Geranium farming subsidy in Maharashtra

The government aroma mission subsidy is for all farmers who want to grow aromatic plants like geranium on their farms. By approaching the government organisations CSIR-CIMAP farmers can avail the benefits of geranium farming subsidy in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Lucknow and most regions of India. 

Reasons to invest in geranium farming

In the past few years, farmers started geranium cultivation on a large scale due to good income returns and government subsidy schemes. Geranium is cultivated for multiple purposes; it is a herb plant and is widely used in the medicinal sector. It is also kept in houses as houseplants and people keep this flower in their drawing rooms. It is a decorative plant used to decorate offices and gardens. Apart from all this, one of the most important features of geranium is that it is an aromatic plant cultivated for its aroma and used in the perfume and oil industry. This important plant is used for three major industries: perfume, oil and pharma industry. All these industries are booming industries hence the demand for geranium cultivation is increasing day by day.

Geranium farming in Maharashtra

Yes with the help of government organisations, it is possible to get geranium farming training in Maharashtra. There are a few good reasons to start geranium cultivation in India as I said this crop is used in three major industries apart from that there are some genuine government platforms including KVK and CIMAP that provide training and distribute some free plants as well. To understand CIMAP it is good to figure out the aroma mission.

Aroma mission – It is a mission run by the central Indian government through their organisation called CSIR-CIMAP. This mission is an initiative taken by the government to promote aromatic plants such as geranium, lavender and mentha etc these three are just examples the list is long. IIIM Jammu CSIR is well known for the purple revolution in India. This revolution is related to lavender farming and in this cultivation IIIM Jammu was able to shift Jammu farmers from maize farming to lavender farming. They not only convince farmers but also farmers have achieved milestones in lavender farming. Similarly, the organisation is promoting geranium cultivation through an aroma mission to achieve yet another revolutionary milestone. In 2019 CIMAP awareness programme was held in Maharashtra. One can fill out the form for geranium training in Maharashtra or somewhere in India.

Aayush aapke dwar – After the aroma mission another initiative was taken by the central government and this time they are promoting medicinal plants. Geranium also falls in the category of medicinal plants mostly for its oil content therefore it is widely used in the pharma sector. Farmers can also get some free plants through this scheme as well.  

Geranium farming training in Maharashtra

A farmer living in Maharashtra must contact the government organisation CIMAP to get geranium farming training. Apart from this organisation, one shall also approach Krishi Vigyan Kendra which is also a government organisation responsible to help and train farmers for the respective crops. KVK provides free plants and training to the farmers who approach their centres. KVK centres are available throughout India according to the districts and blocks. The national medicinal plant board is yet another platform available to achieve medicinal plants and subsidies. 

CSIR CIMAP Training centres in India

  • Institute of Himalayan bioresource technology, is located in Palampur.  
  • Central Institute of aromatic and medicinal plants Lucknow.
  • National botanical research Institute Lucknow. 
  • North East Institute of Science and Technology Jorhat. 
  • CSIR Indian Institute of integrative medicine, Jammu.
  • CSIR CIMAP Maharashtra.

Geranium farming subsidy 

There are some platforms available through which farmers can get gene farming subsidies in India in any state or city. They need to check the concerned department’s offices in their regions and most of them are available in regional areas. The name of some of the platforms are given below and I will keep updating some other names with time.

  1. CSIR CIMAP – 
  2. KVK –  Krishi Vigyan Kendra.
  3. NMPB – National medicinal plant board. 


How can I get geranium farming training?

One can get geranium farming training through aroma mission, kvk and NMPB etc.

How can I get a geranium farming subsidy in India?

To get the benefits of subsidy for this aromatic plant you should approach some government organizations including CSIR CIMAP, KVK and NMPB.

Is geranium farming profitable?

Yes, it is profitable farming due to less investment and subsidy plans. The government is aggressively promoting this cultivation through the Aroma mission.

From where I can get medicinal plants free or at less price?

You should apply for the government scheme Ayush apke dwar to get medicinal plants free or at a cheap price.

Can I get a geranium farming subsidy in Maharashtra?

Yes, by approaching CSIR CIMAP you can get the subsidy.

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