How much time poplar tree take to grow 

Poplar is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Although it is not the costliest tree, its growing time is fast and farmers are already gaining profit by doing poplar cultivation in India. This blog post is all about the hybrid poplar variety that takes only 3.5 years to mature.

Quick notes – Hybrid poplar tree growing time is 3.5 years to 4 years only.

In comparison to mahogany, agarwood and sandalwood poplar trees are less costly but at the same time, they grow for almost half the period of these trees. 

How much time poplar tree take to grow

Mahogany tree takes 10 to 12 years to mature, Agarwood tree needs 8 to 10 years and Sandalwood trees can be harvested after 12 to 15 years. These all are on the list of expensive trees in India and the world as well. In comparison to these trees selling poplar is a bit cheaper but at the same time poplar tree growth rate is much faster. 

110 is the hybrid poplar variety that needs only 3.5 years to 4 years to mature. A 10 to 12-month-old plant is planted in the farm and after planting it takes 3.5 years to grow mature.  Technically this species needs 4.5 years to mature. 

While planting a 1-year-old plant on the farm needs only 3.5 years from the planting period. A 10-month to 1-year-old plant is prepared in the nursery and after that planted in the main field. Thus the hybrid poplar tree (110 variety) needs only 3.5 years to 4 years to get ready for harvesting.

Not only 110 varieties, but some other varieties like 109 also need 3.5 to 4 years to mature. You can check out the YouTube video in which I have shown how farmers are growing this hybrid variety and harvesting it only in 3.5 years. 

Poplar tree rate diameter height after 3.5 years 

A 10-month to 1 year old plant is prepared in the nursery after that it is transferred to the farm. While planting on the farm there will be hardly any leaves and branches on the plant; it looks like a straight tall thin pipe. 1 year later from the plantation, you will notice the tree branches along with some leaves are grown from the top and the height might be around 18 to 22 feet or more depending on the growth. 

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Popular tree height after 3.5 years would be around 65 feet to 75 feet with 30 to 35 inches diameter depending on the growth of the tree. Farmers in Uttarakhand are already growing the 110 hybrid variety popular trees with the spacing of 12 x 12 and 15 x 15 feet and making the trees grow 65 to 75 feet tall in 3.5 years. Good spacing is the key to better health and fast growth of the tree.

Reason for fast growth of poplar tree

110 is the hybrid variety therefore branches and leaves occur only at the top portion of the tree. In the normal variety, you will see more branches and more leaves in comparison to the hybrid variety. Normal variety branches and leaves thrive from the lower portion to the upper portion resulting in a slow growth rate due to nutrient dividation to more branches and leaves.

Hybrid variety grows fast and tall with fewer branches and fewer leaves on the top portion only. 

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Due to no unwanted branches and fewer leaves the tree divides the nutrients into the needed part only. The tree stem and the whole part get sufficient nutrients resulting in fast growth and tall height with good weight.

Hybrid vs normal poplar tree growth

Hybrid variety

  • Grow mature in 3.5 years to 4 years.
  • Fewer leaves and fewer branches.
  • Few leaves and branches thrive from the top portion of the tree.
  • The nutrient is divided into the main parts including the stem and a few branches resulting in a fast growth rate of a poplar tree.

Normal variety

  • Needs 5 to 6 years from the plantation. 
  • More leaves and unwanted branches.
  • Leaves and branches thrive from the bottom to the top portion of the tree.
  • Nutrient is divided into all unwanted stems and branches resulting in a slow growth rate.

Tips to grow trees faster

To grow a Popular tree faster you should plant sugarcane in the farm in the first year. The sugarcane has juice that suits popular trees and makes them grow healthy and fast.

Poplar tree in India

In India, poplar tree plantation is mostly done in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Haryana and in the north Indian region.

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