How to grow madhumalti plant from cutting

Madhumati is fast growing decorative ornamental plant and is easy to grow and maintain plants.

It is a creeper plant and as a creeper, this plant requires climbing help to climb and spread its vine. Madhumalti flowers and leaves both can change their colour into red, green, pink and white. The madhumalti flowers turn into reddish dark reddish colours while reaching maturity level. 

Madhumalti plant growing needs

Sunlight – This fast-growing plant needs good sunlight to thrive best. However, it can also tolerate shade.

Temperature – The temperature for the plant should be between 20° to 40° celsius. The preferable and best temperature for the plant is above 30°C. If the temperature goes beyond or below 20°C to 30°C the leaves may start getting shattered and falling down. In the cold season, this plant might drop all its leaves as well.

In the winter season, madhumalti plant flowering not occurs instead more care is required for the plant so that it can sustain itself. Spring is the most preferable season for this plant and it blooms lots of colourful flowers in this season.

In Asian countries, this flower requires high humidity and the monsoon season helps in the leaf growth of the plant. Madhumati plant flowering season begins in the summer. It grows well on the top due to vertical support.

Soil requirement – Madhumalti can easily grow in a wide range of soil so just relax.

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Fertilizer requirement – One should add fertilizer to the soil before the spring season. Madhumalti plant does not need regular fertilizer but it needs fertilizer once a year so schedules the fertilizer timing before spring every year. You can use vermicompost fertilizer before spring because spring is the grooming period for the plant.

Using a very high nitrogen-based fertilizer will lead to only leaf growth and the plant will not grow flowers. Therefore you should use a fertilizer which has more phosphorus.

Water requirements – This flowering plant needs a good amount of water frequently every day. Direct sunlight can absorb the water from the plant very quickly so you should give water to this plant on a regular basis. Avoid watering after sunset in late evenings instead early morning watering is the best time to water your plants, especially water-demanding plants such as madhumalti plants. 


Pruning is also a very important part of the plant when it comes to maintaining this plant. During the months of January and February apply deep pruning to this beautiful colourful plant. Remove all the side branches and remain the main branch for another month. 

How to grow madhumalti plant from cutting

Madhumalti can be propagated through stem cutting. You should use the stem cutting of 15 to 20 cm trip from the lower leaf and then drip it in rooting hormones. For propagation these plants do very well in rooting hormones, it is required to develop roots. Then put them in the soil soon you will see roots coming out and new leaves coming out of them. Later you can place the plant in the bigger pot, 15 inch pot will be good enough.

Insects solutions

Insects like aphids and caterpillars are the major problem for this plant. Please apply neem oil spray at regular intervals to get rid of these insects. Actually, the plant leaves are very close to each other therefore there is a very higher chance to vulnerable to insects. If your plants are not flowering you should just wait for spring and add a good fertilizer to them. 


How to get rid of insects, aphids and caterpillars in madhumalti plant?

To kill insects you should use neem oil or soap solution.

How to make my plant grow?

Provide water and a sufficient amount of needed fertilizer to grow it.

What does madhumalti growth rate?

Madhumalti is a fast-growing plant. It needs only 15 to 20 days to emerge new shoots and leaves from the cuttings.

My plant is not growing what is the reason?

The madhumalti plant also blooms sometimes in outer springs and outer summers and if your plant is not blooming in outer summers then it is completely ok because in India temperature and humidity change in every region. 

What is the temperature required for growing madhumalti?

30°C to 35° C is the ideal temperature for madhumalti plant.

How much water do madhumalti plants need?

This plant needs a good amount of water and you should provide frequent water per day early morning will be the most suitable time for watering madhumalti plant.

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