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Today, we are talking about a farmer canteen which is not listed in any government agriculture scheme yet.

Farming scheme in India

India is known as an agricultural country and farmers also have various farmer subsidy schemes, farming loan, time to time subsidy on agricultural machinery, agriculture loan, agriculture machinery loan etc. But all these things are related to the farming sector not farmer family.

Farmer in India

As we know the slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan while talking about jawans soldier of any department Army, Airforce or Navy they all are well respected and we all respect them therefore they are highly praised by the government and they get good amount of facilities as well. Whether it is shopping facilities, medical facilities or other facilities. 

It is an appreciated work done by the government by providing good and sensible facilities to soldiers but at the same time farmers are also doing extraordinary work for our country by filling the empty stomach of people and soldiers too. Then why these farmers are not getting such facilities? We appreciate the subsidy and other schemes given to farmers by the government but we are talking about a farmer canteen containing daily use products. Let us first discuss the farmer canteen.

What is farmer canteen

Farmer canteen should consist of daily use products such as colgate, toothpaste, shoes, bags, water bottles, helmets, juices, soap etc. We would like to inform you that soldiers are already getting all these facilities from the soldier canteen or army canteen and they are getting all daily use products at less than half rate or nearly at half rate. We are not against this, instead we appreciate the government for providing such facilities to our brave soldiers but we are only asking a question why our hardworking farmers are not getting such facilities? 

If farmers will get such kinds of facilities then this will reduce the burden of survival because from this kind of canteen facility they will get almost everything which is used in daily life at half price as our soldiers are getting. If it happens then they can think freely for experimental farming which can result in high yield and sustainable farming and this will automatically help the government. 

Farming canteen facilities required

All beverages like coffee, tea, juices, herbal items, milk powders other products like soap, chocolate, high quality oil, belts, shoes, sportswear, ISI mark helmet, branded shoes, branded jeans; Food items like jam, chips packets, namkeen's, pickles, toothbrush, Colgate paste, pads, vehicle (car) much more other things.

Do you agree that farmer needs canteen facility like soldiers and other government sectors. Please share your opinion by commenting below.

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