Get government land on rent for agriculture

Today I am sharing a way through which you can get or apply for agriculture land on rent near you in metropolitan cities as well. Hopefully, people, who already have enough agricultural land can give their farmlands for rent through this government channel. 

People living in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore don’t have sufficient land and if they are interested in farming then they often ask how to get land for agriculture. In big cities due to the extra construction work, all the space has been covered by plenty of buildings, malls and flats. There is hardly any good space left in between or near the city where interested people can start their farming practices. 

Get government land on rent for agriculture

Some people are health conscious and they want to consume chemical-free vegetables and fruits developed through organic methods. But in big polluted cities, they hardly find, even though they can purchase the land they are not able to purchase the land due to unavailability of the farmlands.

If you are also sailing on the same boat and passionate about farming, want to consume organic vegetables and fruits from your farm in the polluted city as well. Then don’t worry you can approach the Kisan Seva Kendra (KVK) of your region. Yes, with the help of KVK, it is possible to get agricultural land on rent.

Kisan Seva Kendra is a government organisation having various centres all over India according to the blocks and districts. By approaching Kisan Seva Kendra one can easily take govt land on lease for agriculture purposes. This seems a good option for those who want to start farming without land-owning. 

If you live in metropolitan cities specially Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai then you might be facing problems with farming or gardening due to less or no land availability. In metro cities, people who are interested in gardening are doing roof gardening and the biggest drawback of the roof garden is limited production due to limited space. 

I guess you are surprised if not aware but this is good that you can get agricultural land on rent all over India. To overcome your doubts you must know about (KVK) Krishi Vigyan Kendra and its benefits for farmers. 

Krishi Vigyan Kendra farming benefits

KVK is a farm science centre that falls under the directorate of extension education, it works under central Government guidelines. It is a government organisation having various KVK centres throughout India. Good thing is that these centres are available in almost all districts of India. These centres are developed for multi purposes including hybrid plant research, plant growing according to the climate conditions, ordinary people and farmers training related to agriculture and crops, giving land on rent etc.

Farmer or non-farmer people can approach these centres for various pieces of training such as bee-keeping training, mushroom farming training, livestock training, hybrid plant growing tips, multi-cropping knowledge, contour farming techniques and organic farming tips. They also provide knowledge of making organic pesticides, training about crop and plant caring and the ratio of fertilizer required for various plants.

The speciality of KVK centres is that they provide practical knowledge during the training to the farmers and other people. Officers from these centres used to visit village to village to provide the latest technology and farming machinery knowledge and information to village people. You may get expensive agriculture machinery on rent at a decent price through these centres. The main motive of Krishi Vigyan Kendra centres is to help farmers and I have already given some details in the above paragraph. 

Read thisI want to give my agriculture land on rent 

More importantly, they also distribute some free plants and livestock to the concerned person. If someone approaches them for kadaknath business training they not only give valuable and practical training but also distribute some free kadaknath hens to the person as help. Similarly, people can also get various plants free from the centres. Currently, they probably deliver free plants online or not you have to check on your own and for that, you may apply for free online plants there. I am very sure that you can get free plants from government organisations while doing training in these KVK centres.

They give farming land on rent to those people who don’t have land but want to start farming. They will just not provide you with the land instead they will also give you training for the plantation including plant spacing, seed treatment, seed rate, fertilizer and soil knowledge, they will also teach you for watering the plants on a proper schedule. During the training, you can learn about compost making and contour farming, contour farming is a traditional farming well known for reducing soil erosion.

They may provide you with 1 acre or less or more than one-acre land depending on the availability and your requirements. You may approach them to give your farming land for rent. Hence, by approaching KVK centres you can get rid of the land problem and start farming without owning land. 

Documents farming land on rent

Aadhar card, citizenship proof (aadhar or pan), a mobile number linked to aadhar card, pan card, 5 passport-size photographs and must apply to the KVK of your district.


How to start farming without land?

Roof farming can be done and one can also start farming without owning farmland and instead taking land on rent through KVK centres.

I want to give my agriculture land on rent how to do this?

You can approach the government organisation Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) for further enquiry.

How to take govt land on lease for agriculture?

You can visit  Krishi Vigyan Kendra centres of your districts to take the government land on rent for agricultural purposes.

From where I can get mushroom farming training?

You can visit KVK centre to get mushroom farming training practically.

Why kvk centres are helping farmers?

KVK centres are government organisations working under the guidelines of the Central Government and they are just performing their duties.

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