Anjeer farming profit per acre

Anjeer in English is called fig and Anjeer farming profit is unexpected. It is one of the most profitable trees. Today I am telling you about Anjeer tree cost profit, growing zone, growing conditions, and from where to buy Anjeer plants for cultivation.

Anjeer tree or fig tree information

It is a small to medium-height tropical plant that needs less water and can grow in non-fertile land as well. It is a temperature-tolerant plant that can be grown in most places of India. 

Fruits – Fig fruits look greenish in the beginning and turn to pink colour after ripening. Regular pruning is required to do the successful cultivation. Green raw fruit contains milkish liquid inside. Plant starts bearing tiny fruits only in 3 months and in 6 to 7 months a good amount of fruits can be seen on the plant.

Fruit price – Fruit quantity increases with time and it takes on average 5 years to 6 years to get a good amount of fruit on the fig tree. The price of raw fruit is Rs 70 to Rs 100 whereas the price of processed fruit is Rs 500 to Rs 600. It is good to do the processing by yourself to get good profit in fig cultivation. 

Growing zone – It is difficult for the plant to survive in fog and snowfall conditions. It is mostly grown in hot and humid regions including Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and some places of Uttarakhand as well.

It is a disease-free plant and doesn’t get affected by any insect or disease. Some plants suffer from thrips but good varieties don’t even get affected by thrips.

Fruiting period – Anjeer plants start bearing fruits after 6 to 8 months of plantation. It is one of the fastest growing plants in India and the lifespan of a plant is around 50 years.

In 1 acre 500 to 700 plants can be planted and in high density, around 800 to 1000 plants can be planted. It is a small heighted plant and 1 plant can easily produce 25 to 30 kg fruits.

Selling Process

It is an edible fruit that can be sold raw and processed as well. In the processing method, the fruit is dried under partial sunlight and then sold. The selling price of dried anjeer fruit is Rs 800 to Rs 1000 per kg. You can sell dried Anjeer to Kirana shops and malls. Ayurvedic markets are a good option to sell processed anjeer fruits.

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Health benefits

It contains lots of nutrients and minerals even more than dry fruits. Increase blood, maintain bp and cholesterol, cures breathing problems, helpful in piles, good for heart, kidney and immune system, reduces fat, good for stomach and stomach disease, cures anaemia, raw anjeer fruit is beneficial for throat disease.

Anjeer Farming Project Report

Cost per acre
Plants per acre = 500 plants.
Plant price = Rs 15,000.
Labour cost = Rs 8000.
Manure and fertilizer cost = Rs 10,000. 
Irrigation cost = Rs 10,000.
Plant protection charges = Rs 6000.
Plant support cost = Rs 15,000. 
Training and pruning cost = Rs 7000.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 10,000.
Total cost = Rs 81000.

Profit calculation is given below 2 times first for ripened fruits and then for processed fruits.

Anjeer farming profit per acre (ripened fruits).
Anjeer price per kg Rs 80 to Rs 100 (ripened fruits).
Anjeer tree yield per tree = 25 kg fruits.
Trees per acre = 500 trees.
Yield per acre = 25kg x 500 trees = 12500 kg
Profit = Rs 80 x 12500 kg = Rs 1000000.
Net Profit = Rs 1000000 – Rs 81000.
Net Profit = Rs 919000.

Profit per acre (processed)
Anjeer price per kg Rs 500 to Rs 600 (processed).
Anjeer tree yield per tree = 25 kg fruits.
Trees per acre = 500 trees.
Yield per acre = 25kg x 500 trees = 12500 kg.
Profit = Rs 500 x 12500 kg = Rs 62,50,000.
Net Profit = Rs 62,50,000 – Rs 81000 = Rs 61,69,000.

Note – Profit may vary according to the price, demand, market, etc.
Fig farming profit cost is given in the table.

How to start anjeer farming in India

Some basic steps are given below follow them to get an idea about fig cultivation.

Fig farming in India growing zone

This tree can grow in most states of India and farmers are already doing fig farming in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. However, the cultivation is still not done on a large scale and some states like Uttarakhand are in the pre-starting phase.


It is a soil-friendly plant that can grow in any soil whether it is sandy soil or clay soil. It likes loam soil to grow.


Needs less water.


Good temperature tolerance capacity and can survive at 47 to 48 °C as well. It is a tropical plant that likes humid regions to grow and doesn’t like snowfall and foggy regions.

Fruiting time

3 months after plantation. In May the fruits become big in size and pinkish colour ready to harvest. 

Selling price 

Ripen fruits – Rs 100 per kg for rippen anjeer fruits.

Processed fruit price – Rs 500 to Rs 600 per kg.


15×15, 12×12, 10×10, 8×8, 8×10, 6×6.


Diana variety is a yellow colour fig from inside and outside and this variety is easy to process and sells in the wholesale market at Rs 500 to Rs 600 per kg.

Anjeer cultivation

I used to purchase small round pieces of anjeer (fig) for my parents for their better health.  They have vital health benefits, improve the immune system, reduce fat, are good for the breathing system, maintain blood pressure, and are useful in curing many diseases from the root. I have to pay Rs 100 for 150 to 200 gram figs. 

Suddenly I noticed it’s very costly and started researching about it. Fig trees are also found in the villages of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and the Himalayan regions. Due to unawareness of the health benefits and huge profit there is hardly any cultivation of anjeer done in hills. It is known as timla in the hills.

In my old post, I said I am searching for such cultivation that can stop village migration, and already shared some crops with you. Recently I have written about Bedu fruit farming which is similar to anjeer. Now I am mentioning about anjeer or fig. Anjeer and Bedu both are costly trees in Uttarakhand and can be helpful to stop migration if people start their cultivation.

It is an edible fruit and can be eaten without processing, people eat this fruit directly after plucking from the tree. 

Key notes – Fig processed business is more profitable than ordinary cultivation.

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