How to plant dragon fruit in India

To plant dragon fruit in a pot, garden or farm one must know the required soil, planting method, digging, season, water requirement, fertilizer and harvesting time. All these important exercises are explained in this blog post.

How to plant dragon fruit in India

Dragon fruit farming in India is done on a good scale but has yet to be started by most states. Dragon fruit cultivation time is June to August. Propagation is done by plant cuttings and seeds. Plant cuttings are preferred over seeds. Bamboo sticks or poles are required to support this climbing plant. The plant can be planted in pots, containers and farms.

How to plant dragon fruit in a pot or container

  • Dragon fruit planting season is from June to August.
  • Dragon fruit is a climbing plant so select a decent size suitable container or pot that can support dragon plants in climbing.  
  • The pot must have suitable drainage holes if not then make them on your own.
  • The pot size should be 20-25 inches deep and hold 30-35 gallons.
  • Put the soil into the pot and give water to it. 
  • Let the soil absorb all the water and ensure the drainage system is working properly. 
  • Put the necessary fertilizer into the soil. Use organic fertilizers such as neem paste, leaves etc.
  • Dig a hole in the soil middle of the pot 3 to 5 inches deep and fix the cutting inside it.
  • Level the soil smoothly with light hands around the soil.
how to plant dragon fruit

How to plant dragon fruit cuttings in garden

  • Pitaya or dragon fruit tree is a desert plant that grows well in loamy and sandy soil.
  • However, it can be grown in any soil but for better results, loamy and sandy soils are preferred.
  • To get a good yield make sure your garden contains loamy and sandy soil, otherwise, arrange the soil.
  • As it is a desert plant it does not need much water, watering can be avoided for a couple of months as well.
  • Dragon plant is a climbing plant so arrange poles or sticks
  • Bamboo sticks and concrete poles are strong, reliable and less costly agri products.
  • Bamboo sticks or concrete poles should be dug beside 1-2 plants only.
  • At least 1-year-old 6 to 15-inch stem cutting should be selected from a healthy mother plant. 
  • Cut the plant at a slight angle from the bottom to make it adjust in the soil easily.
  • 2 to 3-inch digging is required for planting the plant.
  • Heal the plant cutting for one week in a dry place.
  • Water the plant as you water any cactus or succulent plant.  
  • Underwatering is not that much harmful in comparison to overwatering. 
  • Over watering may cause some health problems in the plant so be calculated during watering.
  • To give the correct amount of water at the correct time drip irrigation is recommended. You can get small drip irrigation tools for garden plants as well.
  • Apply fertilizer after a couple of months of planting the plant.
  • Fertilizer is given a couple of inches from the stem. Extend the fertilizer 10 to 15 inches from the stem.
  • After fertilizing the plant good irrigation is required. 
  • From the date of planting the plant takes 12 to 15 months for yielding.
  • Dragon fruit harvesting can be done after 1 month of flowering.
  • Fruiting time can be up to December and fruit picking can be done up to 6 times within this period.
  • To recognise the harvesting time check the fruit colour which turns from bright green to red colour. 
  • Harvesting starts after 3 to 4 days of colour change. 
  • People who are exporting the fruit should harvest the fruit just after a day of colour change.

How do you plant dragon fruit

The best way to plant dragon fruit is to take a 16 to 15-inch stem cutting. Then let the plant cut heal for a week. After that select sandy and loamy soil then dig 2 to 3-inch holes and place the plant cutting into the soil beside a bamboo stick. Less water is required for this cactus plant so provide water in a couple of months. Fertilizer is required after a couple of months of planting the plant and after fertilizing it give it water.


When to plant dragon fruit in India?

The best time to plant dragon fruit in India is June to August.

Where to plant Dragon Fruit?

Farmers are already doing its cultivation for dry reasons of Rajasthan humid conditions of Kerala and Karnataka. Dragon fruit cultivation in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana is also done on a good scale.

Can I plant dragon fruit in Uttarakhand?

Of course, it is a climate-adaptive plant that can grow all over India.

Are dragon fruit cactus?

Yes, it is a cactus plant that belongs to the cactus family.

What is the dragon fruit price in India?

Rs 160 to Rs 250 per/kg. The price reaches higher during the offseason and non-availability areas.

What are the dragon fruit soil conditions?

Sandy loamy soils are prefered for doing dragon fruit farming.

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