Agriculture science research school dream project

This post will help you to create an imaginary school practically. A school with scientific, ancient, religious and traditional collaboration is addressed here.

To create a very good science and agriculture school having religious and traditional values, a large amount of land is required. However, you can create a shorter version of the said school.

Agriculture science research school dream project

This is a mega project and I need 100 bigha land for school. The school will be totally scientific and created according to science + religion. This school will teach students about practical jobs and give them opportunities to earn money in school. The motive of this school is not to give only passing certificates to students but also to enhance their skills and develop an entrepreneurship mindset which will help them in the future.

There will be advanced science labs in which students will learn about space and other worlds, scientists, astrology and most importantly by experimenting on plants and crops they will try to cure or kill cancer disease. 

You might be surprised but this is our mistake. We are only researching to cure this disease in our big laboratories where scientists are doing the research work. In order to defeat this it is necessary to do a practice on a wider scale and should not be limited to only some specific laboratories. Actually, we need several people for research. In fact, several creative people and when it comes to creative kids are the most creative in the world.

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Hope you understand school type now let’s begin with how it will be created

Agriculture and scientific School construction

Bamboo boundary – There will be boundary walls but not with cement and concrete. Instead, there will be bamboo materials throughout the boundary along with long bamboo trees. While making boundaries 7 to 8 feet bamboo sticks will be aligned as a boundary wall. After creating school grounds now it’s time to create the inside portion of the school. The ground will be slightly down so that water can take its path towards one place as drainage.

School boy

Pipelines – There will be some underground pipelines connecting all the classrooms to other buildings of the schools in order to collect all the rainwater in one place. Some chambers with advanced vacuum pressure are created at a distance of every 5 classes and this chamber will inhale the rainwater on its own and transfer the water to the pipes. 

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Although pipes will be underground but in one or two places there will be glass cover or no cover and no land over the pipes so that students can be taught about this technology. 

Electricity – All the water through pipelines will be reserved into the tank created in the corner of the school. This water will be used for making electricity and other required things that can be created by water. With full security, students will also get practical lessons on how electricity is made by water.

Classrooms – Most classrooms will be created in traditional forms with bamboo sticks. Moreover, bamboo sticks will also be used in making school buildings. This will give traditional and religious value to students. Moreover, by sitting on bamboo chairs some diseases are automatically cured.

Huts – Yes, there will be some huts teaching students about Mahabharat, Ramayana, Bible, Kuran, Geeta and all Granths etc. Interestingly teachers and students will use the traditional peacock feather pen to get involved and feel the science behind this. 

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Science labs – There will be several mini science labs teaching students about space astrology, earth, star, sun and water etc. Students will perform some of the practical experiments and keep their valuable creative ideas to the teachers which will be discussed in meetings. Students can also drop their idea on a piece of paper in the drop box of the science lab. Labs are created traditionally and might be a bit similar to huts this will encourage students to think traditionally plus scientifically.

Plants labs – There will be some specific plants in which students will perform research to cure various diseases along with cancer. Again students will do practical experiments with their own ideas under the security of teachers. While doing experiments there will be no burden of achieving marks or performance. This will develop the skills of botanists, plant scientists or phytologists in the students and they will be called plant doctors.

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Cure cancer research lab – This will be a high-profile special lab in the school connected with some mini-labs for each class where students are free to do experiments on their own. Every week students can give their valuable and creative ideas to cure this disease to their class teacher in a class meeting. Their ideas will be taken seriously and students will do the research work with the help of their educated teachers. 

Agriculture school

I will get higher teachers from It is an organisation which is working towards this mission. In this lab, there will be research collaboration of science + religion + advanced technology + traditional technology + agriculture. Equipment related to science, religion, technology tradition and farming will be available here and the main priority will be given to students who will research here to defeat this disease completely. 

Later this lab will be connected to all schools around the world to get the best results as soon as possible. Research on plants, crops and trees will be given priority here because I believe the solution is given inside them by nature but scientists are overthinking and researching more practically and following the books only but it can be cracked by a kid’s creativity as well. Remember there are lots of mysteries hidden inside the environment and the environment does not speak instead we have to ask them by researching. 

Technology lab – This lab contains all advanced technologies such as web 3. o and the projects which will be running at that time. Students will learn about virtual connectivity, and they will also take land or place on rent virtually and it will be done practically. 


Note – Students will earn 50% real money from the farming product they sell.

Planting plants – Students will plant a plant in 1st class and it will be named after the particular student’s name. Under teachers’ guidance, students will grow plants till the 12th class and no doubt the plant will become a tree after 11 years. All bioproducts of the tree will be given to the student. Suppose a student plants a mango tree he or she will get mangoes from the fruiting stage to till 12th class.

If a tree is grown for harvesting purposes like teak, mahogany, sandalwood etc then the student will get 50% of the harvesting amount and the rest goes to the school fund. This will definitely develop planting and caring habits in the student along with small business skills.

Mushroom farming – There will be a separate lab for mushroom farming in which temperature control and all other important practices will be taught to students. A team of students will be prepared for all types of farming to learn to work in collaboration.

After growing mushrooms successfully buyers will be called to school and some students will go outside the school into the market with their teachers to sell mushrooms directly to buyers. This will give practical knowledge, ideas and experience to the students on how to deal with buyers and they will understand the practical market. Students will get 50% money for the mushrooms they sold to buyers this will build early entrepreneurship skills in them. 

Bee venom and bee farming – A calm and pollution-free place is required for this so I will use the corner portion of the school. The place will have a small natural waterfall surrounded by several trees. Teachers will teach students about bee venom and bee farming with full security including important clothes and gloves which will be provided by the school side free of cost. Bee venom farming is very costly and usually farmers don’t do this because of lack of knowledge and practice but in the school students will learn this exercise practically absolutely free of cost. 

The venom and selling will be done by students and they will earn 50% of the sold product. Every farming product or service needs to be sold by students themselves. Teachers will not help them during this process however they will guide them before and throughout the year about client dealing and market understanding. 

Livestock farming – In this practice hen, dog, emu bird, dairy, pearl farming, sheep, goat and fish farming etc will be practised by students on the ground. 

Agriculture is a wide sector and everything can’t be written here instead you will see on the ground most farming models such as contour farming, multi-cropping, vermicomposting, nursery making, bed raising, correct row-to-row and plant-to-plant distances according to the crop, weeding, digging, land preparation, hybrid plant development practices and many more things.

There will be special classes for drip irrigation installation, fertiliser ratio, vertical farming setup and hydroponic farming setup and students will also give services to nearby villages for drip irrigation installation and mulching setup. 

Tree farming – Students will be taught about mahogany, sandalwood + host, agar tree and many other trees. Students will plant all these trees on their own and will get all the theoretical and practical knowledge. 

After completing the school students will become great hustlers and they will not ask for a job instead they will create jobs.

This is my dream project but anybody in the world is free to copy this model if they have the courage, power and honesty to help humanity.


What will be taught in this agriculture school?

Science, religious facts, traditional values, agriculture tips, research on plants, research to cure disease and self-learning will be taught in this school.

How can I earn money in this scientific agriculture school?

By selling bonsai trees, tree bioproducts and services you can earn money in this school.

What to do in a plant lab?

Students will perform research to cure cancer and other diseases.

Can cancer be cured and how?

Yes, nothing is impossible. This ridiculous disease can be cured with the help of children by making them experiment in schools high tech science + mythological labs.

What percentage amount will students get for selling products and services?

Students will get 50% off any product developed and sold by them.

Will students own a tree in this school?

Yes, students will plant a plant and care for it for 12 years and there will be a registry of that plant in the student’s name.

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