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Dhoni farm house is located in Ranchi, Bihar. He is one of those person who believes in implementation. He has done a great job for Indian cricket team now entered in agriculture and bollywood as well. This blog post is all about dhoni farm house, kadaknath rearing and organic vegetables export.

Their are such people who don't wait for what ever they want they just put effort to achieve the same. Whereas, lots of people waits for perfect time and perfect time never comes so do it right now. 

Dhoni farm house

As we all are aware of MS Dhoni’s strange and bold decisions but we can’t predict what he will do next. Opposition cricket team captain always wonder what mahi is going to do next. This time he has surprised all by investing his time and money into agriculture it shows MS Dhoni farming love after cricket.

Dhoni farm house name and area

Apart from kailashapati (7acre) farm house dhoni has eeja farm and it is widely spread in the area of 43 acre around 3 acre land is used for tomato cultivation. Apart from tomato the farm contains peas, pumpkin, boutle guard, cabbage etc and it is well known for mix cropping. Eeja farm is also known for large number of fruit cultivation.

  • Kailashapati 7acre.
  • Eeja farm 43 acre.

MS dhoni’s organic farm 

Dhoni started farming or we can say organic farming. Yes, his farm is well known for organic farming. It is situated in a rural area sembo, Ranchi.

Agriculture expert team

Yes, there is a team assigned as agriculture expert who is responsible for the technical asset of farming. Roshan kumar is agriculture consultant of dhon’s farm and according to roshan kumar peas are the favorite of captain cool.

Dhoni farm house vegetables 

The farm is consist of mix cropping including peas, cabbages, tomato, pumpkin, boutle guard said roshan kumar he also revealed that dhoni want to eat peas by own while relaxing in the farm. Dhoni farm house vegetables are also exported to foreign countries like Dubai.

Variety of peas

G10 peas are being cultivated in the farm. Apart from peas TO 1156 tomato variety is also cultivated in his farm which holds the selling price of Rs 40.

Why Dhoni started farming 

Reason to start farming is not to earn money but to drag the attention of the people who are working in other states just as migrant. It’s a motivation to other people who are doing job’s by leaving their own farms. It is also a motivation boost to our farmer brothers that if such a big person can start farming then they can also.

Eeeja farm house 

Eeja farm house is situated in between jungle it is only 8 km away from simaliya region. Eeja farm house is located in very beautiful region surrounded by trees and plants. Apart from high quality vegetables this farm contains high yield fruits like papaya, strawberry, mango, guava etc.

Sakshi contribution

As I said Eeja farm contains high quality fruits the height of high yield papaya is only 4 feet. MSD likes to eat fresh fruits by picking from the trees according to the agriculture consultant.

Sakshi is also interested in vegetable and various type of fruit farming, she always use to advice him to plant such kind of fruits. According to the agriculture consultant Sakshi said that this farm is symbol of love and the name eeja means mother so the farming need to be done with love and utmost care therefore tag line of eeja farming is growing with love, this tag line is used in every product of this farm.

Dhoni farmig love

You must have seen ms dhoni ploughing his farm with the help of swaraj 963 tractor and those videos got viral apart from tractor dhoni also use to do sowing and planting, seedling by his own hands, he is found of mud and plants and always talks about different planting methods including caring of them. Dhoni is also trying to start nashpati farming

Dhoni agriculture farm dhaan story

Kala jeera is a special and high yield paddy which is cultivated in Eeja farm house and photos of mahi got viral while sowing this paddy. Some seeds of the same were provided to nearby villagers for farming and they started calling it dhoni dhaan instead of arva or kaal jeera dhaan and from here kaala jeera dhaan got popular as dhoni dhaan. This paddy or dhaan is fragmantic by nature and it is a high quality yield as well.

Farming technique 

Dhoni believe in modern and new technique in cricket as well as in agriculture. So he applied drip irrigation farming method while cultivating potatoes and this hi-tech farming technique was widely appreciated. Drip irrigation is known as tapak vidhi in hindi language

Pond in the farm

The Eeja farm is well planned farm and contains a pond in between the farm the water of this pond is also used for irrigation. Dhoni is also found of fishing  so rohu, katala and thilepia fish can be spotted in the pond.

Dhoni poultry farm Kadaknath 

Dhoni is rearing Kadaknath chicken in his farm house. Kadaknath is basically a fine breed of jhabua , Madhya Pradesh this breed is black in colour and high in protein.

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Dhoni cricket carrier 

First ODI - Dhoni last ODI, dhoni first test match, dhoni first ranji match, dhoni last international match

Dhoni has played first ranji trophy match in 1999-2000 for Bihar. Ranji trophy is a type of domestic cricket in India. He played first one day match on 23rd December 2004 against Bangladesh. Dhoni played first test match on 2nd December 2004 against Srilanka and last test match in 2014 against Australia.

Dhoni cricket academy in Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar

Lieutenant governor advisor Baseer Ahmed Khan launched the M S Dhoni cricket academy at Doon International School (DIS) Srinagar on 25.09.2021, saturday. In this occasion Baseer said this ms dhoni cricket coaching will help youngsters of Jammu and Kashmir he also added this is the best thing which happend to cricket in Jammu and Kashmir valley. 

MS dhoni the untold story

You need to watch this film to know more about former Indian cricket captain Dhoni. In this movie Sushant Singh Rajput has played the role of MS Dhoni, Sakshi role was played by Kiara Advani and Dhoni's girlfriend role was played by Disha Patani.

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