Cardamom yield per acre per plant 

In 1 acre of land, 1400 kg of cardamom can be obtained in the 4th year from 700 plants. This post will guide you about 1 acre and per plant production of this herb that is also used in spices. 

Quick Overview – 1 acre yield is 1400 kg and 1 plant can produce 2 kg of fruits by the 4th year.

Ilayachi plant grows well in shade so it is good to plant them in between some trees. Caring is the biggest challenge for this plant because small insects and pests can damage the whole plant easily. So it is necessary to use the pesticide on a regular basis. Giving preference to organic farming you can use chaanch with some neem leaves as a spray mixture and spray it on your plants on a weekly basis. 

It sounds interesting therefore I want to share with you a 4-year-old organic plant that delivers up to 2 kg per plant but people use chemicals to produce 3 to 5 kg per plant as well.

Project Report

Cost per acre

Planting material cost – A single cardamom sapling price varies between Rs 10 to Rs 150  according to the variety. Let’s take Rs 25 as an average price if you are planting 1000 plants on one-acre land. Then Rs 25 x 1000 plants = Rs 25000.

Land preparation cost – To prepare 1 acre of land you need at least one or two labours who can perform the ploughing, digging and planting activities. For all these exercises one needs to invest at least Rs 25,000. 

Irrigation and electricity cost – A good amount of water is required for this herbaceous plant to thrive at its best. Therefore on 1-acre investment of Rs 15,000 is required. 

Do you knowhow to grow cardamom at home

Manure and fertilizer cost – One should apply cow dung as a fertilizer to maintain the originality of the crop. Try to avoid chemicals at least for herb plants if you will apply chemicals to herb plants then they will lose their originality. This plant needs a good amount of manure and fertilizer and for that one has to invest Rs 15000 to Rs 20,000.

Labour charges – Labours are required during ground preparation, planting, weed removal and harvesting time. Labour prices may differ according to the region on average Rs 25,000 is required.

Miscellaneous cost – During the planning of any cultivation farmers often mistress and add only the given amount. One should always keep some extra amount as a miscellaneous cost that can be used during extra needs or services. You can add this amount as per your budget plan I suggest you keep at least Rs 10,000 untouched for immediate requirements.

Total cost = To get the total cost add the below-given details.

  • Rs 25000 (Planting material cost). 
  • Rs 25,000 (Land preparation cost). 
  • Rs 15,000 (Irrigation and electricity cost). 
  • Rs 15,000 (Manure and fertilizer cost).  
  • Rs 25,000 (Labour charges).  
  • Rs 10,000 (Miscellaneous cost). 
  • Total cost = Rs 115000.

Cardamom farming profit per acre 

Cardamom yield per acre

After getting an idea of the cost now let’s calculate the estimated profit. 

In the first year cardamom tree will hardly produce any fruit. With good farm exercises, one can achieve 2 to 5 kg of cardamom per plant in the 4th year. Because it is tough to take care of them if out of 1000 plants, only 700 plants are left in good condition in the 4th year. Then to get the yield per acre multiply 700 plants x 2 kg = 1400 kg. 


To get the profit first we should know the price of the crop which is given below and after that multiply the total production by the price.

Cardamom price per kg varies between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 or more depending on the variety, market and availability. Let’s assume the price is Rs 1000 per kg. 

  • Profit = 1400 kg x Rs 1000 = Rs 1400000.
  • Net Profit = Total cost – Profit.
  • Net Profit = Rs 115000 – Rs 1400000.
  • Net Profit = Rs 12,85,000.


What is the cardamom yield per acre?

One can achieve a net profit of Rs 12,85,000 from 4th year.

What is the cardamom yield per plant?

2 kg to 5 kg of elaichi per plant.

How many cardamom plants per acre should I plant?

500 to 1000 plants according to the spacing.

What is the lifespan of the cardamom plant?

10 to 15 years.

What is the challenge in cardamom farming?

Caring for the plant is the biggest challenge in this cultivation.

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