World Nature Conservation Day 2021

World Nature Conservation Day 2021 Date

World Nature conservation day is celebrated worldwide every year on 28th of July. The main motive of celebrating nature conservation day is to bring awareness in protecting the natural resources. Earth has given various natural resources like forest wetlands, rivers, wild habitats, oceans etc.

World Nature Conservation Day Meaning

The reason behind celebrating nature conservation day is to protect trees and animals. Some of the species of trees and animals are on the edge of extinction due to human interference against the environment. 

Conservation day significance 

  • World Nature Conservation Day is all about a healthy environment and a strong foundation to build nature and society equally.
  • Protecting our natural resources means we are protecting our next generation. Every coin has two faces and both faces have equal values because both are correlated with each other.
  • Our natural resources and the next generation are two faces of a single coin and both are co-related with each other.
  • If our natural resources are saved it means our next generation will be safe for a long time. 

World Nature Conservation Day History

Unfortunately the history of World Nature Conservation Day is still a mystery. We should focus on the motive of the world Conservation day rather than other aspects and the main motive of WNCD is to protect our trees, animals, natural resources and the whole environment. Most importantly we have to find a way to decrease the unnecessary interference of humans in our environment and the experiments need to be stopped immediately which has reverse impacts to the environment. 

Stubble burning - Stubble burning is still a problem in India and it will remain a problem unless there is not a strict law or solution. You might think this is a small thing but these small things are making a big impact on our environment. Unfortunately, impacts are against the environment.

One Tree Policy 

world nature conservation day
conservation day

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Government should make a one tree policy. In this policy people have to adopt a single tree for at least 10 years.

Schools and organizations can easily make people participate in such policies while talking about schools when a kid is taking admission in first class school should plant a baby plant in the name of that kid. 


Unfortunately, we still don't have any agriculture or environment teachers in Indian schools. The Government needs to think about this if they really want to protect our environment then the work needs to be started from the basic level and schools are the base of every country. 

If you have any suggestion feel free to deliver it in the below comment box along with your name and email. If found suitable we may place it on our website in this post along with your name as a credit. 

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