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Rose farming profit per acre in the USA might be around $23650. It is an estimated profit after deducting the cost. Rose farming project report along with a free PDF is given in this blog post.

Quick Overview – Rose farming profit per acre USA $23650.

Rose farming

Growing rose flowers is a profitable business because every part of roses is sellable. Its leaves, stems and petals are used in the medical sector. Rose petals are used in the perfume industry on a large scale to make fragrant perfumes, deodorants and cents. This beautiful flower is also used in the cosmetic industry for making cream and other makeup products. 

Rose water is very popular and used for face rubbing and clearing it is used in the medical industry for eyes and face treatment. Rose bunches are purchased by people as a gift to colleagues, friends and family. These are decorated flowers and are used in birthday parties, celebrations weddings etc. These flowers are used in worship also. It is one of the most demanding flowers in the entire world and its wide use makes this flower costly.

Rose Farming Project Report PDF

The project report containing cost and profit is shared below.

Cost per acre

  • 1 Rose price = 0.18 USD.
  • Rose plants per acre = 30,000 plants.
  • Flower cost = $0.18 x 30,000 plants = $5400. 
  • Land preparation cost = $180.
  • Irrigation cost = $300.
  • Fertilizer cost = $80.
  • Labour cost = $180.
  • Plant protection charges = $80.
  • Miscellaneous cost = $130.
  • Total cost = $6350.

Rose profit per acre

  • 1 rose flower price = $0.060 to $0.26.
  • 1 plant produce = 18 to 22  flowers.
  • Rose yield per acre = Multiply the average 18 flowers by 30,000 plants.
  • Yield 1 acre = 18 flowers x 30,000 plants = 5,40,000 flowers.
  • Suppose 30,000 flowers collapse and 5,10,000 flowers are left.
  • Profit = Multiply the average rose price with the total yield.
  • Profit = $0.060 x 5,10,000 flowers = $30,000.
  • Net Profit = Cost ($6350) – Profit ($30,000).
  • Net Profit = $23650.

Rose bunches for sale

A collection of rose flowers with long thin stems along with some leaves is known as rose bunches. It is a mega business to sell 5 to 10 flowers in a bunch as a bookie. People often purchase these bunches to decorate houses to give a gift to their well-being. In rose farming in Manchester (US) farmers produce 100 bunches daily but it is not compulsory and depends on good practices. With decent practices, one can produce 15 to 25 bunches daily.  

Brand building and awareness for Rose business

Selling Rose punches in America is a huge business and lots of people are doing the same.  One can easily start this business in the USA without any legal difficulties. A person must create a brand value to scale this business in the entire USA. For creating and scaling brand awareness it is necessary to have an online presence.

Without a website, it is almost impossible to win the trust of people or customers. YouTube videos can be added to the websites for loyal audiences. Websites are the place where you can insert Instagram reels and other social media posts in an organized way. On websites, a person can manage and organise all data professionally.

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Is rose farming profitable 

Every part of roses is used in various sectors including incense making, sprays, cosmetics, Fertilizers, decorations, worship, ayurveda and scientific disease treatment. This colourful fragrant plant is used worldwide in multiple sectors because of huge demand all over the world. When demand is high then profit margins are also higher. 

If you are a beginner it is recommended to practice rose farming in your garden backyard because this flower doesn’t need much space. It needs good care and regular spraying.  Maintain a tight spray schedule because these flowers need to be sprayed every next day with a tight schedule to get rid of disease and insects. You must read this wonderful proven guide to successfully grow roses in your backyard. 

This decorative flower plant needs only 4 to 5 months to mature, it is one of the best fast growing flowers with a high selling price.

Dutch roses can be used for selling in bunches. They are sold as a gift item to mostly young people. Dutch roses contain long stems and don’t have fragrance like other roses. 

Best practices 

Soil – Soil with a good water drainage system, 6 to 7.5 pH is good, avoid red and black soil.

Temperature – Rose wine can tolerate height and pictures, avoid growing them in humid climates, 15°C to 28°C is ideal, sowing temperature 25°C to 30°C.

Rose plants per acre – 30,000 plants can be planted.

Rose yield per acre – 5,40,000 flowers. 

Water – Double line drip with 16 mm pipe is good for efficient irrigation in rose cultivation. 

Pruning months – Winters and early october are recommended for pruning this fragrant plant.

Conclusion – So this was the post about rose farming cost and profit. The project report PDF can be downloaded by anyone free here. Brand awareness and best practices were also shared here.

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