Superior hybrid poplar tree growth time 3.5 years

The poplar tree is one of the fastest growing trees in India and in the world. Superior hybrid poplar tree growth time is given in this blog. Planting time, water cycle, nursery address, variety name and some other important tips are given.

Quick Overview – Superior hybrid poplar variety 110, growth time 3.5 years to 4 years, average height 65 feet to 75 feet, preferred planting time January, water cycle 15 days interval.

Superior hybrid poplar tree growth time

Hybrid trees are the best variety of any tree; they grow faster, healthier and need less care in comparison to ordinary varieties. 110 species is the hybrid variety of poplar tree that grows faster only in 3.5 years to 4 years. Yes, indeed, this hybrid variety’s growth rate is very fast in comparison to ordinary popular trees like g48, 86. 

The hybrid variety came into existence in the last 4-5 years and people are still not aware of these varieties. I want to clear one myth with my viewers. While meeting with farmers I often ask them which variety you are growing on your farm. Most of them said they are growing a popular plant of the Bimco company. Bimco is just a company, not a variety, it is a company similar to manvsgreen which sells plants in bulk. 

They are not aware of which variety they are growing. They are saying the name of the company which is very disappointing. They often get trapped and purchase older varieties like 86, g48 etc which take more time to grow, almost 5 to 7 years. Undoubtedly 110 is the best quality of poplar tree in India.

Hybrid poplar growth rate 

The hybrid poplar growth rate is exponential. It grows very fast after plantation and gets ready for harvesting only in 3.5 years to 4 years. In 3.5 to 4 years it reaches the height of 65 to 80 feet tall with 2.5 to 3 feet diameter (30 to 36 inch).

After planting a 6 to 8 feet taller plant in the farm it grows 16 – 20 feet after 1st year. It means the tree grows up to 26 to 30 feet taller after the 1st year of planting. Next year (2nd year from plantation) it grows almost 20 to 22 feet tall and contains a total height of 46 to 50 and after 1.5 years it grows up to 25 feet to 30 feet. Thus it grows 65 to 75 feet taller in the 3.5 years to 4 years it may grow sometimes 80 feet tall. It means after 3.5 to 4 years the tree grows up to 65 to 80 feet tall.

Hybrid poplar variety 110

The hybrid popular variety grows straight, having few leaves at the top. You can easily identify whether your plant is hybrid or not. If the plant grows straight and leaves come on the upper portion of the tree. It means it is a hybrid variety, leaves fall automatically during the growing period after 18 months. Very little or minimum pruning is required in hybrid plants whereas regular pruning is required in ordinary plants. 

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It is difficult to identify the plant in the first year while purchasing it from the nursery so it is recommended to purchase the hybrid popular plant from a trustworthy nursery. A 1 year plant doesn’t have leaves; they are a single straight stem of 6 to 12 ft and they are pointed from the top. A few tips to identify the hybrid variety is that the 110 variety plant contains fewer pointers in the stem in comparison to the 109 variety. 

Poplar tree price in India

The poplar tree price of 110 varieties is more than 109 due to more demand in the market. Both are hybrid varieties and grow at the same time with almost the same height, 110 grows slightly taller. However, 110 is the superior hybrid poplar tree that sells a bit more costly than 109. There is a 50 to 100 difference in the price.

If the price of 109 varieties is Rs 1350/quintal then 110 varieties would be sold at a higher price of 1400 or 1500/quintal. Due to superior quality, 110 always sells at a higher price than 109 and other varieties.

Best poplar variety 110 vs 109

110 variety

  • A 2-4 year tree contains a thicker stem shell.
  • The tree stem looks reddish in colour.
  • They are slightly lower in weight than 109 species.
  • It is whitish from inside the stem.
  • Taller than 109.
  • Height 65 feet to 80 feet.
  • More expensive than 109. 
  • Needs more water comparatively.
  • The hybrid poplar growth rate is 3.5 years to 4 years.

109 Variety

  • A 2-4-year tree contains a slightly thinner stem shell in comparison to 110.
  • The tree stem looks brownish.
  • These trees are slightly heavier than 110 varieties.
  • It is a bit reddish from inside the stem.
  • Bit smaller than 110.
  • Height 65 feet to 75 feet.
  • Less expensive than 110 popular species.
  • Needs less water.
  • Poplar tree growth time is 3.5 years to 4 years.

For planting poplar plants on your farm contact 9719972929. A petrol machine (Automatic digging Burma) for digging is available.


How long does it take for hybrid poplar to grow?

Hybrid poplar grows in 3.5 years to 4 years.

How tall do hybrid poplar trees grow?

65 feet to 75 feet and 80 feet as well.

How long do hybrid poplar trees live?

Up to 35 years or more depending on care.

When to plant hybrid poplar trees?

15 December to 15 February is the growing season. January is the best time for planting poplar trees.

How much time poplar tree take to grow?

Hybrid poplar like 110 & 109 varieties grow in 3.5 to 4 years whereas ordinary varieties grow in 5 to 6.5 years.

What is the poplar tree price in Punjab?

In the last few years price was stable between Rs 1350/quintal to 1500/quintal.

What is the popular selling price in India?

Rs 1200/quintal to Rs 1500/quintal.

When to give water to popular trees?

Planting done – In January.
1s water – Immediately after planting or within 3 days. 
2nd water – In march. 
Water cycle – Once a tree grows 6 months and holds roots, give water every 15 days, 2 times in a month.
Sandy soil – water in 10 to 12 days.

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