World environment day theme host ideas facts dates

World environment day is celebrated on 5th June every year and we always support our environment with some unique and some simple ideas. In this post you will find some dedicated environment support ideas and list of themes with hosts.

World environment day theme host ideas facts dates

All time themes and hosts

2023 - "Invest in our planet"/ Cote d'lvoire and Netherlands (host).

Theme 2022 is "Only One Earth" hosted by Sweden.

Theme 2021 - "Ecosystem Restoration" / Pakistan (host).

Theme 2020 – “Biodiversity”

Theme 2019 – “Air Pollution”

Theme 2018 – “Beat Plastic Pollution”

Start date

  • World environment day started on 5th June 1972 at Stockholm capital of Sweden on this particular day environmental conventional was organized and total 119 countries has participated at this major environment event.
  • The environmental conventional was organized from 5th June to 16 June and it was decided to celebrate environment day every year on 5th of June since then the environment day is being celebrated on June 5 every year.
  • Do you know the world environment day 1974 theme was “Only one Earth”. It is celebrated as Vishva Paryavaran Divas in India.

World environment day ideas for the government

  • Earth day is corelated to the environment day. On the world environment day tree plantation program need to be run by the government, they may doing this but need to do practically more. People are always in search of free trees from government. Although, government is already running some free tree campaign but they need to advertise it more because lots of people are unaware.
  • Government should encourage people for tree plantation that they are doing since long years but now they need to change their policy so that everybody can participate on their own interest.
  • The Government can fix a prize money for the tree that is planted by a person and prize should be given after every 1 year on the next world environment day. To stop the cheating people have to make a video per week of giving water or fertilizer to the plant then just share a video on WhatsApp with a committee formed by the government for every single colony, village, city and state.
  • The government should attract people by various prize money’s like 1st prize 5 lakh, 2nd prize 4 lakh,  3rd prize 3 lakh , 4th prize 2 lakh, 5th prize 1 lakh and in the same order they can continue till 10-20 prize money. To make it more productive the government should give 1,000 consolation prizes for each city and this will definitely encourage people to grow more plants.  
  • For more transparency there should be a government website and people can check whether their video is uploaded or not. To maintain transparency people can directly upload the videos. In India still lots of people are not friendly with websites so whatsapp will provide a better communication it will be more help full in village regions.

Idea for schools and organizations

  • Employee can announce for a good give away for the employers who will give the top 5 world environment day event ideas this will also create enthusiastic atmosphere among the people.
  • The same need to be done by schools where every class teacher can connect with the concern class and announce for a giveaway for the top 5 world environment day idea for schools. The give away prize need to be given in each class for healthy completion. Children are always creative who knows they may give a super idea that can be implemented on national level too. 
  • Also, teachers can divide some categories for students like world environment day craft ideas, campaign ideas, celebration ideas, drawing completion along with poster idea.

Apart from giving ideas school and offices should make a compulsory rule for all the children and employee that they must sow one plant and it need to be adopted by the particular person for long life. This will encourage tree plantation on world environment day and a message will deliver to save trees world environment day.

It is all about save earth, save nature, for nature and go green with generation restoration. 

World environment day facts and dates

World environment day is celebrated every year on 5th of June. The flag ship report of the UNEP and FAO (food and agricultural organization) was launched online on Thursday 5 June 2021. More important experts and author panel provided the latest data on restoration in selected ecosystems. The decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

Launch of becoming #GenerationRestoration: Ecosystem Restoration for People Nature and Climate - UNEP

UNEP celebrated 50 years of world environment day in 2022. 

The reason behind celebrating this day is to aware people about environment and for that environment education is necessary.

Various types of programs are organized on environment day through these programs people are educated to plant different types of plants, tree protection, not to cut green trees, clean river, don’t burn unnecessary grass in the jungles it may cause jungle burn etc.

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