How to grow lemon tree from cuttings successfully

Lemon tree cuttings can grow by using tissue paper with a 100% success formula. If you are a gardener you will definitely love this technique, let’s begin.  

How to grow lemon tree from cuttings successfully with tissue paper

Agriculture tools required for growing lemon trees from branches are; a cutter, tub, some tissue paper, some small plastic pots and river sand.

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  1. Collect some mature lemon branches. 
  2. Try to select straight branches of the tree.
  3. Cut these branches 5 to 6 inches tall.
  4. Remove all the side branches and leaves from the 5 to 6-inch tall branch.
  5. Now take tissue paper and wrap the lower portion of the cuttings.
  6. Tissue paper should be dried this time. Apply tissue paper to all 5 to 10 lemon stem cuttings.
  7. Now put all these cuttings wrapped in tissue paper in a small tub.
  8. Now wet all the cuttings including wrapped tissue paper by applying water from a small water bottle.
  9. Then press the tissue paper with soft hands and cross-check that the wrapping should be perfect don’t overpress it with tough hands, by doing this it may disappear.
  10. Take a pot with holes at the bottom. 
  11. In an 8 to 10 inches pot, there should be 2 holes at the bottom of the pot.
  12. Before filling the pot with river sand close the holes with the pieces of tiles.
  13. Just put two small pieces of tiles above the holes inside the pot, don’t try to tie them.
  14. Now fill the pot with river sand.
  15. Make 8 to 10 holes in the soil with the help of a small stick.
  16. Plant the lemon cuttings into the soil.
  17. Give a good amount of water on the first day. 
  18. Cover it and keep it in a shady place.
  19. You can use a broad plastic bottle as a cover. 
  20. After 15 days you will see cuttings have produced small and tiny immature leaves.
  21. After 30 days the plant’s leaves will thrive a bit taller with leaves maturing.
  22. Water your lemon plant.
  23. Now plants are mature enough to get separated.
  24. It has completed after 45 days and now it has to be separated. 
  25. While separating available plants you can see a decent density of roots has been developed. 

Now your plants are ready to plant in the main field.

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FAQ lemon cultivation

What is the lifespan of the lemon trees?

Lemon trees can easily live for 15 to 20 years.

What is the Lemon tree growing period?

A lemon tree needs 3 years to grow mature.

How long Lemon Tree takes to bear fruit?

The lemon tree may take start bearing fruits in the 5th year. Generally, they bear fruit from the 2nd year only.

What is the temperature required for lemon trees?

25 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius temperature.

Is it possible to grow lemon trees from cuttings with tissue paper?

Yes, it is possible to grow lemon trees from cuttings with tissue paper. 

How many kg of lemons can 1 lemon tree produce?

Lemon tree yield per tree in the 5th year is 84 kg of lemons.

What will be the average cost of lemon farming?

The average cost for commercial lemon farming might be between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.50 lakhs.

Is lemon farming profitable?

Yes, lemon cultivation is a profitable farming business modal if practised under good farm management.

Name some lemon tree varieties.

Malta lemon, Eureka lemon, Italian lemon, Assam lemon, Pant lemon, Punjab baramasi and Rasraj lemon etc.

How to propagate lemon tree from cuttings with tissue paper

1. To grow lemon trees from cuttings with tissue paper you need a few cuttings, a drainage pot, river sand and tissue paper.
2. Plant the cuttings into the sand inside the pot then water it and after 45 days your plant will be ready to transfer to the main field.

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