Why Kisan Andolan started again 2024 in India  

It was one of the biggest farmers’ protests in Delhi that stopped on 19 November 2021 after 3 farm laws were scrapped officially by the central government. However, the movement was stopped but farmers were not satisfied completely. Farmers want the government to make a genuine rule on MSP. 

Quick notes – After creating a committee during the 2021 protest the central government has assured farmers that they will think about the MSP law. The law was not created yet and farmers were feeling cheated hence farmers protested in India again in 2024 just before the Lok Sabha election. 

Kisan Aandolan in India 2024

2024 Lok Sabha elections are on the way and according to Kisan’s point of view, this is the right time to pressure the government to make a law on MSP. Farmers from Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh are moving to Delhi. We have seen earlier how this moment affected the whole of India. Transport was disturbed vegetables, other crops, and other important products were not reaching their destination at a time resulting in an inflation increase. 

This is a masterstroke from the farmers to make the central government pass the MSP bill. 

In 2024 the farmer protest again is happening due to no law on MSP. MSP denotes the minimum support price of crops. Now let’s understand what is the current MSP, what MSP law farmers are demanding, and why the government is not able to make a law on MSP of crops. It is also necessary to understand if farmers’ demand is right for the (MSP) minimum support price law. If yes then what is troubling the government to pass the bill?

Market selling price meaning MSP in farming

The minimum support price is the price of the crop at which the government buys the crop from the farmers. No matter how low the market price is. In this way, farmers want to secure themselves. 

Why Kisan Andolan started again 2024 in India

If a farmer grows 250 quintals of rice on his farm and sells it at Rs 50/kg. Somehow demand decreases in the market and the rate goes down. Now farmers are forced to sell the rice at Rs 25/kg or lower price to the government or anyone because there is no minimum support price bill yet.

So, farmers cannot claim the loss to the government and are helpless to face the loss in agriculture. This is why they are protesting to make a minimum support price law to overcome and reduce the loss. 

Now look at the MSP law benefit from a farmers’ angle. If the MSP law is created and the minimum support price for rice is fixed Rs 41 then in case of low demand and market price decrease the farmer will face only 9 Rupees loss which is worth it.

By seeing the law from the government’s point of view they have to purchase crops from the farmers at lower prices which may increase their budget burden. Crop demands are not in government hands and the demand may decrease and increase every year resulting in price changes. 

Let’s see the MSP law from a separate point of view. It is good to have a minimum support price because it will strengthen the farmers. It will give farmers new energy which may result in the opportunity or foundation of the New Green Revolution.

In case of government burden they have to manage it and can manage and arrange the funds by reducing their advertisement cost, extra unwanted facility cost to ministers, etc. 

India is called Krishi Pradhan Desh (farmers country) and the sad truth is that farmers are not able to contribute the correct ratio in GDP. This is because they are not getting enough support from the government. There are lots of schemes but the real truth is farmers do not get the benefits of those schemes and most scheme benefits are on paper only. 

Banks do not trust small farmers to give them loans or subsidies on a large scale; they often give subsidies and loans to large and rich farmers which is not worth it.

This is just the beginning of a new revolution or new era for farmers. There are a lot more things that need to be changed to get enough contribution in TAX from farmers to increase the GDP of the country. 

Today banking sectors are contributing a lot more to India’s GDP which is very sad because 60% to 70% of people are dependent on agriculture and agriculture is contributing very little to banking sectors.

This is a big loop in our government policy therefore in comparison the Indian rupee dollar is increasing day by day and the government is appreciating their own back for previous works.


What is the reason for kisan andolan?

Farmers want MSP law and MSP law is still not created after the commitment in 2021 by the central government. So farmers’ protests started again in India in 2024.

Why kisan andolan in 2024?

Farmer started Kisan Aandolan again in the favour of MSP law.

What is MSP law in farming?

MSP means the minimum selling price of the crop. Farmers want a law for minimum selling price for their crops to get rid of big losses due to unwanted price decreases of the crop.

Where is the farmer protest taking place?

Farmers are protesting in India’s capital Delhi for MSP law.

What is the full form of MSP in farming?

Minimum Selling Price.

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