Hydroponic farming setup cost and profit | vertical farming setup cost and profit

Today, we will help you to find out the hydroponic farming setup cost and profit, we will also discuss vertical farming profit in India. Apart from this you will read NFT technique in agriculture, vertical farming setup cost in India, benefits of aquaponic farming. In the lower portion of the post we have prepared some frequently asked questions about hydroponic vertical farming including hydroponic aquaponic aeroponic system. 

Hydroponic farming in India

Hydroponic farm setup cost India - Soilless farming technique is known as hydroponic farming. Hydroponic technique belongs to the Israel country. Through this technique farming is done under a tent house. The most important thing about hydroponic technique is soil is not required for growing crops under hydroponic farming techniques. Cave pipes are used for the cultivation of plants and water is being released inside these cave pipes for the irrigation purpose. Farmers also use the used water for irrigation and recycle it through a recycle plant thus water wastage problem ends here. Through the hydroponic system the level of irrigation increases because only the needed water is used by the plants; moreover water recycling can be easily done under this structure. 

One more benefit of saving water is that you have to use water for temperature management hence, the recycled water can be used for the temperature management purpose thus you can score 2 runs in 1 ball. 

What is NFT farming hydroponic

NFT hydroponics system - Full form of NFT is Nutrient film technique and this technique is used for providing the nutrients or food to plants by mixing the needed and measured value of nutrients into hydroponic nft pipes. The NFT technique is one of the agriculture techniques in Israel (hydroponic system Israel) but the same technique was not appreciated by the Indian environment due to global differences. After some modification it was successfully adopted by some of the Indian farmers and now they are practicing hydroponic nft farming system and producing good results.

Because, in hydroponic farming plants are developed only in water that reduces risk of disease. But in the rainy season due to humidity, few moths and insects may enter the polyhouse. In this situation you can use some biological spray to get rid of these insects and moths. In place of fertilizer injections were used to feed the plant. Cocopeats were used during the germination of the plants in the tray. 

Aquaponic farming in India

It is seen that a mixture of hydroponic and aquaponic culture results in healthy plant growth. As if now you know that hydroponic farming is such farming in which soil is not used and the growth of the plant depends only on water and nutrients provided through water. 

In aquaponic farming farmers usually create a little or medium pond as per need besides their farm and that pond is filled by some fishes. It does not mean that they are doing fish farming, actually they are practicing aquaponics fish farming and this is also called as aquaponic system fish farming in which the water of the fish tanks along with fish waste were used for providing water to plants through hydroponic nft channel. It is well known that fish water or fish waste is good for plant growth due to the high and sufficient amount of nutrients and proteins present in fish water. The athlete Usain bolt from Jamaica used to have fish in his regular diet on a daily basis and it is revealed by himself plenty of times on sports news channels.  

Vertical farming profit

Vertical farming is gaining popularity day by day due to less space required for more crops. In 1 acre land you can produce the yield 100 times or more by doing vertical farming. In vertical farming you just need some racks to plant your plants vertically. Vertical farming is also used in mushroom farming, when mushrooms are grown in a room and they are placed vertically on racks. In vertical farming plants are placed in ladder style and they utilize the space of air that can’t be used in traditional farming. You can apply vertical farming at your building, offices, terrace, balcony etc. In today's era vertical farming is also used to keep the building cool by placing plants vertically in the outer area of the whole building. This also creates a business opportunity of decorating the whole building and maintaining the temperature of the society and it is being grabbed by some big companies as a business opportunity.

Vertical farming project report

Vertical farming setup cost in India

Vertical farming cost in India - If you want to install vertical farming at your home then it is much cheaper than commercial vertical cultivation. The main reason is that you can practice vertical farming in a small space like vertical farming in balcony, terrace, roof, garden backyard, nearby area of your home side walls etc. To start vertical farming at home you need $108 usd to $136 usd only. However, to start commercial vertical farming you need much more money to install hydroponic setup hence vertical farming investment cost in India is more in terms of commercial farming.  

Commercial hydroponic system cost

Cost of commercial hydroponic system - $136,113 usd to $170,129 usd 

Hydroponic farming setup cost in India

Commercial hydroponics setup cost in India is given below 

  • Temperature controlling system - $12,929.84 usd to $17,693.52 usd 
  • NFT system - $40,831.20 usd to $47,636.25 usd
  • Poly house cost - $77, 579.28 usd to $81,657.18 usd
  • NVPH cost - $48,994.31 usd to $54,438.12 usd

Aeroponics vertical farming

Aeroponic farming is responsible for growing plants in air or mist environments. Root systems are exposed to air to develop the plant growth and root. 

Hydroponic and vertical farming FAQ

Some of the frequently asked questions related vertical farming and hydroponics farming is given below. 

What is the full form of NFT

Nutrient film technique

What is NFT hydroponic meaning?

NFT denotes nutrient film technique and through this technique nutrient is served to the plants via nft pipes. 

What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic farming is a soilless farming technique.  

Who started the concept of vertical farming?

Professor Dickson despommier introduced the modern concept of vertical farming in 1999. Dickson was professor at Columbia university and related to public and environmental health subjects.

Is vertical farming profitable in India?

Yes, vertical farming is definitely profitable in India. However, the cost of vertical farming in India is also higher but at the same time it is a one time investment and according to the experts vertical farming cost per acre in India will become less with the time in comparison of vertical farming profit per acre because vertical farming profit margin from 1 acre is 100 times more than normal farming in 1 acre. 

How is hydroponic farming profitable?

Hydroponic farming cost - However, hydroponic farming setup cost is higher but once you have installed hydroponic setup then you can avail lots of benefits like temperature control, water management, sufficient water to each plant, no water wastage, water recycle, recycle water use for temperature control, no tension for soil testing due to soilless farming, farm skill development all these results in healthy and fast plant growth. Farmers are already availing hydroponic farming profit in India.


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