Rose farming profit per acre | how to start rose farming business

Today, I will help you to understand the concept of rose farming in which I will cover how to start rose farming, rose farming profit per acre and rose yield business plan we will also look at the problems in rose farming, rose care, soil required for rose farming

How to grow rose for profit

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  • You might produce 100 bunch rose flower on daily basis but it is not compulsory it depends on your regular practice, care and planning. So it is also possible that you may produce only 15-25 bunches on daily basis this is the game of practice. 
  • if you are doing rose cultivation first time then I recommend you to do it by your own hands along with your labours and try to observe each difficulty deeply you should do this practice at least for 1st year.

Is rose farming profitable

  • You must have a rose business plan to increase the success ratio therefore you need to be prepare for all types of disease and treatment, fertilizer, sprays etc. You should aware of good practice while propagating rose flower.
  • After taking all these knowledge you can start rose cultivation on large scale, it is recommended to start rose farming on a low scale at your garden backyard so that you can face all the difficulties in rose yield farming moreover it takes only 4-5 months to grow mature so it is not time consuming practice.
  • Dutch rose don't have fragrance instead these roses contains long stem You have to maintain quality to get success in Dutch rose farming business apart from selling roses in local market you can export them as well. Before starting rose cultivation you should ready for all the pros and cons in rose farming. Spray is necessary with a tight schedule you should spray flowers every next day so that flowers can get rid of disease and insects.

Rose cultivation project report

  • Rose cultivation is a huge profit making business but at the same time it demands for high level care and fertilizer one should take rose farming training and need to experience rose cultivation practices before starting rose farming for profit 

Rose farming cost and profit

Rose farming cost

While calculating rose cultivation cost

Price of 1 rose plant - Rs 9 to Rs 11

rose yield plantation per acre - Around 30,000 plants can be planted in 1 acre

30,000 rose yield X Rs 9 = Rs 2,70,000 is your plants cost

Lets calculate other cost along with rose plant cost

Plants cost   

Land preparation 

Irrigation cost  

Fertilizer cost

Labour cost 

Miscellaneous cost 

Total cost

Rs 2,70,000

Rs 20,000

Rs 50,000

Rs 20,000

Rs 50,000

Rs 20,000

Rs 4,30,000 Four lakh thirty thousand

Rose farming profit per acre

Now lets calculate the rose acre farm networth

1 rose flower selling price - Rs 3 to Rs 18 per rose flower 

1 rose plant can produce around 18 to 20 flowers 

If 30,000 plants then 30,000 plants X 18 flowers (per plant) = 5,40,000 flowers 

suppose out of 540000 flowers 40 k flowers were damaged 

If 1 rose flower price is Rs 4 then Rs 4 X 5,00000 = Rs 20 lakh

Reduce the rose cultivation cost 430,000 from the rose profit i.e Rs 20 lakh 

Rose net worth - Rs 20 lakh - Rs 430,000 = 15,70,000  

Net profit - Rs 15 lakh seventy thousand

Remember poly house cost for 1 acre is around 16 lakh after 50 % subsidy by the government, if you don't have poly house then you can add this figure as well.

Is rose farming profitable  - FAQ

Yes, rose farming is profitable but it needs lots of effort and good investment in the beginning i.e poly house, intensive labour cost, fertilizer and good care moreover, to start rose cultivation one need to collect the knowledge of the following terms -

Soil for rose plant – best soil for rose farming is red soil, black soil can create some problem in rose cultivation. Soil should contain water drainage quality so always choose a farm that has water drainage facility while talking about soil ph level although it can tolerate ph 4.5 to 5 as well but ph 6 to 7.5 will be good

Temperature for rose plant –  While talking about temperature for rose wine you need to know roses can’t grow well in humid climate however they can tolerate high temperatures. 15° to 28° is ideal temperature for rose plants whereas sowing temperature varies from 25 to 30 degree these are one of the best temperature for rose wine

Price of 1 rose plant - A single rose yield is between Rs 9 - 11 and it can be use till 5 years however selling price of single rose flower is between Rs 3 to Rs18

Rose yield plantation in 1 acre - You can plant around 30,000 plants in one acre land

Water for rose plant  – To provide best water for rose you should use double line drip irrigation for better results you can choose 16 mm pipes. This is one of the sustainable rose irrigation system and it is recommended to apply better rose irrigation methods for rose yield profit farming.

Rose pruning month – While talking about rose pruning season in India, rose pruning should be done in winters and early october is the ideal rose pruning month in India. Pruning plays vital role in rose propagation it is recommended to concentrate more on the plant development in first 2 months for that you need to pay attention on rose pruning and use proper rose pruning tools for better results. 

