Dharmendra farmhouse lonavala 100 acre

This post is dedicated to a genius actor Dharmendra Deol. In this blog posh we will share Dharmendra Deol farmhouse name, Dharmendra Deol farmhouse address and some recent videos shared by Dharmendra Deol.

Who is Dharmendra Deol

Dharmendra Deol family – Dharmendra Deol is an evergreen actor who belongs to a Punjabi family and. Dharmendra was born as Dharam Singh Deol to Kewal Singh Deol and Satwant Kaur in a jat family of Punjab. Dharmendra was born in Nasrali village in Ludhiana district, Punjab on 8th of December 1935 however, Dharmendra is an Indian actor, producer, politician but best known for his work in Hindi films. Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol are two sons of Dharmendra Deol. Dharmendra grandson is Karan Singh Deol (sunny Deol son) and Dharam Singh Deol (Bobby Deol son). Bobby Deol’s son Dharam is named after Dharmendra.

Dharmendra age 2021 – Dharmendra is 85 years old. He is a megastar of Indian cinema and is well known as the “He-Man” of Indian cinema. He has received the Filmfare lifetime achievement award for his contribution to Hindi cinema. In 2012 he was awarded “Padma Bhushan” by the Indian government. “Padma Bhushan” is the third-highest civilian honour in India. Dharmendra Deol was also a member of the 15th Lok sabha of India.

Dharmendra Deol farm house name Lonavala

Dharmendra Deol farmhouse address – This year the veteran actor turned 85 years old and has been living in Lonavala for quite some time. Lonavala is a beautiful place situated in Maharashtra. Dharmendra paaji is still very active and often shares glimpses of his farmhouse on social media. He recently shared a video from one of his farm house in this video he was appreciating farmers for growing onion and he told that he is also planning to grow potatoes. You can watch this enthusiastic video from Dharmendra sir here at his Instagram account aapkadharam

Dharmendra Deol farm house area – Bollywood legend Dharam Singh Deol well known as Dharmendra has worked very hard to build his green empire away from the world of drama and noise. Dharmendra was always known as key of blockbuster films and even after getting so much success, the person is still rooted to his roots. The farm house of Dharmendra in Lonavala shows his love for nature. Lonavala farmhouse is a large and wide farm spread in an area of 100 acres.

Dharmendra farmhouse setup

Dharmendra farmhouse – The farmhouse is situated in the lap of nature and the superstar Dharam spends most of his time at his farm house. In the farm house there is a beautiful sitting room decorated with traditional values. The room is consist of wooden furnishing with luxurious sofas, and a good space for walking. The room contains a good sitting arrangement for almost 25 to 30 people with a variety of wooden sofas. The farmhouse is well decorated with minimalistic chandeliers which really brings a warmish vibe.

Dharmendra organic farming

Dharmendra has a good space for organic farming in his Lonavala farm. In various Instagram posts, he has shared his organic farming techniques where he use to show his viewers different organic plants and vegetables including mango plants. In his interview, Dharmendra has shared that he is a jat and jats loves their lands and farms. Dharmendra said that he use to spend most of the time at his Lonavala farm the veteran actor said that “Organic farming is our focus and we grow rice and I also have some buffaloes there.”

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