How to get free trees for arbor day | arbor day 2021 free tree giveaway

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How to get free trees for arbor day, What is Arbor day, Arbor day date is 30 April 2021, when it was celebrated first time, arbour day theme, American arbor day, Belgium arbor day, Spanish mayor and more. So in this post I will help you to find answers of these questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arbor day?

Arbor day related to trees and plants in this particular day people plants trees in group or individual. In many countries arbor day is celebrated as holiday.

When was first Arbor day celebrated?

First arbor day was celebrated on 1594

How to get free trees from Arbor day foundation?

You can become a member of the Arbor day foundation website, according to this website people who will signup with a minimum cost of $10 will get 10 free trees from this foundation. Registered people can choose 10 specific species among many verities.
Screenshot of Arbor day foundation website offer –

Where to find free trees this arbor day

Every year on last Friday of April month some organization may provide free trees on various schemes. You just need to follow few methods to get free tree near you on this arbor day.

Visit Nursery for free tree on arbor day

You should try at least once and visit your nearest nursery to take the advantage of the particular day. Some nursery may plan or might have some offers regarding arbor day so you should visit your regular nursery and you may get any kind of discount over there.

Tree planting event

Events are always good to get interacted with various people and it also helps you to achieve some more knowledge with connections. If you have not joined any event related to plants then do it today you might get some extra offer on the eve of arbor day. Here you can find some charitable organization as well. NWF is one of them so you can approach this kind of charitable organizations that are willing to promote the environment with the help of charity.

Garden Centres and plant shop

This is also a good idea to visit the relevant market of your product here you may get some offer where you can get some discount.

Flower festivals – Always be a part of flower festivals organized by your city. In India Roorkee is a small city but it conducts a flower show per year in front of lal kurti region which is located near by Army public school. In this fair lots of flowers and plants are presented and there is always a discounted sale of some important plants.

Contact government websites for free trees

You can directly contact the government with the help of their website. Where you may get some exciting offers so you need to check the government websites related to arbor day or plants, trees. In India green tv is working in favour of greenery so you can visit their website you may get some exciting offer.

Approach agriculture and environment-related websites for free tree giveaway – You should try this as well these websites in regular interval keep giving some give away and some big websites may give free trees or plants or they may give at least some discount you can google about these green websites for exciting give away’s. Here are few big websites related to green agrifarming NCBI Tandfonline WebMD arbour day foundation website

Van Mahotsav

In India Van Mahotsav is celebrated on the month of July, it is celebrated for a week. Van Mahotsav is an Indian free tree planting festival this festival was started in 1950 by KM Munshi. During this event, millions of trees are planted and people were asked to plant the trees and it is free of cost. A successful tree planting was held in 1947 in which few big leaders Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Abul Kalam Azad participated and after this huge success, the name Van Mahotsav originated.

National Arbor Day 2021

What is earth day

Earth Day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970 and now it is being celebrated on 22 April every year. Earth day was made for clean water, clean air earlier there was no act to justify the cleanliness of water and air later by the efforts of a person called Senator Gaylord Nelson EPA formed. EPA stands for environmental protection agency and the role of this agency is to track the major issues related environment.

Whereas earth hour was started on 31st March 2007 by (WWF) worldwide fund for nature, the whole world used to turn off their lights for 1 hour at 8:30 Pm to 9:30 Pm. This year earth hour day was celebrated on the 27th of March 2021

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