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Today, We will help you to understand the concept of kadaknath poultry farm business. The post is consist of kadaknath chicken business plan and marketing strategies, during the post you will also get the info about how to register poultry business and by the end of the post you will be aware of poultry farming subsidy.

How to start poultry farming business

To start a kadaknath poultry business you should follow all the basic steps given below that includes the kadaknath poultry farming business plan and also provides basic to advance information about how to start poultry farm business in India. 

Kadaknath egg price in market is far more than the ordinary egg. Kadaknath chicken demand in India is very high in comparison to ordinary chickens therefore kadaknath chicken farming profit is vital. One can easily sell kadaknath chicken and eggs at high rates into the market. If you are really thinking about how to start kadaknath business then you should read the post till the end because this post contains all the information about kadaknath hen and poultry farm including Government subsidy for poultry farming in India.

How to register poultry business

To register a kadaknath poultry farm you should register your poultry farm under the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises. After registering a poultry farm you will get an industry aadhar card. Through this card you can avail all the schemes and benefits provided by the government in the poultry farming sector. 

What is kadaknath chicken? 

kadaknath is a variety of hen that is found in Madhya Pradesh, India and kadaknath poultry farming is more popular in South India. Kadaknath is consumed by humans for its flesh and eggs. Kadaknath has huge demand in the market. It is more costly than the ordinary chicken. Minimum price of kadaknath chicken in market is Rs 800 per kg and it may rise upto Rs 1500, 2000 accordingly. Kadaknath chickens are soft black in colour, they produce grey black chicken and creamy white to brown colour egg.

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Kadaknath chicken breed information 

The Kadaknath chicken breed is black in colour. Apart from kadaknath breed there are two more chicken breeds that have black colour and they are silky and ayyam ceman these breeds are found  outside of India, silky chicken breed is found in Indonesia. 

The Kadaknath breed is generally found in Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh. Kadaknath chicken egg colour is brown whereas meat colour is black.

In south Indian regions especially Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Hyderabad has huge demands of chicken and these states also have more numbers of poultry farms.

What is the benefits of kadaknath chicken farming business

Kadaknath chicken business is much more beneficial than ordinary chicken business due to the high demand and high price of kadaknath in the market in comparison to other breeds.  

The price of brown eggs delivered by kadaknath murgi and kadaknath meat price is much more than the other breeds, therefore you can earn more money from the kadaknath poultry farm business. 

In India kadaknath poultry farming is not done on a large scale however, it is more popular in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc moreover it is less cultivated in the North region of India. Due to less competition you can establish your business easily and can earn good money.

Information about poultry farm business

Before starting a poultry farming business you should make a poultry farming business plan and according to the poultry business plan you should be aware of the type of poultry farm business. Poultry farming various types are given below

Types of poultry farming in India

There are two types of chicken poultry farming one is broiler farming and the other one is layers farming. Both these types of chicken farming are capable of producing multiple business opportunities, these two types of chicken farming are explained below. 

What is broiler poultry farming

In broiler type poultry farming business hens are first raised in the quantity and then flesh of hens are sold in the market. 

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What is layer poultry farming 

In the layer poultry farm eggs produced by hens are sold in the market. 

How to start kadaknath business

To start a kadaknath chicken farming business you don't need many things but you have to find a suitable space to set up a kadaknath poultry farm. After selecting space for a kadaknath chicken poultry farm you have to purchase a kadaknath breed.  

Kadaknath poultry farm place selection

  • You should choose open space for your hens. Therefore you need a place on rent according to your pocket. To decrease the rent rate it is suggested to select a place outside the city.
  • It is required to create wooden boxes for the breed of kadaknath chicken. Apart from this you should also prepare the feeder box.  

Price of kadaknath chicken in India

The price of kadaknath chicken is decided according to the weight and age of kadaknath. Hence, it is advised to check the weight measurement and age of the kadaknath chicken before buying it. If you really want a good benefit in this business then you should purchase healthy kadaknath chicken. There are few parameters to check the health of kadaknath chicken that are given below. 

Healthy Kadaknath chicken identification

  • Generally, healthy kadaknath chickens can jump easily and they are fond of eating as well.
  • Healthy kadaknath chicken voices are larger than unhealthy chickens' voices.
  • You should first observe these qualities and then purchase healthy kadaknath chicken for your kadaknath poultry farming business. 

From where to buy kadaknath chicks

You can buy kadaknath breed chicken from the nearest animal husbandry or any veterinary university. You can also buy kadaknath chicks online from online platforms like amazon, indiamart, fresh basket etc. You can start this business with at least 30 to 50 chickens and later you can increase the quantity of kadaknath chicken according to the kadaknath farming profit. If you have a good budget then you can increase the quantity of kadaknath chicks at the initial level.

