Christmas tree ornaments names and tree list

Christmas day is celebrated on the eve of Jesus Christ’s birth. Every year on the 25th of December Christmas festival is celebrated worldwide by most countries. Schools are closed on this day with respect to this holistic festival. 

Countries celebrate the Christmas festival full of enthusiasm. Christmas is just not celebrated on the 25th of December instead celebration begins weeks ago. Here I’m not talking about the preparation for the celebration I am talking about the celebration itself. Christmas week is celebrated one week before Christmas. 

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Christmas is a fascinating festival for me and I love Christmas.  Please share your feelings and express which is your favorite festival by commenting in the below comment box given at the bottom of this post.

Christmas in schools

Christmas eve is on the way and people are eagerly waiting for the 25th of December to celebrate Christmas. The Christmas tree is a traditional tree also known as a holly tree. Christmas is a lovable festival by students and in almost all schools 24 December is selected for the Christmas day celebration because 25th December is declared a government holiday in schools.

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Santa Claus is the center of attraction during the Christmas celebrations and in schools teachers used to prepare some of their students as Santa Claus. some teachers used to become Santa Claus themselves. Some teachers distribute gifts to students, some teacher surprises their students by secretly placing some gifts on their bags.  

Artificial tree drawbacks 

According to the American Christmas tree Association, artificial trees are more harmful to the environment. In the 19th century, Artificial Christmas trees were developed in Germany. These artificial trees were made using goose feathers, dyed green.

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Christmas tree decoration 

Christmas trees are decorated with the help of beautiful ornaments. It depends from person to person on what they like and what is their budget. Some people used to bring the original Christmas tree to their home and some used to buy artificial Christmas trees to celebrate the festival.  similarity among both types of paper as the decoration of Christmas trees.  they both like to decorate their Christmas tree with different types of ornaments, shine, and gifts.

Christmas tree png images

Christmas tree png

Christmas tree ornaments names and tree list

Christmas ornaments are always the attraction of trees. The demand for ornaments suddenly booms during the Christmas festival. List of the much demanding ornaments for Christmas tree is given below.

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List of Christmas tree ornaments

1. Golden glass ball/bauble.
2. Snowman/baseball novelty ornament.
3. Toy bear decoration.
4. Egg-shaped glass ornament.
5. Cloth cotton batting ornament.
6. Imitation tree snow. 
7. Straw ornaments.
8. Crochet ornaments.
9. Polish bombki made with the kanzhasi method.
10. Swaddled babies.
11. Paper mache ornaments.
12. Faceted indented glass ornaments.
13. Ceramic ornaments.
14. Gablonz ornaments.
15. Glass icicle ornaments.
16. String of tinsel.
17. Stringing lights on the tree.
18. Squirrel eating popcorn and cranberry garland of Christmas tree.
19. 2ct Retro small dear Christmas. 
20. Black mate shiny and glitter ball.
21. Wondersh Christmas ornament.

Types of Christmas trees

Christmas tree name list

1. Norway spruce. 
2. Silver fir.
3. Nordmann fir.
4. Noble fir.
5. Noble fir.
6. Nordmann fir.
7 Red fir.
8. White fir.
9. Pinyon pine. 
10. Jeffrey pine.
11. Scots pine.
12. Stone pine.
13. Norfolk iron pine.
14. Parana pine. 
15. Serbian spruce.
16. Scots pine.
17. Stone pine.
18. Swiss pine.
19. Douglas fir.
20. Balsam fir.
21. Fraser fir.
22. Grand fir.
23. Guatemalan fir.
Names of christmas trees is given in the table.

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