How many coconut trees per acre in Singapore 

One should plant 180 to 200 coconut trees per acre in Singapore without any hesitation. Singapore is an island and coconut trees thrive best in coastal areas. 

Quick Overview – 180 to 200 trees in 1 acre, average 45 nuts per tree, 1 harvesting profit 34344 Singapore dollars. 

How many coconut trees per acre in Singapore 

The tree needs almost 6 years to produce nuts. It is always good to give sufficient spacing between two plants for better yield quality. So it is recommended to plant 180 plants on a one-acre farm. Some people are planting only 70 to 100 coconut plants on one acre of land to achieve more yield. It’s up to you what is your requirement. It’s true that by planting only 70 to 100 trees, multi-cropping can be done very comfortably.

I would say by planting 180 to 200 coconut trees per acre in Singapore still multi-cropping is possible in a convenient way. Moreover, it is a straight long stem tree having branches at the topper side and does not acquire more space like Banyan trees. So by providing a 15 x 15 distance between 2 trees which is a good spacing 194 or 200 trees can be planted in 1 acre.

It is highly recommended to plant at least 180 trees so that your hard work can be rewarded. The average coconut yield per tree is 35-45 nuts at a time and rarely some trees produce 75 nuts at a time. The good thing is that the tree produces fruits 8 times a year. 

Coconut farm income 1 acre Singapore

If 180 trees are planted and one trip uses 45 nuts then 45 nuts x 180 trees = 8100 nuts. It means coconut yield per acre in Singapore would be 8100 nuts. If only 80 plants are planted in one acre then the yield would be 45 nuts x 80 trees = 3600 nuts only. The coconut price in Singapore is 4.24 to 7.5 SGD per kg. Average 1 nut weight is 1 kg to 1.4 kg or 1.5 kg (full size). Now let me show the calculation for the profit margin from 180 trees and 80 trees. 

Read thiscoconut tree profit per acre

The below calculation is given for 1 harvesting only, noting coconut trees are harvested 8 times in a year.

After planting 180 trees 8100 nuts are obtained.

  • Let’s assume a nut weight of 1 kg only. 
  • Then 8100 nuts = 8100 kg.
  • 1 kg coconut price in Singapore = 4.24 to 7.5 SGD.
  • Profit = 4.24 SGD x 8100 nuts = 34344 Singapore dollars. 

After planting 80 trees 3600 nuts are obtained.

  • A coconut weight = 1 kg. 
  • Then 3600 nuts = 3600 kg.
  • 1 kg coconut price in Singapore = 4.24 to 7.5 SGD.
  • Profit = 4.24 SGD x 3600 nuts = 15264 Singapore dollars. 

Start coconut farming in Singapore

Coconuts are very popular in Singapore because coconut water has been a food and beverage for a long time. This fruit and its by-product have been used from ancient times in their culture. They consume coconut water regularly with food or as a beverage. Farmers are easily growing them due to suitable climate conditions in many locations. Coconut trees in Singapore are found mostly in the coastal areas of Tanjong Katong due to the suitable climate conditions. 

People are already doing successful coconut farming in Bedok and Katong, Singapore. JW Angus is an experienced coconut farmer who has done coconut plantation on a large scale in Bedok (120 hectares). Thomas Dunman has grown coconut trees in Katong in a 160-hectare area which is huge.

You can understand the need for coconut palm in the country because not only farmers are doing coconut farming in Singapore country on a good scale but their government also imports coconuts from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

People must start coconut plantations in Singapore due to suitable weather and high demand in local areas. In comparison to other countries, it is easy to grow coconut trees in Singapore as they thrive best in coastal areas.

We all have seen mostly coconut plantations in island areas. This is because the plant likes to thrive near coastal areas. Singapore is an island which is surrounded by different oceans and seas including the Java Sea, Banda Sea, Celebes Sea, Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal etc. 


How many coconut trees per acre should I plant in Singapore?

You can easily plant 180 to 200 trees in one acre.

How much profit in coconut farming in 1 acre in Singapore?

If you are planting plants in Singapore (180 plants) then the profit might be around 343440 SGD.

What will be 10 acre coconut farm income?

After planting 180 trees one acre profit is 34344 SGD for 1 harvesting. For 10 acres the profit will be 10 times 34344 SGD x 10 = 343440 SGD.

What is the average coconut tree yield per tree?

Average 45 nuts at a time and some trees are also able to produce up to 75 nuts.

What would be 1 acre coconut farm income per year?

The tree produces 35 to 45 fruits 8 times a year.
If an average of 45 fruits are produced then 45 fruits x 8 times = 360 fruits per tree in a year.
Then 180 trees may be produced = 180 trees x 360 fruits = 64800 nuts. The coconut price per kg in Singapore is 4.24 SGD.
Thus coconut farm income per year would be 64800 nuts x 4.24 SGD = 274752 SGD.

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