Essay on agriculture in India 900 words

Farmers are an important part of agriculture. Without farmers, agriculture could not exist because the government only makes plans on paper but farmers are the real person who executes the agrifarming plans on the ground. 

Hello, my farmer friends. Today in this essay I am going to put some light on the untouched topic related to farmers’ life. let’s dive in deeper and try to answer unanswered questions!

Essay on agriculture in India 900 words

Before starting to write this intellectual post I would like to say thanks to our dear farmers at also request the same from you.

We all eat good food including rice, pulses, wheat, vegetables, fruits and various other crops because farmers are growing all these and making them table. Farmers are known as one of the most hardworking people on the earth. Their working style is developing continuously and they have traveled the distance from hackery to tractors for years. Now they are adopting new technologies like drone. But the fact is that 70% of farmers are still doing the ancient type cultivation with the bullock cart. Farmers living in hilly areas are forced to do farming with bullock carts because it’s very difficult for them to ride tractors in uneven hills. 

Also, tractors are turning ridiculous for leader farming. However, drones can be utilized for spreading the seeds in small and big farms as well. Drones are not able to cultivate the land at the same time they are out of the reach of marginal farmers’ pockets. However, farmers are using rotavators for cultivating the land. Due to their portable sizes, these rotavator machines can be used in hilly areas as well. According to hill farmers, rotavators are helpful for small farms only. 

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Apart from traditional cultivation, there are different types of farming such as multi-crop farming, vertical farming, livestock farming, terrace farming, etc. Traditional cultivation is known for the type of cultivation done over periods and bullock cart is part of it. Multi-cropping is the farming model in which more than one crop is grown on the same farmland. 

In vertical farming, crops are grown vertically with the help of plastic pipes whereas livestock farming is all about rearing animals and birds for the farming business. Due to the lack of land in metro cities like Mumbai, and Bangalore people started growing crops and plants in pots and plastic pipes on the terrace, which is popularly known as terrace farming. 

The government is also helping all types of farmers including small, marginal, and rich farmers by providing them with various types of subsidies for farming. Farmers can avail the benefits of farm subsidies on irrigation, seeds, plants, tube wells, fencing, livestock, and various other types. 

5 pillars Army Airforce Navy Scientists and Farmers 

Army, Airforce, Navy, Scientists and farmers are those five pillars that are necessary for the strong economic and political power of any Nation. Although the government has done a good job by establishing all these five pillars. All of them are equally important for the development of a nation and ignorance of one can slow down the growth of the entire nation. 

It might be a small point for the government but I consider it a helpful move and might become a game changer someday. Let’s understand it.

Despite several subsidy schemes given to farmers which are also helping them, I believe there is an empty space that is stopping farmers to take risks and doing other crop cultivation. Similar to the Uttrakhand government which only keeps asking and requesting people don’t leave the hills “Pahad Palayan Roko” hardly takes any bold decisions or there all decisions are failed. Rather than requesting people they just need to focus on creating jobs or self-businesses in the hill areas, which is possible. 

Similarly, the central government keeps asking farmers to stop sugarcane, wheat, and paddy cultivation and start growing some other crops including methyl farming. Yes, nowadays the government is promoting methanol farming to overcome the petrol prices. Nitin Gadkari has already explained his idea on methanol in some videos and requested farmers to start growing methanol over sugarcane, wheat, and paddy.  

Farmers are not growing the crops like sugar cane wheat intentionally. first of all, they are in practice from their parents to grow this kind of crops, and secondly, some farmers want to come out of this but hesitate due to income dependency on these crops or low-risk ability. Now you are thinking about what government should do if they are already giving subsidies to farmers.

My dear friend’s subsidies are not enough to survive on a daily basis firstly subsidies are given on a particular crop and there are lots of bank interference, and approvals to get this kind of subsidy. Therefore most farmers hesitate and don’t even apply for these subsidies. Let me make it crystal clear what idea I have to support farmers. 

There should be a farmer’s canteen containing all the daily use products including some expensive products like television, freeze, washing machine, etc. If farmer will get all these at a cheap rate like the other four pillars are getting then they will start experimental farming without any minister’s request because their dependency on farms will be reduced and their risk capacity will increase.

Websites can play a major role to grow your farm business

Websites are already playing a major role in growing farm business. You can build a website and list your farm products on it. After configuring the payment gateway people can buy your listed farm products from their place. You or your family member might have purchased some products from Amazon, Flipkart, IndiaMART, etc. These all are examples of websites and people can also buy some products from your website as well. 

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