kiwi Macadamia lemon farming profit per acre

Farmers can generate good income by growing fruits on 1 acre. Some of the profitable fruits that one should grow are lemon, macadamia and kiwi. Their cost and profit are given in this post along with a couple of flowers including tuberose and sunflowers can produce good income. One should always plant some trees on the boundaries of farms, mahogany is a tree that can generate good returns after 10-12 years.

If you are in a dilemma that how much money does farmer make per acre then please read the below-given stats carefully.

kiwi Macadamia lemon farming profit per acre

Farming profit depends on your crop selection and demand in the nearby market. If you are in the initial days of farming then you must target your local area instead of other areas. First of all, you need to do a survey of your region and find out which crop has the most demand in your local market after that you should research the price variation of the crop.

Once you establish your business in your local region then you can start targeting other cities and states and after growing your agriculture business domestically you can target the international market. This is the step-by-step and right practice to grow the business of agriculture. A few examples are given below with different profit margins on one-acre land. 

Macadamia Nuts Farm Income 

Macadamia is one of the most demanding fruits in Australia, the USA and in some other countries. Soil requirement for macadamia depends on the different varieties of the same. Sandy loam well-drained soils having a pH between 5 to 6.5 are preferred for macadamia nuts grown in USA. Farmer income per acre in macadamia cultivation is 1,10,997 $AUD. 

Full Project Report GivenMacadamia farming profit per acre 

Lemon Farming Profit Per Acre

Lemon is consumed in the entire world and it is one of the easiest plants to grow. The lemon tree needs less care and it can easily grow in any kind of soil. The tree needs a sufficient amount of water and good quality fertilizer to produce lemon fruits per acre in good numbers. The ideal temperature for growing lemon is between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Lemon plantation profit for 1 acre is 2148.86 USD. 

Project Report with best farm practices lemon farming profit per acre

Kiwi Fruit Profit Per Acre 

The Kiwi tree needs 6 to 7 years to produce fruits commercially. After 6 years kiwi yield per tree will be around 30 to 40 kg fruits. Soil PH for this fruit tree is considered between 6.3 to 7.3 and kiwi farmers are capable of earning $12799 profit per acre. 

Kiwi Farming Project ReportKiwi fruit farming profit per acre

Tuberose Profit Per Acre

Feb to march is the best time to plant tuberose. It is a flowering plant or bulbous flowering plant which is cultivated for its flower spikes. Farmers are earning $903 per acre from tuberose cultivation. 4 warm months are required for this tree to bloom flowers from the time of plantation. Please use our search box to explore the deep knowledge about tuberose, sunflower and mahogany tree.

Sunflower Farming Production Per Acre 

Flower farming profit is huge if practised correctly under good farm management. Sunflower needs only 70 to 100 days to grow mature and reach the market. 7 to 8 quintals of sunflowers can be obtained under good farm management practices. You need around 3kg of sunflower seeds to begin flower cultivation on a 1-acre land. Revenue of $444 can be easily generated from 1-acre farm sunflower. 

After flower and fruit farming profit per acre have a look at the tree farming profit modal. 

Mahogany Tree Profit Per Acre

Do you know what is a mahogany tree and why it is so expensive? Growing mahogany trees in Australia, the Philippines, and South Africa is becoming popular due to its huge income returns. Most parts of the tree are used for making some precious things such as ship decks, boats, impotent furniture, musical instruments like a guitar neck, veena, etc.

Mahogany wood has rot resistance capacity therefore it is mostly used for making boats and ships. This climate-friendly tree can be grown in any climate conditions except in heavy snowfall regions.

This precious tree is becoming more popular year by year due to its high climate tolerance capability. Mahogany tree wood selling depends on the cubic feet of the tree instead of the tree’s weight. This tree’s selling price after 10 years is between $125 to $375 and farmers are already earning $104519 by planting 1000 plants on a 1-acre mahogany farm. 


How much money does a farmer make per acre?

Per acre, income depends on the crop selection. By planting macadamia fruits on 1 acre farmers can achieve 1,10,997 $AUD and by planting kiwi fruit farmers can achieve $12799.

How much money can I make by farming a hundred acres?

Revenue of $1279900 can be achieved from 100-acre kiwi fruit farming.

How much money can I make farming 80 acres? 

35520 revenue can be achieved from 80-acre sunflower farming.

How much money can I make farming 20 acres?

$2090380 is the revenue that can be generated by planting 20000 trees on a 20-acre mahogany farm. 

How many macadamia trees per acre?

180-200 trees are good enough for 1 acre and 315 to 350 trees can be plant in 1 hectare.

Is kiwi farming in India possible?


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