Paddy crop disease and control in rainy season | Paddy disease and pest control

The September end is running and Indian weather is showing its versatility by showering in a few places and spreading hot in few places. At the same time earrings are coming out in the paddy crop and the risk of outbreak of disease has also increased. Usually, after the rainy season there is an increase of humidity in the weather which leads to kharif crop diseases, Especially in paddy plants the possibility of outbreak of insect diseases increases. 

In this situation paddy farmers should continuously monitor the paddy crop in a more effective and active manner. 

Paddy crop pests and disease management

The list of pest and disease that can affect badly your paddy crop in the current situation

  • Yellow stem borer
  • Mahu
  • Panicle
  • Blast disease 
  • Sheath blight etc

To get a good yield from paddy cultivation it is necessary to spray the right insecticides at the right time.  

Sheath blight disease

Sheath blight fungus is a disease that often occurs in paddy crops. This disease causes green spots on the leaves of paddy crops which look like earthworms. To control disease you need to prepare a spray in this manner  

1 gram carbendazim paste + 1 litre water = Paddy crop spray 

Patra angmaari rog  

In this disease leaves of paddy crop start drying up in no time. Which leads in paddy yield damage, to stop this disease you need to perform the below given exercise 

1 gram streptocycline + 10 litre water = Paddy spray 

Spray this spray on your paddy crop, by doing this spray your paddy crop will get well soon. 

Stem borer disease  

In this disease the insect goes inside the stem and starts eating the soft part of the paddy crop which results in drying up of a crop. Moreover, paddy bales start turning white. 

Solution - Asifet 75 sp + 1 gram water = spray 

You can also spray 25 carbofuran 3 g spray at your paddy farm. 

Yellow stem borer

Yellow stem borer is an insect that usually occurs  on paddy leaves.

Management of yellow stem borer

Collect and destroy the eggs of the yellow stem borer. You can find these eggs together in a bunch at the corners of the leaves, mostly bottom edges of the leaves. Moreover, remove the dry leaf and spray fipronil 5 sc @ 1 litre per square meter. 

Panicle mite  

This disease causes wilt and discoloration including browning of the stem.

Panicle mite management - Spray abamectin at the rate of 0.5 mm per liter of water. 

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