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It was the Earth hour day previous month on 27th March now it is Earth day on 22nd April 2021. Today I will drag your attention towards this important day including the origin, idea reason and founder of the earth day 2021.

Earth day 2021

Earth day activities

Here are some free earth day activities you can do with your family

  • Virtual earth day activities 2021
  • Earth day activities for Pre School – School should arrange online activities on earth day
  • Cartoon activities for student – create earth day posters or cartoon posters of earth day
  • Earth day activities at home - Ask your old elders about one species of their childhood days if found unique then try to explore about it and share the knowledge with the world.

New and simple idea to encourage earth days for years

YouTube Video - You should perform it by your own and include your elders and kids as well. First sow a seed or a plant at your home backyard or nearby home and make a video clip of 5-10 minutes in which you should brief about plant including plant name, why you planted this plant and your own name, city name followed by country name, current prime minister's name and today’s date. 

You have to perform this exercise on each month of 22nd it means you have to make 12 videos in a year tell your kids to make this more creative by making fun videos with plants. I guess 12 videos in a year is not a big deal it will also improve the creativity of your kids and even yours.

Later you may upload it in you tube or in some other platform as your life time memory and when you will turn sixty by doing this consistently you will find a small plant has become a tree then you can appreciate yourself. 

What is earth day and when it was started

Earth day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970 and now it is being celebrated on 22 April every year. Whereas earth hour was started on 31st March 2007 by (WWF) world wide fund for nature  in which the whole world use to turn off their lights for 1 hour at 8:30 Pm to 9:30 Pm. This year earth hour day was celebrated on 27th of March 2021 and I have also participated by switching off lights of my house and now its turn for earth day celebration.

The reason to celebrate international earth day 2021

Today, in present era of 2021 when awkward situation is created against human life by a virus, it becomes more important to recognize the importance of our environment that is responsible for oxygen and today the value of oxygen is above any Rs or Dollar. 

The main motive to celebrate earth day is to aware people about environment and its safety it is more about clean air and clean water. You are open to give suggestions related environment please comment below if you have any suggestion or idea on earth day that can contribute at least 1 % for our environment and if you don’t have any idea right now then take a long breathe and start thinking about the most important thing but only thinking is not the solution so it is recommended to give suggestion before next earth day i.e earth day 2022.

Who created earth day and reason behind earth day

Senator Gaylord Nelson is known as father of earth day

Senator Gaylord nelson created the first earth day in 1970 he created earth day to highlight some major issues and succeed to get them on a national agenda where 20 million American participated and it was counted as successful campaign. In December 1970 congress permitted the creation of the U.S EPA, the role of environmental protection agency (EPA) is to track and tackle environmental issues.Major issues - Before 1970s no Clean Air Act, No Clean Water Act means there was no EPA

Earth day 2021 theme – “Restore our earth”  is the theme of earth day 2021

It is known as prithvi divas in hindi and prithvi divas 2021 theme is also same restore our earth. The people are asking for #ClimateAction Climate Action means our climate need to be change by adopting plants and trees. More over Nasa is appealing the people to participate by sharing their videos and photos related to environment i.e earth day #ConnectedByEarth

Earth day 2021 Poster

Earth Day 2021 Poster- image credit pixabay

Who started green revolution in India

Credit goes to Agricultural Scientist M. S. Swaminathan to start the green revolution in India

Who started green revolution in the world

Norman Borlaug is known as father of green revolution because he was the first person of the world who started green revolution in Mexico in 1940s.

Read about code 420 and the origin of 4/20. When cannabis was named as 420 by 5 young American teenagers and story of the waldos group.If you are interested in Global Agriculture Crop Tenders and GPN from across the Globe then you should check out this. 

Earth hour anthem by Adrew huang, Earth Anthem by Abhay kumar, earth anthem by The Turtles, Mother earth by neil young it is known as neutral anthem, Earth song by Michael jackson 


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