Where to sell poplar trees in India

Most people are not aware of where to sell poplar trees in India or where to sell any tree wood in their region. Growing trees on a farm is a challenge and after growing, selling them at the best prices is another challenge.

This blog is all about the place where anybody can sell tree wood obtained from their farm. 

The needed documents to sell tree wood from the farm after harvesting are shared in this post. The wood-selling process address is shared here in text and video form.

Where to sell poplar trees in India

These days not only farmers are doing tree cultivation but also other people are growing trees for profit. They are planting trees as an investment for the next generations. People who are not aware of tree cultivation often think about where to sell trees after harvesting. 

One can easily sell popular trees in their region in the wood market. These markets are established at the corners of the cities similar to vegetable markets. We all have seen big trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables enter a wood market called Sabzi Mandi. 

In the wood market woods are sold through an auction process. In this process, different types of wood buyers were invited by the wood mandi owner. These buyers may be furniture shop owners, building constructors, small factory owners people from matchbox factories etc.

Documents required to sell wood

You can get ready documents from the forest department of your region. They will guide you with all the necessary information and papers. The Rawana document needed to sell the wood to other regions. If you are selling wood in your city then these documents are not required, only Aadhar card and residential proof is enough. 

If a person who lives in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand wants to sell the wood to Yamunanagar Wood Mandi then the seller needs to arrange documents like Rawana along with an Aadhar card and residence proof. Yamunanagar is the largest wood mandi in India where you can sell/purchase almost any wood. 

Rawana and Pargana are required because Yamunanagar is located in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur region and Haridwar is situated in Uttarakhand. These documents are required during transporting the wood to different regions. 

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Rawana is a permission paper for transporting wood from one place to another place. Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand are two different states; these documents may be needed to sell the wood not only in two different states but sometimes also in different districts of the same state depending on the state government rules.

In Rawana paper, it is mentioned from where the wood is being loaded and harvested and where it is being sold. Range number, wood size, validity and dates are mentioned in the paper. Apart from Rawana’s paper, GST is mandatory for this process.

  • Rawana – A paper is needed for transportation permission. 
  • Sale purchase – Sale purchase paper.
  • E-way bill – Material more than Rs 50,000 can’t be transported over 50 km without e e-way bill.

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Wood selling process

Wood is sold through an auction process. In this process, some buyers such as furniture shop owners and building constructors etc were already arranged by the wood mandi owner. Before the wood auction process, a deal takes place between the wood seller and the wood mandi owner.

In this deal a percentage is fixed between the seller and mandi owner this percentage is kept as a selling fee by the wood mandi owner. 

After this deal, the wood mandi owner gives a wood auction date to the seller. On that particular date, the auction process takes place in front of the seller; this is a very transparent process.

Poplar tree price high and low

The technical reasons for the rate increase and decrease are explained. You can get a good advantage if you understand the correct selling time.

High price

July Aug – Peak rate due to unavailability in the wood mandi. Less supply due to the rainy season and rain on the farm. Less harvesting is done in this season so less supply and more demand resulting in price hikes.

Low price

March April – Rate decreases due to oversupply of the wood in the wood mandi. Poplar harvesting is done along with sugarcane harvesting resulting in more supply and less demand therefore decrease in price.


Where to sell poplar trees in India online and offline?

One can easily sell popular trees in the wood market online and offline.

What is the poplar tree price per quintal in 2024?

Poplar tree price today is around Rs 1500/quintal.

What is the poplar tree price per kg?

Rs 8 to Rs 15.

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