Poplar tree price per kg and plant price India

Poplar tree price per kg in India is Rs 08 to Rs 15 and price per quintal is Rs 1200 to Rs 1500. The price depends on the tree’s diameter, selling time and weight. Yes, selling time is important to get the highest price which is explained in this blog.

Quick notes – Poplar tree price per kg is Rs 08 to Rs 15.

Poplar tree price per kg and plant price India

To get a higher poplar tree rate in India one must plan the selling time and destination. From the last few years, the poplar tree price per kg has been Rs 08 to Rs 15 and the price per quintal is Rs 1200 to Rs 1500. Hybrid poplar price is between Rs 32 to Rs 35 and ordinary plant price is Rs 28 to Rs 30 per plant.

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Idle selling time to get a high price of poplar tree in India

When the demand is high and supply is low it is idle to sell any product. Similarly in poplar farming the demand for wood gets higher during the July-August month due to insufficient supply. Farmers hardly harvest wood from their farms because of the water in the farms and on the roads. The supply becomes difficult due to waterlogging on the roads. It is difficult to fulfil the demand at that time resulting in a poplar rate hike. It is the best time to sell your wood at a higher price. 

However, it is difficult to get the transport and transport the wood to the wood market during July. If you can manage this then you can get the highest rate for your wood.  Yamunanagar is the biggest wood market in India situated in Haryana state and UP, Uttarakhand border. 

To get the best prices avoid selling the wood on the farm to the contractors. Instead, one must harvest the wood on their own and transport it to the wood market. Believe me, it is much cheaper to arrange some labourers for harvesting and arrange a lorry for transportation.

Some important paperwork is required for selling wood which is not that tough, I have already explained the required paperwork in one of my previous posts.

Avoid selling wood in March and April due to oversupply of the wood in the wood mandi resulting in a decrease in poplar tree rate. At the time most farmers harvested poplar along with sugarcane resulting in more supply and less demand therefore decreasing the price of poplar trees.

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Poplar plant price in India

One can easily purchase the hybrid popular plants at Rs 30 to Rs 35 per plant depending on the nursery. Some other varieties are cheaper and people are buying them at Rs 28 as well.

Poplar plant nursery address 

Uttarakhand, Roorkee (Puhana) 247667, Haridwar.

Buy poplar plants online in bulk

To buy popular plants online in bulk you can visit the website Man vs Green. Apart from Popular they also sell African mahogany, melia dubia in bulk. You cannot book 1-2 or 50 plants; at least 500 plants are required to confirm the order.

Poplar trees per acre 

500 to 538 trees can be planted on a one-acre farm with a spacing of 9 ft x 9 ft. 500 trees are more than enough in one acre. Good spacing is required for better diameter, height and weight of the tree.

Poplar trees per bigha

Around 60 to 65 plants can be planted in 1 bigha land. It is necessary to give good spacing to get better yield so do not plant more than 65 plants in one bigha land.

Poplar tree farming profit per acre

Poplar tree cost per acre 

  • 1 plant price = Rs 35
  • 500 sapling cost = Rs 35 x 500 = Rs 17500.
  • Irrigation cost = Rs 10,000.
  • Labour cost = Rs 8000.
  • Fertilizer cost = Rs 5000.
  • Land preparation cost = Rs 5000.
  • Harvesting cost = Rs 5000.
  • Transportation cost = Rs 5000.
  • Miscellaneous cost = Rs 10,000.
  • Total cost = Rs 65,500.

Poplar tree profit per acre

  • 1 Poplar tree selling price = Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 (depends on market).
  • Trees per acre = 500 trees.
  • Profit = Rs 2500 x 500 trees = Rs 12,50,000.
  • Net profit = Rs 65,500 (cost) – Rs 12,50,000 (profit).
  • Net profit = Rs 11,84,500.


How many poplar trees per acre in India?

350 to 500 trees per acre. Don’t plant more than 500 trees.

How many poplar trees per bigha can be planted?

60 to 65 plants.

Where is the most poplar plantation in India?

Uttarakhand, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh.

Which is the best poplar tree variety in India?

110 is the best variety at the moment followed by 109.

What is the poplar tree price per kg in India?

Rs 08 to Rs 15.

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