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Mahogany is the best tree to grow for profit in India. It is easy to grow one of the most expensive trees in India. Yes, growing mahogany is easier than sandalwood, peach tree, maple tree, African blackwood, Dalbergia, agarwood, pink ivory, diospyros ebenum, ebony, and lignum vitae, etc. This blog post tells you about mahogany and some other trees to grow for profit.

Quick notes – Mahogany is the best tree to grow for profit, it is easy growing tree that needs less care, and less water, and grows in most regions in India.

Best tree to grow for profit in India

Tree farming is often avoided by Indian farmers which should not be done to gain a good profit in the long term. Mahogany stands in the top five positions in the list of most costly trees in India. You can search on the internet and also visit our previous blog post by using the search option. There is enough information about this tree on our website (STN) to overcome your doubts about whether mahogany is expensive or not. 

The mahogany tree price is attracting people and most are growing it as an investment for the future.

Once you decide to grow mahogany tree you can start its cultivation. Before starting cultivation one should know the growing zone, best variety, profit margin, growing period, selling options mahogany uses, etc.

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Easiest tree to grow 

One thing that attracted me to the tree is it is one of the easy growing trees that hardly demands any care and effort from the farmer. 

Less care less water

The tree needs less care, less water, and less fertilizer in comparison to other trees. It needs care for the initial 2 years and after that it hardly demands any care. It is just like a kid that needs support for a couple of years and after that starts walking on their own feet.

The tree has nutrient-rich leaves a bit similar to neem trees which fall with time and self-fertilize. In the beginning, it needs water in a 15 day interval. After a couple of years, it needs water once a month only, and in the rainy season, no water is needed.

Climate adaptive 

It is a climate-friendly tree. Mahogany trees can easily grow anywhere in India and also in most parts of the world. One can grow mahogany trees in hills, plain areas, humid regions, rainfall regions, and hot and dry regions. 

Growing zone

Mahogany can be grown from North India to South India, East India to West India meaning you can grow maogani all over India. People are already growing mahogany in different locations of India including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Asam, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh etc.

Best Variety

Before starting the cultivation you should research the best variety and African mahogani is the best variety of mahogany trees. In India, there are two varieties of desi and African desi varieties need 25 years to mature whereas African mahogany harvesting time is 10 to 12 years only.

Buy original saplings

Due to high demand in the last 3 to 3.5 years, some people started selling duplicate saplings, maybe desi varieties which take 25 years to mature. Be careful while purchasing the sapling and try to buy it from your trustworthy nursery. When buying online one must buy it from a trusted source such as manvsgreen which sells the plants in bulk only.

Growing period

African mahogany tree growing time is 10 years to 15 years whereas desi maogani needs 25 years to mature so be careful during sapling purchase. I am reminding you again because some people were already fooled by sellers.  

Harvesting time 

Farmers are harvesting the mahogany tree after 10 years, to get better results one should wait for 12 to 15 years. This tree does not sell for its weight, instead, it sells on its diameter, to get a good price the tree’s girth should be good enough.

Where to sell wood after harvesting

You can easily sell the wood in the wood market after harvesting. Every city contains a wood market in India and Yamunanagar is the biggest wood market in India located on the border of Haryana. You can either sell mahogany wood in your city’s wood market if not then sell it at Yamunanagar wood market. 

If you don’t want to take the headache of harvesting, loading, and transporting it to the wood market then tie up with a contractor who does this kind of work. These people are available in every city and they may reach your farms on their own once your trees grow mature. 


You might be wondering why mahogany is expensive. Its uses in multiple sectors made the wood costly. The mahogany wood is preferably used for making ship decks and boats due to rot resistance capacity. It is a tone wood and is used in making musical instruments such as guitars, guitar necks, etc. This timber tree is used for making high-class costly furniture that looks reddish brown and has a natural shine. It is also used in the perfume and medical sectors. 

Mahogany tree price hike reason

Mahogany tree price is high, its wide use makes the timber demanding. The biggest reason behind its high price is the demand is high and supply is low. It is an endangered tree and most people are not aware of it. You can see it as an opportunity and start mahogany cultivation quickly without wasting time to adapt to the early coming benefits. The good thing is mahogany farming costs are low and profit is huge.

Mahogany tree price in India

Mahogany tree price depends on the girth, it is not measured on its weight.

Mahogany tree price after 10 yearsRs 15,000 and more depending on girth.
Mahogany tree price after 15 yearsRs 20,000 and more.
Mahogany tree price after 20 yearsRs 35,000 and more.
Mahogany tree price after 25 yearsRs 40,000 and more.
Mahogany tree price after 30 yearsRs 45,000 and more.
Mahogany tree selling price in IndiaRs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 or more depending on girth.
Mahogany tree price table.

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