I want to give my agriculture land on rent 

If you want to give your agriculture land on rent then you can post ads online which is a bit costly. Another option is to contact Kisan Seva Kendra (KVK) to give land on lease or to take government land on lease for agriculture. The information about KVK centres is given today.

I want to give my agriculture land on rent 

Kisan Seva Kendra is a government organisation available in every block of districts. These kvk centres are made by the government to help farmers and ordinary people who are connected with agriculture. The main objective of kvk centres is to provide cheap agriculture training to farmers. These trainings are provided inside kvk centres as well as in the farmer’s villages.

One can learn about mushroom farming organic farming, and livestock farming and practical classes are available for all kinds of farming. These centres are well known for growing and researching hybrid plants and crops.

Another beautiful option available in kvk centre is one can get agricultural land on rent if they don’t have sufficient land. People living in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi usually don’t have land due to more roads and highways, some plots are available but very expensive. These farmers are helpless to do roof farming in Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. These farmers can apply in kvk centres to get government land on lease for agriculture at affordable prices. 

Similarly, some people want to give their agriculture land on rent but couldn’t find the correct buyers. They can also approach KVK centres and sign a contract with the government to give their land on lease for farming. 

Kisan Vikas Kendra centers are available in every district. If you live in Bangalore and want to give your land on rent in Bengaluru then you should reach the kvk centre of your region. Documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, electricity bill, name on ration card, residential proof and passport size photographs are required to sign the contract.

Kvk centres used to give government land on rent but they might be open for people who want to give their land on rent to the government or to farmers. The benefit of giving the land on rent to KVK centres is that your rent amount starts from the contract signing date or within a few days of the signing date. Whether the government find the people who want land on lease immediately or not they are bound to pay your rent from the sign-in date. So it’s their headache to find potential customers who need agriculture land on lease for farming. 

If somehow a farmer who has taken your land from kvk centres  on lease  suddenly leaves the land in between due to financial or personal problems. In this case, you will still get the rent amount from kvk centres as per the signed contract. 

Agricultue land for lease advertisment options

land selling option is available on sites like 99 acre, housing etc but there is no facility for giving agriculture land on rent. Somehow if you find a land renting option online it would be very costly because these brokerage sites take good commission for selling and renting every piece of land.

Earlier people used to give advertisements in newspapers which are again very costly advertisements nowadays. For a small paragraph containing a few words, one has to give a minimum of Rs 15,000 for one day only which is very costly. It makes sense if 15000 is paid by a person for a banner for one year or at least 6 months but for only 1 day it is not digestible in the digital era.

We usually get emails from people asking about agriculture land on lease from government or directly from sellers/farmers. Some people asked government agriculture land on lease in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. They also show their interest in taking ordinary farmers’ land on rent. 

Both types of people need to take land on rent or rent the land on rent from the entire India. We can help you by showing your banner with your contact number, email ID and land photo with the address. You can contact us by visiting our contact us page. This will be very gentle and helpful in comparison to other advertisements like 99acre, TV and newspaper ads. 


Can I give my agriculture land on rent?

Yes, you can approach kvk centres.

How to take government land on lease?

You need to submit a photocopy of these documents such as Aadhar card, PANcard residential proof, name on ration card, electricity bill and khasra khatauni papers to Kisan Vikas Kendra center of your region.

Can I get Government agriculture land on lease in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, Kisan Vikas Kendra provides govt agriculture land on lease in Uttar Pradesh and in entire India.

Can I get agriculture land for lease in Bangalore?

Yes, visit kvk centre for signing the contract.

How to take lease of government land in India?

Some paperwork is done in the court. It is better to reach Kisan Vikas Kendra centres for in depth information they will help you in providing govt land on rent for cultivation or gardening.

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