Labour requirement for poultry farm

  • Labour selection is one of the important tasks in poultry farming. You should select such laborers who are aware of poultry farming and also select some experienced labour in poultry farming. 
  • Divide their roles and give the important responsibility of feeding hens to experienced laborers whereas give the duty of cleaning and maintaining farm to unskilled labour.
  • However, both the works are important but kadaknath feeding takes place plenty of time in a day and it also requires a good calculation of sufficient feeding in proper manner and experience labour can do the job better than less experience labours because they are aware of the hunger symptoms and hunger timings of the kadaknath chicken breeds.

Chicken vaccination is necessary

Chicken vaccination is very important in poultry farming because it can affect your business badly so it is necessary to vaccinate your chickens from time to time. If somehow one of the chickens gets affected by any kind of virus then immediately shift that chicken from the poultry farm to a different place and start treatment from the nearest animal doctor. 

Remember one effective chicken can spread the disease to all of the other chickens so never hesitate to vaccinate your chickens from time to time or as per the requirements.

Prepare a logo for your farm

  • You should prepare a logo of your company. You can approach a logo designer to prepare a logo for your farm. While preparing the logo, one thing you need to ensure is that the logo should consist of the picture of kadaknath so that people can easily understand your business model. 
  • Free logo tip - You can easily create the logo by yourself with the help of a free and user friendly software called canva (

Create poultry farm website

Creating poultry farming website will definitely boost your poultry business. Websites are well known for online business and through a professional poultry website you can spread your livestock business through out the nation. Making websites are not difficult now a days and you don't need any coding knowledge instead basic computer knowledge is cool for operating a website. With the time you can easily learn and get habitual of operating the website. 

How to create website - To form a website you need 1 domain and 1 hosting that's it. Domain types are .com (top level domain), .in (Indian domain). There are few good hosting's like greengeeks, hostinger, Cloudways etc. We have used greengeeks and cloudways both provides good hosting services. Currently we are using cloudways one of the best hosting service. We recommend you cloudways or greengeeks due to good live chat support + server speed and reasonable pricing. Cloudways also provides you rental option meaning if you don't want to pay for a year then you can pay for a month and rent will depend on your uses, on an average Rs 800 to Rs 1200 per month. Good thing is that in the same price you can keep multiple websites (5 websites). While purchasing hosting from our link you will get good discount and we will get some percentage as a commission this is called affiliate marketing.  

To purchase hosting on discounted rate click on Cloudways

Loan and subsidy for poultry farming

  • Nabard loan subsidy for poultry. 
  • The Indian government is running a poultry venture capital fund scheme (pvcf) and you can apply for this scheme and can easily start your kadaknath farming business. PVCF also provides poultry farming subsidy options and one can easily avail the advantages of poultry farming subsidy by applying to it.

Marketing and promotion

Marketing and promotion is necessary for any business. Through marketing you can reach your target customers. It is necessary to make a proper kadaknath farming business plan and marketing should be placed in a higher position in this poultry business plan. 

If you have a good budget then you can go with TV ads, print ads, newspaper ads, cable operator ads, banner ads etc. You can also meet face to face with the people who are in the business of selling and purchasing eggs and flesh. You can find these people in meat markets, egg markets, restaurants, non vegetarian dhabas etc. Remember to encourage any business research work that plays a vital role in the growth of the subject.

Create livestock selling website

  • To reach more people in less time you should create a livestock farm website for your business. Once a website is established you can also add a referral system. In the referral system you have to give little commission to online professionalizes who will sell your product through promotions over their websites and other online platforms. 
  • You can also sell your products through other shopping websites where you have to give a little commission. 
  • You can create your online store free of cost and can sell your product but it takes time. 


  • You will need envelopes and a tray to pack chicken meat and eggs. 
  • You can find these packaging materials from any general shop.
  • To promote your poultry farm you can also publish your logo on the envelopes as well as on the back side of the egg trays. 
  • Purchase good quality egg trays because there is always a chance of egg breaking.

Full information kadaknath - FAQ

Information about kadaknath hen is given below 

What is the weight of male kadaknath? 

Male kadaknath weight is between 2.2 to 2.7 kg.

What is the weight of a female kadaknath chicken?

Kadaknath female hen weight is between 1.5 kg to 1.7 kg.

Kadaknath chicken chicks weight?

25 to 30 gram

Kadaknath chicken meat colour?

Kadaknath chicken meat color is grey - black. 

What is the colour of kadaknath egg?

Kadaknath egg colour is brown

What is the price of kadaknath chicken?

The minimum price of kadaknath chicken meat in India is Rs 800 per kg

What is the price of Kadaknath egg?

Kadaknath egg price in Delhi varies between Rs 20, Rs 40, Rs50 to 60. 

How long does a kadaknath chicken take to grow?

The kadaknath chicken growing period is 105 to 115 days. They gain .25 to 1.75 kg weight during this period.

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