Richest farmers in the world Forbes Networth

Farmers who managed to achieve a good status and lots of money by doing continuous hardwood in the form of smart work. However, when we say the word farmer we often think of a person doing lots of hard work in the field for growing various crops.

In the modern agricultural Era, new technologies are building successful farming businesses and farmers are able to manage the business to grow successfully worldwide. Today we will talk about some successful farmers who are among the richest farmers in the world. 

Richest farmers in the world

The list of the top richest farmers in the world is given below

Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick net worth

The Resnick family has a 64,000-acre farm in California where they grow “Pistachios and Almonds”. They used to grow drought-resistant pistachios in California and they have spent $100 million to create drought-resistant pistachios.   

Stewart Resnick started his farming journey after his marriage in the late 1970s. After marriage, Stewart decided to invest in farmland in California. Stewart Resnick is the co-owner of a wonderful company along with his wife, Lynda Resnick. Wonderful company is a private company in Los Angeles. According to Forbes Wonderful company owners Stewart Resnick and Lynda Resnick net worth is $4.2 billion.

Harry Stine

Harry Stine started his seat business way back in 1960. Harry was suffering from dyslexia and mild autism but this person is a genius when it comes to maths and data. Harry’s Stine seed company is the largest private seed company in the world well known for creating robust soybean seeds. Forbes declared Harry the world’s richest man in 2015 in the state of Iowa. Harry Stine net worth is about $3.6 billion. 

Blairo Maggi net worth

Blairo Magi is the son of Andre Maggi and Andre Maggi is the founder of Andre Maggi group, the largest soybean producer in the world. The Maggi group created the sale of $3 billion in 2012 and Blairo Maggi was featured in Forbes as the richest man in the world. However, the Andre Maggi group is led by Lucia, the wife of Andre Maggi. Blairo Maggi holds 16 % of the group. Moreover, Blairo Maggi was elected Governor of the Mato Grosso state in Brazil in the year 2002.

Tony Perich net worth

Tony Perich belongs to Australia and he is an Australian businessman. Tony Perich and his brother got a dairy farm from their parents as an inheritance. The farm was started by Tony’s parents way back in 1951 starting with 25 milking cows.

Today the dairy farm is bigger has more than 2000 cows and has stations in West Wyalong and Trangie in Australia. In West Wyalong and Trangie Tony Perich’s company grows grains and rears stock. Tony Perich net worth is estimated at $750 million.

Colin and Dale Armer net worth

Colin and Dale Armer belong to New Zealand and are one of the Richest farmers in New Zealand. They own a successful dairy farm business, they started a family dairy business in the 1990s. After a long hard work and commitment now they are a group dairy farm business where they operate 58 dairy farms in the South Island along with gazing blocks for the cows. Both own dairy holdings and the largest dairy farming in New Zealand. Dale and Colin Armer net worth is around $535 million.

Howard Graham Buffett

Howard Graham Buffett was born on 16 December 1984 in America. Howard Graham Buffett is the middle child of the billionaire investor Warren Buffett and is named after his grandfather Howard Buffet and Benjamin Graham. Benjamin Graham was his father’s favourite professor.

Howard Graham Buffett is an active person who used to do various things in the same life he is involved in business politics, agriculture, conservation etc. He is a college dropout and after dropping from 3 colleges he decided to start farming. He became a soybean and corn farmer. He has a large family farm in Illinois and Nebraska along with his son. He Has three research farms in Arizona, South Africa and Illinois. 

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