How much profit does a sunflower make per acre

An average of 8 to 9 quintals of sunflower yield is achievable on the 1-acre farm. Farmers are making around $981.5 profit in the US in less than 100 days.

Quick overview – Yield 1 acre – 8 to 9 quintals (800 kg to 900 kg), harvesting time 70 to 100 days, $981.5 sunflower profit per acre.

How much profit does a sunflower make per acre

The sunflower crop is harvested after 70 to 100 days i.e. around 3 months. Sunflower farming in US is popular due to easy growing, quick harvesting and good profit margins. After sowing 2.5 kg to 3 kg seeds farmers are achieving an average 8 to 9 quintals yield in one acre. In the US country, around $981.5 is the sunflower profit per acre. The cost might be around $368.5. The project report is given below briefing about the cost and sunflower farming profit in 1 acre.

Project Report

Cos per acre seeds

  • Land preparation cost = $150.
  • Seed cost for 1 acre = $4.5.
  • Seed treatment cost = $5.
  • Crop sowing cost = $25.
  • Seed thinning cost = $5.
  • Fertilizer and manure cost = $25.
  • Weed management cost = $22.
  • Plant protection cost = $25.
  • Harvesting cost = $30.
  • Threshing cost = $17.
  • Cleaning and packaging cost = $30.
  • Transportation cost = $30.
  • Total cost = $368.5

Flower farming profit per acre for seeds

  • Sunflower yield per acre =  8 to 9 quintals. 
  • The average market price of sunflower seeds in the US is $0.82 to $1.5 per kg or more.
  • Let’s take the seed price $1.5 per kg.
  • Suppose 9 quintal is produced in 1 acre.
  • 9 quintal = 900 kg.
  • 900 kg x $1.5 = 1350 kg.
  • Profit = Cost per acre – Profit.
  • Net profit = Rs $368.5 – $1350.
  • Net Profit = $981.5.

The project report is all about seed selling, flower selling is not included and after including flowers the profit will increase. Flowers are sold on average $10 to $18 per quintal.

Note – This is the assumption of the project report and the prices may vary according to region, demand, availability and market rate.

Sunflower farming profit and cost per acre

Sunflower farming cost and profit per acre

Sunflower profit per acre is around $981.5 after deducting the cost of $368.5. The cost details are briefly explained below.

Land preparation costs $150

For growing sunflowers in one acre around $150 is required for land preparation. Labour is costly in US countries and at least one labour is required for preparing land. Contour farming techniques are helpful in sunflower farming.

After a couple of ploughing plants are sown. After digging pits around 5 cm to 8 cm add topsoil mix along with FYM in sufficient quantity. Remain the digs open to the direct sunlight for 2 days. Weed removal needs to be done on a regular basis. This fantastic garden kit will definitely help you to prepare land for almost all crops.

Seed cost per acre is $4.5

The standard sunflower seed rate is 2.5 kg to 3 kg in 1 acre land. After sowing 3 kg seeds in 1 acre around 8 to 9 quintal sunflower yield is expected. The sunflower seed cost in America is around $1.50. For 3 kg seeds farmers need to pay $1.50 x 3kg = $4.5. The cost may differ for some regions of America.

Seed treatment costs $5

Growing sunflowers in a US country is not that much costly and the seed treatment cost is around $5. The appropriate climate and temperature give farmers more benefits in growing sunflowers in US countries including South Dakota, North Dakota Texas etc. Chemicals like thiamethoxam, imidacloprid and deltamethrin are used in sunflower cultivation. 

Crop sowing costs $25

Due to high labour costs in the US, most farmers are doing crop sowing by themselves. While hiring 2 labourers they need to pay $12.5 per person.

Seed thinning costs $5

The thinning process is executed after 10 to 15 days of plant germination. The thinning cost is around $5.

Fertilizer and manure cost $25

For $25 a farmer can purchase important sprays and chemicals along with FYM and other fertilizers.

Weed management costs $22

Herbicides and intercultural practices are required for successful weed management. For herbicides and intercultural operations around $22 is invested by farmers.

Plant protection costs $25

Farmers often miss this calculation and do not include it in the cost of cultivation. In the US, $25 is sufficient as a protection charge in many states.

Harvesting costs $30

Labours are required again during the harvesting process. An average of $30 or more is invested in the harvesting process.

Sunflower threshing costs $17

Threshing is done after the separation of flower heads or after drying the flowers. Threshing is done manually or by a power-operated thresher system. 

Cleaning and packaging cost $30

After threshing cleaning is done and after cleaning packaging is implemented. Two labourers are required for this process and $15 is distributed among them.

Transportation cost $30

From the farm to the local market or store the product needs to be transported. An average of $30 is required for transporting sunflowers from farm to market.

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