Rs 30 for 1 plant. Thus for 500 bamboos, it will be Rs 30 x 500 plants = Rs 15000 for 1 year. 

Fertilizer cost per acre – Single plant requires 7 to 7.3 kg of fertilizer per year. Fertilizer cost for bamboo plants varies between Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg (may differ according to the variety). If a farmer provides 7 kg fertilizer to 1 plant then Rs 20 x 7 kg = Rs 140 will be the fertilizer cost for 1 plant. Now let’s calculate the fertilizer cost for 500 plants i.e Rs 140 x 500 plants = Rs 70,000 will be the approximate fertilizer cost for bamboo plantation. 

Let’s quickly calculate other costs: Drip irrigation cost for bamboo cultivation = Rs 50,000, labour cost = Rs 25,000, land preparation cost = Rs 10,000, harvesting cost = Rs 15,000, miscellaneous cost = Rs 8000. To find the total cost for 1st add the above-given figures i.e Rs 25000 (planting material) + Rs 15000 (manure) + Rs 70000 (fertilizer) + Rs 50000 (drip irrigation) + Rs 25000 (labor cost) + 10000 (land preparation) + Rs 15000 (harvesting)+ Rs 8000 (miscellaneous cost) = Rs 218000. So the total cost per acre of bamboo farming will be Rs 218000. 

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Cost for 5 years = We have to calculate the 5-year cost because the harvesting time needed for bamboo is 5 years. To get the 5-year cost first remove the 1-time cost such as drip irrigation installation and planting material cost then add both later. Let’s do it; Drip irrigation cost (Rs 50,000) + plant material cost (Rs 25000) = Rs 75,000. Now subtract Rs 75,000 from Rs 218000 = Rs 143000. Now multiply Rs 143000 by 5 years which will be Rs 715000. Now add Rs 143000 with Rs 715000 to get the final costing for 5 years i.e Rs 715000 + Rs 143000 = Rs 858000. 

Profit per acre – Now let’s calculate bamboo farming profit on a 1-acre land. The selling price of a single bamboo is between Rs 25 to Rs 100. One important and technical point is that 500 bamboo will become 25000 to 36000 bamboo plants after 5 years duration. If 500 bamboos produce more bamboo and became 35000 bamboo and let’s take the bamboo selling price of Rs 50 per bamboo stick.

Then to find the profit calculate Rs 50 x 35000 bamboo = Rs 17,50,000. To get the net profit you should subtract the total cost (Rs 858000) from the profit (Rs 17,5000) and the bamboo plantation profit per acre will be Rs 892000. 

I have given a detailed elaboration of bamboo farming profit and cost. Now it’s my turn to ask my readers what do you think is bamboo cultivation profitable or not. Please type your answer in the below-given comment box at the bottom of this blog post.  

Planting Bamboo in sand 

Saudi Arabia is a place full of sand and farming is a big challenge there. Still, the farmers of Saudi Arabia are doing a tremendous job by cultivating unique crops according to their climate conditions and soil requirements. The Arabia farmer may think what soil do I need for bamboo then the good news is that this crop is a soil-friendly crop and you can happily go for planting bamboo in the sand.

They are more than 14000 species of bamboo in the world. Bamboo is such a plant that takes time to grow at the initial level but once they start its growth they are unstoppable this is why bamboo is also known as one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Clumping and running bamboo are varieties of this green plant and running bamboo is a fast-growing plant in comparison to the clumping variety.


What are the soil requirements for bamboo cultivation?

Sandy loamy and clay soils are preferred.

What is the soil pH required for bamboo plantation?

pH ranges from 4.5 to 6.5.

Water requirement for farming?

The bamboo plant does not need much water after a couple of years however, it needs sufficient water in the initial days.

How far should I plant bamboo plants?

5 x 5 spacing for bamboo plantation is considered for 2000 plants.

How much space does 1000 bamboo need?

10 x 10 spacing is good enough for 1000 plants on a 1-acre land.

What is the humidity level required for a bamboo plantation?

75 to 85% humidity is required for planting.

Where can I sell bamboo in India?

Small and marginal farmers.
Small and big shopkeepers.
Boat-making industries.
Furniture industry.
Wood mandi etc.

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