Essay On Christmas Celebration in School

Happy Christmas day, today I am presenting an essay on Christmas celebration in school. No matter whether you are studying in 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, or 12th class this essay is for all classes and is written in very easy language.

The content covers all aspects including history, the origin of Christmas, celebration, Santa Claus, gifts, and my personal experience of school days.

Essay On Christmas Celebration in School

Christmas festival is annually celebrated on the 25th of December in honour of Jesus Christ’s birth. 25th December has been declared a holiday in all Christian countries and some non-Christian countries as well. The festival is widely celebrated worldwide with full of enthusiasm.

Primarily people look to decorate their house with Christmas materials including Christmas trees. Parents and Guardians used to surprise their children by giving them gifts. 

In school, teachers also used to give surprise gifts to their students. When I was a student studying in class fifth my science teacher Mrs. Wargis Madam used to give surprise gifts to all of us students. Just before Christmas day, she used to come to our class and used to take all the students to the ground. 

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Leaving us on the ground under the supervision of monitors, she used to come to class and put gifts in the bags of all the children. When we came back to class and started taking out books from our bags, we were overjoyed to see the gifts. 

However, I am not from a Christian family but somehow we also celebrate Christmas and used to shop and roam in the market. It shows the aura of Jesus Christ that non-Christian families are also celebrating the festival. When I was a kid my parents used to put some gifts in my socks on Christmas day and when I was wearing shoes to go out, I was overjoyed to see gifts in my socks. 

Christmas Day is well known for its decorations and Santa Claus. We all have seen Santa Claus in our schools as well. The Christmas meaning is “Feast Day of Christ” which is yearly celebrated on 25th December marking Jesus Christ’s birth.

The festival is celebrated as a cultural and religious day among people all over the world. Nations have their ways to celebrate the day. 

History Behind Christmas Day Celebration

The history of Christmas Day is very old and the first Christmas was celebrated way back in 336 A.D in Rome. Christmas played an important role in the Arien controversy of the fourth century. The Arien controversy was related to a series of Christian disputes about the nature of Christ and the dispute began between Arius and Athanasius of Alexandria.

Arius and Athanasius were two Christian theologians from Alexandria, Egypt. The controversy was about the relationship between the substance of God of the father and the substance of his son. 

The emperor Charlemagne received the crown on Christmas day. Earlier in the 17th century Christmas was banned by Puritans because of the drunkenness associated with the festival. The Oxford movement of the Anglican communication church was started around the early 1900s which led to the resurgence of Christmas. 

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Preparation Of Christmas Celebration

Most people start preparation for Christmas celebrations early so that they can enjoy the festival on the eve of Christmas day. Christmas preparation involves a lot of activities including food, shopping, gifts, music, tree decoration, home decoration, etc. Christmas is also a festival of surprise gifts and people usually buy decorations, cakes, food, and gifts for their children. 

Christmas tree decoration with lighting is one of the common and traditional decorations. The living places are also decorated for the day. It is said that the Christmas tree has positive wives and it brings positivity to the atmosphere and in the home. 

Gifts are packed under the Christmas tree in beautiful packing papers. Gift boxes are not opened until Christmas Day. Churchs are also decorated, and songs and skits are performed on Christmas day. As per the choice, families also plan to travel together on the eve of the day.

Cards are also returning on this day with a happy holiday message to family and friends. Turkey is well known for its traditional venue on Christmas Day Eve.

Homemade traditional cakes, plums, and muffins are the special items on this festival day. New dresses and lots of presents are distributed among the kids. A person in a red and white fluffy uniform acting as Santa becomes the attraction of the day.

Santa Claus used to give lots of gifts to kids on this day. The craze of Santa Claus dress reaches its peak during the Christmas festival.

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