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In today's post we have given information about soil testing, soil testing machines and we have also explained some features of soil testing machine for agriculture.  Pusa soil testing machine price in India including pusa digital stfr meter price with contact numbers are given in this post. Links to reach soil test labs, soil health card scheme central sector also shared. 

Why soil testing is necessary

Soil testing is one of the most important aspects in agriculture. Whether it is tomato farming in Karnataka, guava farming in USA, Custard apple cultivation in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana or growing ginger in New England. Either it is fruit farming, vegetable farming or rich farmer tree plantation, soil testing is necessary in the total agriculture and farming sector. 

Earlier farmers were not that much vigilant but today at the end of 2021 we can say farmers became more unwinking and they are performing regular soil test practical exercises before starting any cultivation. In simple words we can say now farmers are understanding the importance of soil testing during various cultivation practices.

Understand the importance of soil testing in cultivation in this example - when we fall ill we go to the doctor where the doctor examines our blood. And on the basis of this blood test, the doctor gives us medicine.  The doctor tries to test what is lacking inside our body or what kind of disease is there and on the basis of his examination, the doctor gives us medicine. Similarly, before finding any crop, it is necessary for farmers to know what is lacking inside the soil and which element is more in the soil. Just as it is necessary to get your body’s blood tested, it is equally important to get the soil tested.  

If the health of the soil is not correct then you might not get good results even after doing cultivation in good manner so it becomes more necessary to first correct the health of the soil and then do the cultivation with full energy and traditional plus modern techniques. 

This is why the importance of soil testing becomes more important and soil testing machines related to soil testing become much more important and plays a vital role in the agriculture sector.

Soil is such a basis in agriculture, until the health of the soil is not correct then the health of the crops will not be as good.

Soil testing places near me

In today's agriculture Era most farmers are more vigilant and advanced. They use soil testing before each and every cultivation in various government soil testing labs or private soil testing labs in India. 

To find a soil testing laboratory near your location you should visit this government website https://farmer.gov.in and the front page will open as a farmers portal. As this farmer website ends with gov.in that meaning it is a government website. Always remember the government website carries .gov.in for India and it is a top level government domain. 

Pusa stfr meter kit price

Pusa STFR meter kit is developed by Pusa ICAR-IARAI, located in New Delhi. To confirm Pusa STFR meter kit price you can contact the below given contact number.

Pusa agricom number - 1800 - 11 - 8989 (Toll free)

Pusa helpline number - 011 - 25841670

STFR meter kit price

According to Wazir Singh Dahiya they have developed the STFR meter kit under the guidelines of Pusa STFR meter kit which will be somewhere similar to the Pusa soil testing kit. 

Stfr metre kit price falls under 2 modals 

Soil test kit price - Rs 30,000

Soit tester price - Rs 45,000 (including thermal printer)

Through a soil tester of Rs 45,000 farmer can issue the soil health card directly.

Soil test training centre

According to Wazir Singh Dahiya their company provides 2 days soil test training free of cost to those farmers who will purchase soil test metre kits from them.

Soil testing time

Machine requires 1.30 to 2 hours for soil testing and in this time period it can test 5 samples.

STFR soil testing meter features

India has nearly 1200 soil test Laboratories and it is difficult for farmers to go to the laboratories twice for soil testing purposes. Moreover, these laboratories are not located near these farmers or not in reach of most farmers. In this scenario soil ph test device can play a major role while testing soil. 

Through soil test devices farmers can test the soil in their villages itself. Nitrogen is detected from organic carbon by this device. STFR soil tester is also capable of detecting phosphorus, zinc, potassium, boron, Sulphur electrical conductivity (EC), soil pH, lime requirement, gypsum requirement etc. This device is capable of calculating the content  percentage of npk and other elements in the soil. 

This device will also help to give the figure of fertilizer that is required for the cultivation which you are going to start. Earlier farmers have been giving fertilizers and manure to their farm on the guess basis which is also leading in bad crop yield because sometimes farmers use to give potash in more quantity for such crops that are demanding nitrogen or phosphorus in more quantity but due to unawareness or due to no soil test, farmers were doing this mistake. 

STFR meter kit contains the quality of guiding farmers about the fixed ratio of npk or other elements which is required for wheat cultivation, maize cultivation or any other cultivation. By applying the calculated and only needed fertilizer farmers can reduce the input cost. 

It is recommended to ensure soil tests before any crop cultivation. You can use any soil tester that you believe or any soil test laboratory of   your choice to test soil ph. Our purpose is to wake up your mind for soil testing Before any cultivation including commercial cultivation of aloe vera or any other crop, herb, flower etc.

STFR meter kit drawback

The STFR soil testing device is not able to test the wet soil. So, it becomes more challenging for farmers to test their soils during the rainy season. However, farmers can test the wet soil after drying it in the shades but make sure no humidity remains in the soil. Don't dry the soil in the sunlight, it is necessary to dry out the soil in a shade area.


Bad agricultural practices

Due to lack of knowledge when farmers used to give more urea, nitrogen phosphorus or any other element that is required for soil or crop. Because plants or crop will intake only the needed nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc or potash and rest they will avoid which will dissolve in the land and it is not good for the health of the soil, extra nitrogen will mix with air which is again not good for environment health and also these are wastage of money. 

Providing your land with fewer fertilizers may result in low yield and providing your crop with extra fertilizers can also result in less yield as well as bad results for environment and soil health. So it is necessary to make a balance between less and more by calculating exact fertilizer and also by implementing soil tests. We also recommend you to apply for the soil health card scheme. 

Best soil test meter

The price of a soil test machine is between Rs 30,000 to 45000 which is difficult for every farmer to purchase. What farmers can do is collaborate with each other and contribute an equal amount of money to purchase soil test device. 

Jobs opportunities for soil testing

It can certainly produce a job opportunity mostly in a village area where a person or farmer can purchase soil testing machine and can give the facility of soil testing to his own village farmers and nearby village farmers. Generally, village farmers use to go to the district soil test lab which takes a long time and money. Also while applying for soil test at district level farmers need to go 2 times  because after soil test they have been called  again after 10 to 14 days to pick the report, at the same time sftr machine is capable of generating the report within 2 hours.

Soil testing information FAQ

What is the full form of ICAR?

ICAR stands for Indian Council of Agricultural Research. ICAR is related to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. 

For which soil lime is required?

Lime requirement is necessary for acidic soil.

For which soil gypsum is required?

For alkaline soil gypsum requirement is necessary. 

How to apply for soil health card scheme

You can apply for a soil health card scheme with the help of a soil health card website that is http://soilhealth.dac.gov.in or mobile app. After entering the soil health card government website you will find four important sections in the soil health card sample registration form including  farmer details, land details, soil details and fertilizer details. You need to complete the soil health card sample registration form by filling all the relevant information. 

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