Most profitable trees to grow in Tamilnadu

Bonsai, azadirachta indica, cassia javanica, coconut, delonix regia, heritage fruit trees, mango, moringa, sandalwood, tamarind, teak, banyan, elm tree, eucalyptus, ficus religiosa, murraya koenigii, palm, papaya, terminalia arjuna, neem, bamboo, guava and mahogany are some of the most profitable trees to grow in Tamilnadu. Most of the trees easily grow throughout India. 

In this post I am putting light on the top 5 profitable trees to grow in Tamilnadu and farmers can make a good income from these trees.

Most profitable trees to grow in Tamilnadu

Coconut trees 

Due to the weather suitability coconuts are the preferable choice in the whole south indian belt. By planting 18 trees in one acre farm Tamilnadu farmers are already generating a good income. The tree can be harvested 8 times a year and produces an average 45 nuts per tree. 

Bonsai tree 

Bonsai tree business is one of the most popular agriculture businesses in India. Bonsai trees are in demand and easily sellable. The older the tree will be the more price it will gain. Bonsai banyan are always in demand and Banyan trees in Tamilnadu grow easily. Only 3 to 5-year-old bonsai tree prices in India are between Rs 1500 to Rs 3500. Whereas 7 to 10-year-old bonsai tree prices are on average Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 it has great business opportunity.

Azadirachta indica

Azadirachta tree is commonly known as the neem tree in India, it belongs to the mahogany family Meliaceae. The tree is mostly grown in the Southeast region of India, this tree naturally grows all over the world. The tree is worth it from top to bottom including leaves are used in multiple sectors. Neem tree by-products are heavily demanded in the pharmaceutical sector as well as in the fertilizer sector.

Its fruits and seeds are the main source of neem oil. It is a fast growing tree that reaches heights of 15 to 20 m and some trees also grow up to 35 to 40 m. The price of a single neem tree after 5 to 6 years is expected around Rs 7000 to 8000. If 350 plants are planted then the estimated value will be around 350 (plants) x Rs 7000 = Rs 24,50,000.

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Elm tree

The Elm tree is well known as Holoptelea integrifolia and the Jungle cork tree in India. It is mainly found in the plain regions and can also be grown in hill areas. It is a large deciduous tree about 20 to 25 m tall. Its flowers are small greenish-yellow to brownish. This number is used to make cheap furniture and firewood in rural areas. For its heat and drought tolerance and regenerative abilities, the tree is also used for ecological forestry. The tree flowers, leaves and barks are used for medicinal purposes. 

Mahogany tree

One of the most expensive trees in India and in the entire world. It is the most popular tree and is gaining popularity nearby here. Its multiple uses made the tree most demandable, it is used in the ship/boat construction industry, the furniture industry, the musical industry and the medical sector as well. African mahogany trees are the best species among other varieties. 

The trees are harvested after 10 years and 1 African mahogany price after 10 years is an average of Rs 15000 to Rs 20,000. By planting 350 trees in one-acre farmers may earn Rs 15,000 x 350 trees = Rs 52,50,000. 

Apart from these trees, moringa, bamboo and Sandalwood trees are very profitable and costly trees in India. Agar tree price after 10 years is around Rs 2 lakh which is huge. You can also try palm, papaya and tamarind trees as per your convenience and strategy. It is good to start mahogany cultivation due to the climate’s adaptive nature, very good profit income low cost and almost no maintenance. 

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