Jugadu Kamlesh biography shark tank pitch

27 years old Jugadu Kamlesh is a young Indian farmer who owns an agriculture product company called “KG Agrotech.” He came in highlight in 2022 when he appeared in the tv show ‘Shark Tank’ pitching his ask for investment for his pesticide trolley cart. 

Jugadu Kamlesh biography shark tank pitch

The real name of Jugadu Kamlesh is Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare and he was born in 1996 in Dearpade, Malegaon, Maharashtra. He is an educated farmer and has done schooling at NS Deshmukh Vidyalaya Chikal O Malegaon, Maharashtra. He has taken admission to Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad College located in Malegaon, Maharashtra. He was doing BCA  from this college but dropped out in 2nd year and turned into another dropout entrepreneur. 


His father is also a farmer in Maharashtra and his elder brother is serving in Indian Army. He is not married yet and has a marital status of single.


You have seen Kamlesh pitching in the shark tank and giving speeches in josh talk-type superhit shows. The USP of both these TV and YouTube shows is you have earned a good income in your career to reach the josh talk show for revealing your journey and to reach in shark tank you must have a good idea or you have generated good revenue. The journey Kamlesh also begins with failures and he has already shut down lots of businesses. Later he opened a hotel business although it was running well but got closed. 

In one of the talk shows he revealed how he started making pesticide trolley, he also told why he has shut down the running hotel business. The farmer-turned-entrepreneur told one day his friend took his phone and called a random girl and the controversy become big.  people started judging his character, especially people living in his hometown started taunting him and his family about his character. He told the good thing was that his parents supported him and had faith in him. Once his mother said we believe in you and you will do great work someday and these people who are taunting us will come to us and ask for your help.

Now things have changed and Kamlesh started working as a farmer along with his father. Here the journey of an inventor begins. One day when he was working on the farm along with his father he saw the pesticide harming his father which may cause serious health issues. According to Kamlesh, pesticides already affected his father’s health but he never complained about this. After seeing this Mr Kamlesh decided to do something for his daddy and the rest of the farmers.

He was motivated and thought he can do the process easily although he was not an engineer but had some plan in his mind. He started visiting a nearby Kabaadi shop to pick up some spare parts and scraps. Soon he found a damaged bicycle structure in the garbage and gradually he kept adding elements to it to improve the structure according to the need. The journey of inventing a pesticide trolley was difficult and long and it took 7 years to complete the pesticide trolley cart. In the year 2012, Kamlesh uploaded a video of his pesticide trolley which went viral on social media. He got some offers from big companies to sell his product but he rejected all the offers.

Appearance in popular TV shows and Youtube channel

Till 2023 Kamlesh Nana Sahib Kumari appeared in two great shows. He appeared in the entrepreneur show called “Shark Tank” where he was seen pitching his ask in front of legend judges. Judges of the show were Anupam Mittal founder of shaadi.com, Vinita Thapar from the pharma industry, founder of Sugar cosmetic and Bnsal from lenskart. Bansal has given funds to this young farmer and invested in his company KG Agrotech. In that particular episode Boat company co-founder Aman Gupta was not present and later in a TV interview, he told if he would present in that episode then he would have definitely invested in this young farmer entrepreneur. Jugadu Kamlesh also appeared in a promising youtube show “Josh Talks.” 

Journey to Shark Tank

In 2021 Kamlesh was already famous as jugadu Kamlesh saw a promo of shark tank show on his mobile. The ad was also watched by some other family members and after watching the ad his brother-in-law asked him why not to participate in the show. After clearing several rounds he appeared in shark tank 2022 along with his brother’s son Naru.

In the shark tank show presenters have to give a pitch meaning they have to present their product or services in front of judges who are known as sharks. In the show there are 4 to 5 judges sitting on chairs and any of them may invest according to their interest in the interested candidate’s proposal. In his pitch, Kamlesh said in Hindi “Hamare aank mein munh mein pesticide jaane se hamen bimari hoti hai aur yah bimari hamare pitaji ko bhi thi.” This means in English the pesticide goes into our eyes, and mouth and causes the disease us and our father has also the disease. 

One of the judges asked him why you are not doing a job in a company. He replied we are farmers and we like freedom, we have always done our own work. If I do a job then I will be serving some other people for 24 hours like a slave which I don’t like. 5 judges Anupam Mittal, Vinita Singh, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh and Piyush Bansal were there in that show but all the judges rejected Kamlesh’s proposal, Piyush Bansal. Yes, LensKart co-founder Piyush Bansal was the only judge invested in Kamlesh company KG Agrotech. Bansal offered Rs 10 lakh for a 40% stake with Rs 20 lakh loan for a 0% interest rate and Jugadu Kamlesh accepted this offer. After this successful pitch, a few days later Kamlesh was called by Piyush Bansal and they had a meeting in Bansal’s home in Delhi where they discussed the launching of this product. Kamlesh recorded this moment and shared the video on his Instagram.


Who is Jugadu Kamlesh?

Jugadu Kamlesh is a farmer who invented a pesticide trolly and got famous in the shark tank tv show.

Where is Jugaadu Kamlesh?

Kamlesh is from Dearpade, Malegaon, Maharashtra.

What is Jugadu Kamlesh product?

Pesticide trolley cart.

Who invested in Jugadu Kamlesh?

LensKart co-founder Piyush Bansal offered Rs 10 lakh for a 40% stake with Rs 20 lakh loan for a 0% interest rate.

Is Jugaadu Kamlesh a successful businessman?

He has already started making trolly in his company and after getting the fund from shark tank judge Bansal the making process can increase the speed.

What is Jugadu Kamlesh’s company name?

KG Agrotech.

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