Caterpillar fungus cultivation | keeda jadi farming training in India

Hello farmers today we will draw your attention towards a unique type of cultivation that is not performed by most of the farmers. We are talking about  keeda Jadi farming. Keeda jadi in english is known as caterpillar fungus

Caterpillar fungus mushroom

Caterpillar fungus belongs to the Ophiocordyceps family and cordyceps genus. It is a fungus (entomopathogenic fungus) that grows on insects. It is mostly found above 3500 meters (11483 feet) on Tibetan Plateau, himalayan regions of Bhutan and Nepal. It is known as yarcha gumba in Nepali language and keeda jadi in hindi language. It is also known as ophiocordyceps sinensis and it is classified as a medicinal mushroom. Fruiting bodies of the fungus are not yet cultivated commercially but the mycelium form can be cultivated.

What is Keeda jadi

Keeda jadi is a type of fungus or mushroom full of medicinal properties. It grows automatically in hilly areas, when snow melts the people of hill areas usually collect these caterpillars and dry them out, however it is a difficult job to search for these caterpillars. 

Cordycepin is the element that is found inside the caterpillar fungus due to which instant energy and stamina are formed.   

Cep in cordycepin means that which grows in natural condition comes out from the head of the worm.

Common names of keeda jadi

  • In Tibet it is known as Yarja gunbu, summer grass winter bug. The name was given by Tibetian doctor Zurkhar Namnyi Dorje in the 18 century. 
  • In Nepali it is known as yarsagumba, yarchagumba or yarsagumba.
  • In Bhutan it is known as yartsa guenboob.
  • In India it is known as keera jhar, keeda ghas, keeda jadi
  • It is known as ghas fafoond in Nepali, Hindi and Garhwali.

Keeda jadi price in India

Keeda jadi 1 kg price

  • In India the price of keeda jadi is between 2 - 3 lakh per kg while selling it abroad the caterpillar fungus price per kg Rs 10 lakh to 15 lakh. 
  • Keeda jadi mushroom price (dried) - Out of India the price is nearly 60 lakh per kg
  • The keeda jadi found in himalayas is most precious and valuable.  
  • Keeda jadi rate in retail 30 gram keeda jadi is of Rs 9000 

Why keeda jadi is so expensive

  • Kirajadi has high demand in markets due to lots of medicinal properties such as protein, peptides, amino acid Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 etc. Keeda Jadi provides instant energy, while international matches players use to take such medicines that gives them instant energy and that medicine contains cordycepin. 
  • The price of keeda jadi depends on the cordycepin level of the keeda jadi. More cordycepin in keeda jadi will enhance the price of it.
  • Keeda jadi is also known as life saving medicine it is used for lung treatment, kidney treatment and in other crucial treatments. it is also known as Himalayan Viagra because it is believed that it can improve the sex power as well. 

Caterpillar fungus grow

A kind of fungus gets on the caterpillar and that fungus deposits the worm there and the plant comes out from inside the worm. As it happens in the mushroom, the mushroom grows itself on the top of anything. Keeda jadi is the mixture of caterpillar and fungus. You will recognize it because half of it is like a caterpillar and half is like a pepper stick. 

Till now caterpillar fungus was not cultivated in our country but Divya Rawat from Uttarakhand also known as mushroom girl is doing the cultivation of caterpillar fungus and earning in crores she is also brand ambassador of mushroom Uttarakhand. Divya Rawat is the first person who started caterpillar fungus mushroom cultivation in India. Before this no one had cultivated caterpillar fungus in a protected environment, it used to grow only in the natural environment. Divya does its business along with its cultivation and also gives caterpillar fungus training to the people.

According to Divya there are more than 400 species of keeda jadi and Divya grows military species of caterpillar fungus through liquid spawn. Military keeda jadi takes 60 to 70 days to get ready. 

How to grow keeda jadi in lab

In the lab an environment like Himalaya has to be created where there is no pollution in the environment then caterpillar fungus is born. 

  • For better results 10 mg per gram minimum cordycepin is must in keeda jadi, it means it is around 1 percent active compound and 1 % active compound is good for the human body. However, according to divya rawat she is capable of growing 1.5 mg cordycepin per gram.  
  • Lab should consist of a sufficient number of air conditioners and racks. 0.2 micron filters are required to filter the air. In caterpillar fungus cultivation liquid spawn is created through tissue culture process and it takes 60 to 70 days to get ready. 
  • Keeda jadi lab cost - all the above expenditures are very expensive and some more hitech machines are involved in the lab so it will cost nearly 80 lakhs to 1 crore to develop a hi-tech keeda jadi lab.

Keeda jadi cultivation temperature

You need to maintain 18° to 22° C temperature in caterpillar fungus cultivation.

Keeda jadi mushroom training

Earlier keeda jadi was known for only natural growing but mushroom lady Divya Rawat has proved that keeda jadi can be grown like other vegetables but for that you have to take keeda jadi training because it needs a special atmosphere. 

If you are searching for keeda jadi training centre then you can contact the below given number along with email id. You can enquire about keeda jadi farming training details including residence, cost etc. 

The number belongs to mushroom girl Divya Rawat who is running a training centre. The credit of first caterpillar fungus farming in India goes to Divya Rawat.

Divya rawat keeda jadi contact number

Health benefits of keeda jadi

There are tremendous health benefits of caterpillar fungus and  some of them are given below :

  1. Mushrooms can be classified in three types such as normal mushroom, medicinal mushroom and super mushroom. Keeda jadi falls in the category of super mushroom.
  2. Super mushroom provides instant energy and keeda jadi is a super mushroom
  3. Caterpillar fungus contains cordycepin and only one gram consumption of it can increase energy level instantly. 
  4. It is useful in kidney treatment
  5. it helps to prevent skin infections
  6. It provides better options in HIV treatment 
  7. Keeda jadi is used in detoxification 
  8. It enhances sexual power.
  9. Caterpillar fungus mushroom provides instant relief. 
  10. Where the medicines fail to provide sufficient treatment keeda jadi can work efficiently
  11. Cordycepin increases the endurance 
  12. It is good for the respiratory system. 
  13. In liver treatment cordycepin is more helpful.
  14. It maintains energy levels for a long period and long term.

caterpillar fungus FAQ

some of the questions related caterpillar fungus or keeda jadi are given below

What will happen in keeda jadi training centre?

  • In the caterpillar farming training centre you will get  20% theoretical plus  80% practical knowledge. 
  • In the training you will be taught about cordycepin levels. 
  • Training schedule - 2 day workshop will be conducted in which you will gain mostly practical knowledge 
  • In the workshop they will also teach you how to produce keeda jadi along with keeda jadi culture, spawn 
  • Keeda jadi workshop cost for 2 days is Rs 25,000 
  • You will get a test tube culture of Rs 20,000 free of cost in the workshop.  

How to eat caterpillar fungus?

Caterpillar fungus or keeda jadi can be consumed along with milk, tea, water and it is also consumed as powder.

Where is keeda jadi found?

It Is found in a high altitude region such as Tibetan Plateau, himalayan regions of Bhutan and Nepal. In India it is found in Chamoli garhwal, Pithoragarh etc. There are more than 400 types of caterpillar fungus and they are found according to the temperature of the region. 

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