Land preparation cost for farming tools

Land preparation cost depends on the crop for which you’re preparing it. The cost of land preparation for pineapple might be different than for ginger. This blog post will give you an idea about land preparation and cost for 1 acre. 

Land preparation cost for farming

Some agricultural equipment is required and you can purchase them according to your farm needs and budget. 

Tractor, plough, ox, weed removal tools, water cane, cutter, sack, shovel, manpower, water etc.

As per the genuine quality the standard price is given for all the above. One can select a tractor or Ox according to their preference.

  • Tractor price – Rs 2,00000.
  • Plough price – Rs 5000.
  • Sickle price – Rs 55.
  • Rake price – Rs 250.
  • Shovel price –  Rs 250.
  • Cultivator price – Rs 15,000.
  • Seed drill price – Rs 30,000.
  • Hand cultivator – Rs 90.
  • Mattock price – Rs 300.
  • Hoe – Rs 210.
  • labour cost – Rs 15,000.
  • Ox price – Rs 25,000.
  • Total cost = Rs 2,91,155.

Note – Reduce Ox or tractor price according to your farming needs. The price may vary as per the buying platform and availability in the offline market.

Agricultural tools for land preparation

Some important agriculture tools that are required during land preparation are given below.

  • Hoe – Ancient horticulture tool used to shape soil, clear soil, remove weeds and harvest root crops. 
  • Mattock – It is a hand tool used for digging pits in the land, prying and chopping. 
  • Sickle – Hand agriculture tool designed with curved blades used for cutting grass, harvesting grains and weed removal.
  • Hand cultivator – Multipurpose garden tool used for weeding, digging and losing soil. 
  • Shovel – An agricultural tool used for digging, lifting and removing bulk materials like soil, coal, gravel, snow and ore. 
  • Plough – A farm tool used for losing or turning the soil before the seeding or planting process. It is also known as plow.
  • Scythe – An agriculture hand tool for mowing grass and harvesting crops.
  • Pickaxe – A T-shaped hand tool in farming used for prying. 
  • Cultivator – An agricultural equipment used for secondary tillage.

How to prepare land for farming

After deciding on the crop you can start preparing the land accordingly. The preparation is almost similar for all crops, the method might be slightly different according to the crops. Below are steps to prepare the land preparation.

  • Select a flat land or make it a plane by using a tractor.
  • In case of uneven land consistent ploughing through tractors needs to be done after that soil preparation and correction is done. 
  • Farmers not having tractors can make a land plane by ploughing and harrowing.
  • Remove unwanted stones and small plants from your farm.
  • After making land clear planes start ploughing.
  • This time ploughing is done to prepare the soil.
  • Ploughing and harrowing is required until the soil comes to the fine tilth stage.
  • Ploughing frequency is decided according to the land size.
  • In 1 acre of land 2 or 3 time ploughing can bring the soil to the tilth fine stage.
  • On a very rough land, the ploughing frequency could be 5 or 7 times depending on the size of the land.
  • Unwanted stones and small weeds will come out during ploughing, throwing all of them out of the farm is required.
  • After ploughing, the weed removal task is done separately to ensure no weeds and tiny stones remain left.
  • The row and the bed-making process is done during the last couple of ploughing.
  • Some amount of water is used in between the whole ploughing process.
  • More water or sprinklers could be used if the land is too dry and hard.

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