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As of now, there is no specific subsidy on mahogany tree but still you can avail the opportunity of mahogany tree subsidy in India. Now you are thinking how to get a subsidy on mahogany trees, if there is no specific subsidy on mahogany tree plantation in India. We suggest reading the below post carefully because we are going to share and explain some other terms through which you can avail of the mahogany tree subsidy.

Let’s begin and dive in deeper 

What is forestry in agriculture science 

Forest trees subsidy is an option that can be used for mahogany tree. Before going for the forestry grant scheme first you need to understand what is forestry in agriculture and how is forestry related to agriculture then we will make you understand how to apply for forestry subsidy. Forestry is the science and craft of some important terms such as planting, creating, managing, using, conserving and repairing forests, woodlands and associated resources for human and environmental benefits. 

Here you can see the term ‘using’ is being used along with “resources for human and environment benefits”. Now it is very clear that plants planted by humans are used as resources for human benefits such as paper, pencil, furniture, instruments, match box, ship decs, boats etc. By planting a good number of plants or trees, you are helping the environment because these trees are preserving forests as ‘sinks’ for ‘atmospheric carbon dioxide’ soil erosion, biodiversity and these trees will produce a good amount of oxygen that will be counted in carbon credit. Thus if you plant a good number of plants it will fall under forestry agriculture science. 

How to apply for mahogany tree subsidy

You should talk to the forest department of your district about the mahogany subsidy. You can also visit your local government websites that belong to the forestry subsidy.

Mahogany tree information

To start mahogany cultivation you need to collect some basic information about mahogany trees  such as  mahogany tree varieties, water temperature, soil required etc. To get mahogany cultivation economics you should know about mahogany wood selling price in India. All these details are given below

Mahogany tree species

  • Genuine mahogany
  • Swietenia mahogany 
  • Swietenia macrophylla 
  • Swietenia humilis
  • True mahogany 
  • Meliaceae species 

mahogany tree varieties 

True mahogany varieties 

  • African genera khaya (African mahogany)
  • Indian mahogany
  • New Zealand mahogany
  • Toona sureni 
  • Toona ciliata
  • Pink mahogany 
  • Entandrophragma 
  • Chittagong
  • Crab wood carapa guianensis

Temperature required for mahogany tree

Mahogany trees can grow in almost any temperature but it hardly grows in freezing temperature or snowfall zone. 

Soil requirement for mahogany cultivation

The mahogany tree is soil friendly and can be grown in almost any soil. However, it prefers loamy soil that has good drainage.

Mahogany tree water requirements 

During mahogany farming in India you can provide water once in a week and twice in a week in summers. Apply this schedule in the beginning of the mahogany tree plantation, later you can avoid regular watering to the plants and can provide water once in a month. The mahogany tree is soil friendly and can be grown in almost any soil. 

This tree does not demand much water and it does not need any water during the rainy season. Remember, in the beginning of mahogany plantation don't allow water logging at your mahogany tree farm.

Mahogany tree wood uses 

Mahogany wood uses - Mahogany is an important lumber that has beauty, quality, colour and durability. The tree timber is used to make furniture, boats, ship parts, musical instruments, gun butt, expensive furniture of coffee shops, bars etc.Mahogany resists wood rot therefore the timber is first choice when it comes to  boat constructions and outdoor decking.

Mahogany tree price in India

The price of a mahogany tree depends on the cubic feet of the tree. One thing you need to know is that mahogany trees are special quality timbers and they are light weighted trees, these trees are not sold for their weight. 2016 according to the ghan feet or cubic feet of the tree. 

Price of one mahogany tree in India varies between Rs 10,000, Rs 15,000, Rs, 30,000 and more. As we said the price depends on the cubic feet of the tree it means the more cubic feet the more price you will get. Now you must be thinking how cubic feet of the timber is classified then we would say it depends on the time period, 10 year old mahogany tree will have more cubic feet then 5 year old mahogany tree and 15 year old mahogany tree will have more cubic feet than 12 year old mahogany tree. 

Mahogany tree selling price in India

Mahogany tree price after 10 years

The selling price of mahogany tree after 10 years may be between Rs 15000 to 20000 per tree. 

mahogany tree price after 15 years

Selling price of mahogany tree after 15 years  between Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per tree. 

Mahogany tree price after 20 years

Selling price of mahogany tree in India after 20 years might be at its peak and it may be between Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000 per tree. 

Thus you can calculate the mahogany tree farming profit is much more than any other tree because this tree cultivation doesn't require much care in comparison to sandalwood tree therefore it may produce more good results than sandalwood tree farming profit.  

Mahogany tree farming profit per acre depends on the number of plants on the farm to get a complete mahogany tree project report in which mahogany tree plantation profit and cost are given. Please click on the given link and you will be diverted to another post that reveals mahogany tree profit per acre.

What is carbon credit

Carbon credit is a permit that allows a company to produce a certain amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. One carbon credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of carbon dioxide. In simple words it means 1 carbon credit = 1 ton carbon dioxide.  Let's understand this with an example - 

Suppose you have a production firm or company that has a permission of 20 ton carbon dioxide emission in a month. And you have 20 carbon credits in your pocket. When your firm or factory is producing 20 ton carbon dioxide in a month then it will be equal because you have 20 carbon credits as well. Somehow, your company emitted 25 ton carbon dioxide then you will have to arrange five more carbon credits because you have permission of only 20 ton Co2 emission. 

How to make money from carbon credits

In today's competitive era everybody is working 24 into 7 thus they are able to produce more products in less time in comparison to previous eras. However, it is very beneficial in terms of using resources for human facilities but at the same time some big companies are emitting more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases from their permit due to producing more products. This is happening because of vital competition in the market. 

How to make money selling carbon credits

Generally big companies have their own farms in which a large number of plants are planted and this is done to earn some carbon credits to equalize the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted by their own production companies or factories. On the other hand a large number of companies usually don't have their own farms and they are always in search of purchasing carbon credits and here you can avail the opportunity of selling your carbon credit to these companies. By planting over 500 or 1000 mahogany plants or any other plant you can easily register for carbon credit  but make sure at that farm you should not use any device or machine that produces carbon dioxide or any gas because it will reduce your carbon credit If it is necessary to use a tractor or any other resource then you should use very less to save your carbon credit. 


National mission for sustainable agriculture NMSA. It is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).  


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