Jamun Farming Project Report Cost Profit

Jamun’s health benefits are vital therefore the demand for Jamun fruit is incredible. Due to high demand jamun fruit provides good business opportunities. Before starting a business awareness regarding cost and income returns is necessary and here you will get the concerned details.

Hello, dear farmers today we are presenting Jamun farming profit and cost in 1-acre land. Let’s dive in.

Jamun fruit health benefits

Jamun is well known as the Java plum and it is also known as the Indian blackberry fruit. This black colour seedy fruit belongs to the Myrtaceae family. There are huge benefits of Jamun fruit and leaves. The said fruit is recommended by doctors for diabetic patients. It is a good source of iron and they are widely used in the medical sector. Jamun seeds are used as medicine for diabetic patients and the powder of the seeds reduces the sugar content in the urine.

Java plum is popularly cultivated worldwide due to huge global demand because of its extraordinary health benefits. Jamun in Canada is consumed on a large scale by people. Farmers are growing Jamun trees in USA for decades and now USA gardeners are growing Jamun trees in pots or in the home backyard. 

Do you knowHow to grow Jamun tree at home

Jamun farming project report 

Farmers doing Jamun tree cultivation in India are able to generate a revenue of Rs 2 lakh per acre. 

Land preparation cost

Jamun is a perennial crop that needs good care. Plowing and leveling are done thoroughly and after that pits are dug with proper marking and distance. All these activities are done with the help of agricultural farm machinery at the rate of Rs 10,000 approximately. 

Plant material cost

Jamun sapling cost is Rs 70. With a spacing of 7 x 7 m, nearly 100 Jamun plants in one acre can be planted. Thus Jamun farming cost per acre will be 100 saplings x Rs 70 = Rs 7,000. 

Planting cost per acre

After land preparation grafted seedlings are planted in the pits. The quantity of labor required is around 6 to 8 and labor wages per day in North India are approximately Rs 300, and wages for planting will be Rs 1800.

Jamun fruits

Manure and fertilizer cost per acre

A proper and sufficient amount of fertilizer is required for the better health of any plant. It is compulsory to invest in fertilizer, especially in commercial Jamun cultivation. The average fertilizer cost per acre for the same is nearly Rs 2,500.

Plant protection charges

Plant protection charges are often avoided by farmers while calculating the profit margin of any crop farming. In order to get the correct project report for the Jamun tree one should include the plant protection net price as well. Rs 2500 is the plant protection charge for cultivation. 

Irrigation cost per acre

One acre irrigation cost for a Jamun tree depends on the type of irrigation you are using. Drip irrigation is recommended for cultivation. In India, the cost of drip irrigation installation is Rs 50,000. You can get the advantage of the drip irrigation subsidy provided by the government and after implementing the subsidy cost shall drop to Rs 22,000

Harvesting cost per acre

Jamun trees are large and labour-intensive. A good number of labours are required for its harvesting in one acre. Rs 22000 will be the average cost for the harvesting process in farming. 

Transport charges

Trucks, tempos, and lorries are required for the transportation of Jamun fruit. Farmers have to pay nearly Rs 2500 to use these transport facilities. 

Miscellaneous cost per acre

Rs 4000 might be a miscellaneous cost for 1-acre farming. 

Jamun tree yield per acre

Jamun is a profitable one-acre farming model. 60 to 80 quintals of Jamun fruit can be obtained from 1-acre land. 

Jamun Farming Project Report Cost Profit

Jamun farming Project Report
Land preparation cost = Rs 10,000
Plant material cost = Rs 7000
Planting cost = Rs 1800
Manure and fertilizer cost = Rs 2500
Plant protection charges = Rs 2500
Irrigation cost per acre = Rs 22,000
Harvesting cost per acre = Rs 22000
Transport charges jamun fruit = Rs 2500
Miscellaneous cost per acre = Rs 4000
Total cost for Jamun farming = Rs 74,300

Jamun farming profit per acre 
Jamun yield per acre = 70 quintals per acre
70 quintal = 7000 kg
Jamun price per kg = Rs 40 (average price)
Jamun farming profit in 1 acre = 7000 kg jamun x Rs 40 (jamun price) 
Profit = Rs 280,000
Net Profit = Jamun profit per acre (Rs 28000) – Jamun cost per acre (Rs 74300)
Net Profit = Rs 205700

Note – This is an assumption of the Jamun Fruit Project Report the actual figure may vary according to the demand, location, and price.


What are the major Jamun growing states in India?

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Asam and Gujarat are major Jamun tree-growing states in India.

What are Jamun hybrid varieties?

Ra Jamun, Narendra Jamun, Goma Priyanka, and Dhoopdal. 

What is the Jamun yield per acre?

7 to 9 tonnes of Jamun can be obtained from 1 acre of land after good farm management practices.

Can I grow a Jamun tree in a pot?

Yes, you can grow Jamun in a pot.

How long Jamun tree takes to grow mature?

It takes 3 to 5 years to grow mature and produce a good amount of fruits.

What is the rental charge for farm machinery?

Rs 10,000 is the rental charge for farm machinery.

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