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Today I will help you to find a new business in agriculture. You have heard about plant pollination, bee pollen, cross pollination but I am talking about plant pollen selling business.

Dates farming business plant pollen

Yes, there is a great opportunity in selling plant pollen that falls in various shape including powder. Some time a yellow dust makes you sneeze and it mostly happens in spring season this actually denotes about pollen. 

According to Savi Thangavel, a successful dates palm farmer, date palm pollen is highly costly due to unavailability in the market because everybody is just doing date palm cultivation. Although, few time they use to perform cross pollination of their plants by their own hands but mostly it is done by air, insects, bees etc. 

Dates tree in India

Dates trees in India mostly grows in dry hot regions. In Rajasthan it is grown in Bikaner, Churu, Hanumangarh, Jaisalmer, Barmer and Jodhpur. In Punjab it is cultivated in Bhatinda, Fazlika, Abohar. In Haryana it is grown in Sirsa, Hisar, Mahendragarh, Bhiwani, it is grown in katch region of Gujarat and also cultivated in some parts of Tamil Nadu. 

How to collect pollen of dates palm?  

You can make a list and visit directly to the farmers who are doing the date tree cultivation and try to purchase it from them.

It is a crop of warm place but it can be cultivated in other less warm places as well. Savi Thangavale started dates farming in Nagpur and proved that this exotic plant can be grown in any soil and in various places. It is mostly cultivated in Rajasthan, Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Gujarat etc

Start collecting palm pollen by own - If you are doing date palm cultivation then there is a great opportunity for you to collect pollen from your own farm. while cross pollination store some pollen from your male tree. 

plant pollination

How long does date trees takes to produce pollen  

Date trees are slow growers and 3 to 4 year old tree is able to produce fruits. It bears tiny fruits from the 2nd year and without pollination process fruit set is impossible, it means they can give you pollen from 2nd year. It usually takes 2-3 years to grow at the height of 2.5 to 3 feet.  

Benefits of Pollen Business 

Plant Pollen business is really a huge farming business. It is bit difficult to protect pollen of all plants here you have to study and research and try to choose the plants that can deliver pollen that can be store for long time. It is co-related to sustainable agriculture.

Ayurveda – You can sell dates palm pollen to big ayurvedic companies like Patanjali that is well known for making ayurvedic medicines. Patanjali is now a big brand in India as well  as in the world. Moreover, it encourages herbal products like aloe Vera, amla (anvala), bhumi amla, ashvagandha, trifala etc. You can also try to sell it online platforms like amazon, Indiamart, flipkart, shop clues etc.

Low competition – The basic rule to become successful entrepreneur in less time is to find the no competition or low competition area that gives high returns and somehow the pollen market is still not recognized as a big business opportunity. So tie your shoe laces and do some practical research to achieve your goal. To read more on pollination process read pollination market in Uttarakhand  and to read more on date palm cultivation where I have explained about date palm cultivation profit in one acre and how one date tree produces Rs 50k.

Date palm pollen carries high cost of Rs 30k per kg so I have explained about it. You can search other pollen resources like dragon fruit tree or any other that may easily available to you. If you will search you will find there are many trees or herbs that produces good and high quality pollen which sells in high price. If you have any doubt or any question you can ask in the comment box.

Plant Pollen Business Pros and Cons


  • Best part is you can perform it along with cultivation
  • Huge profit making business
  • Easy to collect from some plants 


  • No awareness
  • Not much data to research
  • Difficult to collect pollen from some plants 


My motive to write this post is to drag your attention from regular farming towards new related idea which is hidden in the lap of agriculture and also another source of income and a big market. If you want to increase your source of income in the same niche then you should try this once who knows it may change your destiny. 


Where dates are grown in India?

Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, UP, MP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu etc. 

Where to sell pollen?

Medical  industry is a huge sector where you can sell your product easily.

Do dates grow in India?

Yes, farmers are already doing dates farming in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, UP, MP and Tamil Nadu etc.

How long can date palm pollen survive? 

One need to consume date fruit before 12-13 days after that it may get difficult to digest said thangavel farmer. The life of date pollen is up to 2 years thus it creates great business opportunity. 

How to collect pollen of dates palm

You can make a list and visit directly to the farmers who are doing the cultivation of date palm and try to purchase it from them.  

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