How to take govt land on lease for agriculture

People who don’t know how to take govt land on lease for agriculture or people who want to give agriculture land on rent will get their answer in today’s blog post.

Quick Overview – KVK centres give agriculture land on lease, one can give their agriculture land on rent through KVK centres.

How to get government land for agriculture 

To get agriculture land on lease from government one needs to submit a photocopy of documents including an Aadhar card, PAN card, 5 passport-size photographs, ration card and an electricity bill. All the original documents are also required during the photocopy submission for the document verification process. You also need to fill up a form given by the officer of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Centre (KVK). 

Apart from this, you need to write an application mentioning the crop name which you will grow on the land. You need to fill in the exact crop name and their quantity. If you are planting plants, or trees then mention their name on the form and in the application as well. If you are doing multi cropping then mention the list of possible crops. The land can also be used for livestock farming. One can maintain the garden on the land and could also be used for farming purposes. Apart from agriculture, you will not get the land from kvk centres.

People facing problem to get government land for agriculture

People living in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru are helpless to grow the crop of their choice due to lack of land. They even don’t have gardens in their home and they are managing small plants in pots. It is very difficult to purchase land, especially for farming or gardening in metropolitan cities due to very expensive prices.

Some people living in rural areas don’t have land and some people have lots of land being wasted as barren land. They are not aware of giving their land on rent and also don’t know how to take govt land on lease for agriculture.

To get government land for agriculture, people need to visit Kisan Vikas Kendra (KVK).  Kisan Vikas Kendra is a government organisation from where farmers can get agricultural land from the government on lease. Not only farmers, ordinary people can also get land from govt on lease. 

No matter where you live you can get government land on lease in Uttar Pradesh,  Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. It is possible to get land on rent in India, in fact in the entire India anybody can get land on rent from the government after submitting some papers.

I want to give my agriculture land on rent

If you want to give your agriculture land on rent then you can approach KVK centres of your region. They will take land on rent from you and provide the land to a person who wants land for agriculture. You need to fill out a form and submit the land Khasra Khatauni photocopy along with your documents including your Aadhar card, electricity bill, PAN card, ration card and 3-5 passport-size photos.

About KVK centres 

KVK centres are present all over India. There are approximately 725 kvk’s throughout India.

The centres can be found in almost every district. They are available in blocks and every center covers the area of some villages and cities. They are farm science centre well known for hybrid plant research and are agriculture extension centres in India. Agriculture extension in India is known for the application of scientific research and to gain new knowledge of agriculture practices through farmer education. 

KVK centres are associated with the local agriculture university of their regions and also connected with agriculture universities of other regions. These centres serve as links between the Indian Council of Agriculture Research and give opportunities to farmers to apply agriculture research to practically localized settings. 

All Krishi Vigyan Kendra center’s fall under the jurisdiction of one of the Agriculture Technology Application Research Institution (ATARIs) in the entire India. 

People looking for fish farming training mushroom, farming training, goat, pig, hen farming training. Kadaknath farming training or any other crop farming training should approach kvk centres of their region. Divya Rawat mushroom farming training in Uttarakhand is famous but a bit costly for  people. These people can easily get mushroom training in kvk centres at very cheap prices. Kvk centres are known for all the practical training along with basic theory.  

Apart from training KVK centres are also known for providing govt land on lease for agriculture. 

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