While cutting the stem remain some leafs  below cut area so that those leaves can produce new flowers. You can bend a leaf and you will see a new sprout shoot. Don’t allow your rose yield to grow more than 4-4.5 feet if it will grow taller then pruning will become more difficult for you guys. If two rose flowers are grown on a single stem with no space then you should remove one of them so that one rose can take the full nutrients and it will improve the flower quality as well.

Verities of roses

Roses are divided in three main groups wild, old garden and modern garden roses

Wild roses – These are also known as species roses look at some wild roses that are grown in gardens – Rosa Moschata or musk Rose, Lady Bank Rose, Rosa Pimpinellifolia, Rosa Rubiginosa and Rosa Foetida.

Old garden roses – These type of rose are disease resistant rose and are easy to grow it is a more attractive type of rose variety eg Alba Centifolia, Macrantha, Noisette, Moss Roses

Modern rose variety – Most popular type of rose variety – Floribunda Rose, Yellow Permet Rose, Grandiflora Roses, American pillar, Centifolia Rose, Polyantha Rose

Land Preparation for farming

  • Ground preparation for planting roses is necessary so choose best soil preparation for roses. First plough the soil for at least 4 to 5 times before planting plants this process is necessary for soil preparation for roses it will help the nutrient soil to some on the surface. Now add some rich material like 2 ton decomposed cowdung , leaf mould , bone meal, urea 25 kg, 2 kg superphosphate to the soil now level the soil to form disciplined beds. While talking about urea you can use latest urea invented by IFFCO recently . 
  • It is packed in 500 ml bottle in liquid form it is capable of replacing 1 sack urea and the price of 1 bottle nano urea is Rs 240 you can buy it from 
  • Bed preparation in rose cultivation – rose yield bed preparation is very important because one rose plant can survive for 5 years so you need to put some effort.
  • Width of the plant bed need to be around 3 feet increase the height of the bed around 1.5 feet and also creates a path of 1.5 feet between two beds. The height of the bed is necessary for water drainage and to maintain temperature

Planting the rose plantlets

Plantation need to be done in the evening during sep or oct. Rose plantlets can be propagated by seeds, layers, budding and cutting among all these methods budding is the appropriate method for commercial propagation of rose plants


Drip irrigation is the ideal method for the rose cultivation you should sprinkler method due to more infection chances. Follow the schedule of watering plants two times in a week from October to march and once in a week from April to June whereas no irrigation is required during rainy season.


Apply NPK at the ratio of 8:8: 16g per plant it should be done at the interval of 3 months . To increase flower production after pruning the balanced fertilizer is necessary you can use the above ration after 1 month of pruning. Use spray GA3@200ppm not more than .2g at early vegetative state, teeepol@60ml in 100 liter water per acre.

Harvesting of rose flowers

Use of sharp hand pruner is recommended for harvesting so that plant could be picked with extra care however economical yield for rose plant starts from 2nd year of rose yield cultivation. Harvesting need to be done in early morning or in the evening avoid noon.

Disease in rose plant

You have to pay extra attention on rose disease here are some of the rose yield disease Bacterial diseases

  • Crown gall rot –In this disease you will see large lumps at the base of the plant stem or root of the plants
  • Black spot – Black spots on leaves, leaves turn yellow and fall early continuation of this process causes weakness in plants that causes plant death
  • Powdery mildew – In this (pannosa produces) fine powdery coating is found on the surface of the buds and leaves
  • Downy mildew – The disease is spread by wind in this disease you will see purple red to dark brown spots on the leaves
  • Rust – You will find yellow patches on the surface of leaves this is a spreadable infection which spreads in the wind
  • Anthracnose – some spots were formed by the fungus and the fungus is originated from water soaked leaves.
  • Grey mould – It can cause stem rot it is basically a disease of flowers and buds
  • Sooty moulds – It appears as black and dry powder on the leaves it is similar to chimney soot. Verticillium wilt is also a disease found in rose flower.
  • Canker – These are small yellow or bit reddish colour spots on the bark that increases slowly in size the infected portion tissue will start drying out and later it shrinks.

Insects that affect roses

Aphids, two spotted mit, Thrips, Rose slugs, Caterpillars, Curculio beetles, Japanese beetles,

Scale insect – California red scale, Rose scale, Cottony cushion scale

Leaf cutting bea, Nematodes, Rose chafer, Metallic flea beetles

Rose cultivation in poly house 

You should use yellow shade poly house yellow poly house is good for rose cultivation apart from yellow you can use green shade polyhouse. 

Cost of 1 acre poly house is around Rs 32 lakh however you can get 50 % subsidy by the government and you have to pay Rs 16 lakh. This is the cost of natural ventilated poly house whereas the price of 1 acre fan pad poly house is Rs 55 lakh. You should change the polyethene of the poly house after 4 years because they loses their anti property that protects ultraviolet rays so it is recommended to change these poly thin once in 4 years you have to pay Rs 6 lakh to change the whole poly thin of the poly house. For more information on poly house You can visit youtube channel of 

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